Thursday, March 26, 2015

Trois Cheveux!

I went to The Met yesterday and saw some new drawings/ prints they had put up, Luckily their print and drawing section gets changed up regularly so its exciting to see new works. I thought I would use three different prints and drawings based on horses to compare style and give my two shillings on them. 

One of my favorite artists is GERICAULT. (He was Delacroix's teacher) I love this drawing/ watercolor there is so much life to it! Look at that sky! There seems to be a coming storm (is that a volcano in background??) it leads to a lot of mystery and questions..The horse seems to be nervous as they are often are pre-storm. The guy sitting is awesome as is his pose, just a great piece! VIVA GERICAULT.

Lautrec! I am not sure what has happened to art but you dont find much it around anymore, this strikes me even more when you look at work buy the genius of Lautrec. Look at the life in that horse and rider! Totally stylized, totally great! If you notice the print is composed as an perfect  angle from top left to bottom right. Just brilliant! The sharp diagonal is broken by the curve of the arena. I had to fight not to steal off the wall and run out like james bond. Not bad for a dwarf who drank absinthe out of his cane.

Sargent... When I was in art school everyone loved Sargent (because they had no taste) A lifeless, well rendered photograph of a horse. Very mechanical..go back to painting buttery aristocrats, Sargent--he did paint some nice watercolors, though--and he had skill. Skill without taste is like bread without jam.

There you have it, a complete explanation of art and drawing using only Trois Cheveux...

did I butcher the french?


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