Thursday, June 30, 2011

I will be working and updating my new website today:

a lot of work I am not good at.

free art lesson by gardega: draw a leg

Draw this leg and email it to me, I will give you feedback. The knee is a bit damaged here, dont worry about that..draw what you see. I wont post your drawing so you have nothing to lose ..If you dont mind if I post your drawing with or without name please give me permission. dont worry about the backdrop, ignore it. draw, draw draw...use whatever you have pen, pencil etc.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Deluge series: Underworld

Oil On stretched Linen

24 x 30


This painting is really pushing certain envelopes of abstraction for me..I still keep one foot in a certain reality, though..there is a "place" here..we are in a surrealist landscape...If I want to see abstract expressionism I could go waste time at the MOMA.

Drawing by Gardega: Corinna

Here is a study for a glass piece I want to make. It is only a study at this point I have to fix some things and add a wing etc. It will be a nice carving---- the face will be oil painted on the opposite side of the glass. I will perfect the face for the oil painting, it is just a "holding face" right now to hold the helmet...Its a lot of work this piece, I am on the fourth version already..

Drawing by Gardega: Corinna

Drawing in progress...

This is a design for a glass carving by gardega and a painting as well.

For sale

nude: by gardega

Drawing women is tough but someone has to do it.

For sale:

I am selling my drawings to fund my next art show

Reality show ideas for the coming years: by gardega

1) Hyper- inflation Housewives: watch these women race a wheelbarrow full of greenbacks to buy a loaf of bread.

2) jersey shore food riots: Watch a bunch of Low IQ muscle heads riot for their daily meal after the country collapses under its own debt load and all olive gardens are officially closed..

3) Dancing with the Breadline stars: who can entertain the crowds with the greatest moves on the breadlines that stretch for city blocks?

4)American Idle: Too broke to leave your own home, too poor to sing, to hungry to care---mondays at 8pm...

5) Survivor USA: Watch as americans realize the situation has become far too serious to watch anymore mindless TV and useless sports (and the like) and instead they actually have to pay attention to the government and politics and the country in general as it implodes on itself because no one paid any attention. Pay bo attention to the man looting behind the curtain the  Mets are on at 6!

6) 1984: watch as a Government tries to convince you that in order to get out of a debt (that is soon approaching 100 percent of GDP) that the only way out is to spend more money. Will you join the sheeple ranks and cheer for Orwellian logic? tuesdays at 7:30

Monday, June 27, 2011

Deluge series: Underworld

In progress

new canvas

Today I bought a new canvas..It is LINEN--Linen is great to paint on, much more expensive than duck cotton canvas. The canvas is 20 by 30 with two inch  edges..With the larger cradled sides you do not need to frame it. This style more of a modern canvas as it can sit on a wall without a frame. I like these canvases but I also like a good frame. you can frame these as well if needed. A new blank canvas is a thing that carries a lot of fear, you must not be afraid of a blank canvas--get right into to it and attack it...The worst case is you paint a flop and have to start over...dont be afraid to wipe out an image many many, times..nothing is sacred.A lady emailed me today who wanted to buy a piece, I told her her best bet was to let me just rock an image..the minute someone starts to give me directions etc. I get stiff and you must flow when you paint and paint freely. Illustration and mural commissions are different.I am excited to paint tonight. I will put on my peter gabriel passion album and get myself into the right state and hit it. I usually paint with a glass of wine, no longer do I do that. I am trying to heal some acid reflux issues. I smell a flood painting, I let the canvas guide me and teach me--If you cant listen to the canvas you are tone-deaf. Over-plan a piece and prepare to fail. Let the gods work through your hands. I like to participate with my canvas, not dictate to it. I would really hate to ruin a 60 dollar canvas so I need to be on my toes.

be happy--an illusion

This is in the cement in the sidewalk of my neighborhood..Now, if the light source here is from the left th letters are RAISED..If the light source is from the right, the Letters are carved into the sidewalk (sunken) stare at the image and watch your brain switch from the two realities..quite fun are these optical illusions..that is why I am here, to make your day interesting. Like a court jester without the curly shoes.

world's ugliest dog

I like this dog..


Now that my screenplay is done ( I am waiting for my check...) I have decided to do something I always wanted, to write a NOVEL! My novel will be a surrealist romp through quantum reality, I will have humor and majesty and brilliance and death and weak parts and great parts and above all---it will be FINISHED...My novel will be written in a way that no other novel has been written...I cant say anymore...


I am getting ready to start my Shanghai art show (DEC 18th) My Saint/ mausoleum job is ALMOST done (one more panel)  Eight hard weekend is the last panel! Thank the lord and the saints...A big thanks to BEAR GLASS for putting up with me as I worked on the project...I am laying off commercial glass jobs for a while and doing some serious fine art pieces. Its an exciting time!

subway photo by gardega: accidental art

Subway Photo by gardega: accidental art

I took this with my cell phone, I have never seen an abstract painting as good as this "accidental art" This was made by time and the posting and removal of posters and by a drippy ceiling. Poets and painters are basically just interpreters for god and most of them screw the language up pretty good. I may actually paint this very large and photo-realistically..I love the image. it will be a hyper-realist image of an "abstraction" sounds like a job for GARDEGA!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

caravaggio discovered

Some london  art historian is trying to pass this off as a caravaggio....Yes, and I am the tooth fairy and the easter bunny...there is none of caravaggio in this work! non of his solidity, his structure his lighting...THIS IS NOT A CARAVAGGIO. I get so insulted by these corrupt art historians--its just a money game...


Intelligence is a species almost hunted to extinction, here is some intelligence on war.

words of the day

for M:

Weep for yourself, lion man,
You'll never be what is in your heart
Weep little lion man,
You're not as brave as you were at the start
Rate yourself and rake yourself,
Take all the courage you have left
Wasted on fixing all the problems that you made in your own head.

But it was not your fault but mine

And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?

Tremble for yourself, lion man,

You know that you have seen this all before
Tremble little lion man,
You'll never settle any of your score
Your grace is wasted in your face,
Your boldness stands alone among the wreck
Learn from your mother or else spend your days biting your own neck

But it was not your fault but mine

And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?

But it was not your fault but mine

And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?

Ah ah-ha ah,

Ah ah ah-ha ah,
Ha ah ah-ha ah,
Ha ah ah-ha ah,
Ha ah-ha ah,
Ha, ah-ha ah.

But it was not your fault but mine

And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?

But it was not your fault but mine

And it was your heart on the line
I really fucked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear? 

mumford and son

Saturday, June 25, 2011

God Bless Peter Falk

I met peter falk twice in my life..Both times were  in figure drawing classes (no instructor, just models) once in NYC and once in california..both times we sat next to each other by chance. I didnt speak to him, we just said hello like proper artists do...I remember he was always making noise with his paper, he was all disheveled and a lot like his TV character. When I was in LA I looked over at his drawing and it had crossed eyes. I will never forget that moment. That made me really like the guy, a true american original eccentric, the world is poorer without him. He wasnt the best draftsman but he had soul and that is all the world can ask of a man..He lost an eye to cancer as a kid and this probably shaped who he became on some freudian level....Al lthe good people in hollywood die and the rif raf lives on and on and on...Hope you are drawing next to Leonardo and the lot up in the sky.

protests at U2 show

Protester caused a ruckus at a U2 show because they are angry that U2 avoid some taxes by moving one of their companies to the netherlands. I am not going to point fingers at U2 ( although if you preach all this stuff about saving the world etc you should expect such flack) my comment and two cents is this..People protest the band for dodging some taxes but why are they not protesting another corrupt government who wastes money like a sailor on a binge in a new port. This to me seems like brain washing of the sheeple. u2 works hard for their money so I can understand that they would seek tax shelters....The problem comes because of all the talk they do about saving the world etc. I think the trick is not to preach...You know the gov. has the sheeple in the right corner when they are protesting that people arent giving enough of their hard earned earned money to some legalized corrupt 1984

new work by gardega

two book covers..

Off to etch glass, peter gabriel concert tonight...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Words of the day

Think with your legs---gardega

supplies, supplies , supplies

I am an art supply junkie. Most of my friends have jumped ship from real art supplies into the computer world of zeros and ones but I still love the traditional papers, canvases and paints. I am a kid in a candy store when I buy supplies...If you wonder how much the supplies in this picture cost Ill give you a hint..just one of those brushes alone cost 40 dollars. I use Series Seven Windsor and Newton brushes, they are made with angel hair. I dont mess around with my supplies. Spending a lot in supplies makes me do two things--One, think about the vacation I could have taken and Two makes me work that much harder. Good supplies force you to step up your game to your A game. No messing around, you are a PRO-Feshinalisto. The problem with computer art is that you have no originals to sell, you only have "print outs..."

Beating leaves man a math whiz

Great video. A man who obsesses over geometry..perfect

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lost Leonardo: Scholars authenticate a da Vinci

This is the biggest joke I have ever seen..What happened ? Did Leonardo forget how to paint for a day? was he drunk and decided to paint sausage instead of hair? What a scam, this is leonardo and I the easter bunny..I love these idiots who authenticate paintings who have never drawn a line or copied or dissected a Leonardo..idiots. At least I got a laugh out of it..

Never look up


How to sandblast your arm

If a hose explodes while you are sandblasting glass, it can be very bad...enough pressure can blow a hole in your vein and the party can end there and hurt like hell but I will guts no glory...

Art Lesson by Gardega: Survival lesson

Yesterday I was etching glass saints for a mausoleum..It all has to be installed this weekend, no excuses!! I was in Brooklyn and I realized I had forgotten my reference material..(my studies of St. Joseph to work from. ) I had no time to waste so I took my cell phone and googled St. Joseph and found some images...I made a sketch in my sketchbook (above) gridded and scaled it and then etched a 4 by 4 foot panel with the image of him holding Christ. I actually managed to finish the top left panel and it looks good. I have three more to do before sat. I finished the hardest one. Now I can walk downhill, not up. As an artist, you must be a magician, you must be a problem solver..this requires you  to be awake and thinking...In a pinch the professional is tested and failure is not an option. One must be able to freehand draw a saint from a cell phone and scale it up to 8 foot high. Experience is everything but experience takes a long time to learn. Experience builds confidence and confidence is everything, instead of panicking you realize it is just another problem to solve. When the gun is to your temple one must learn to tap dance.

Under Obama, U.S. Casualty Rate in Afghanistan Increased 5-Fold

This is why we have nobel peace prizes.

wrong is right

black is white

war is peace

and ignorance, strength.. gardega

Early bird

I regularly get up at 4 AM. Right now it is 4:52 AM and I am already dressed and drinking a soda and reading the news. I love NYC at this hour, so quiet out on the streets. I am usually up before they deliver the NY POST to the delis..This happens at 5 AM. 

You wont guy wise with the sleep still in your eyes...


David Laffer

They arrested the man who killed  four people (including an innocent high school girl) in a L.I. Pharmacy...Just another  pill head junkie (his wife was arrested as well) I personally dont even think that animal/ person deserves a trial..They should just take him out behind some barn like they do to old horses in Texas....Some people are better off not breathing perfectly good oxygen That I can use. I am sure that there are a lot of touchy- feely tofu people who think he is probably some victim of society etc etc and should be helped....Because of him, four hard working good American citizens are now dead.  I have found one rule in life and that is hard work keeps a man out of trouble, this guy and his wife lived at home with his parents as a full blown adult...I would work 5 jobs before that happens to me. What is with all these people on Pills? So many americans are addicted to prescription drugs. I have no use for addicts, dont be weak...


my bucket list (first ten)

MY BUCKET LIST (first ten)

1)           Visit Florence

2)           One man art show in another country

3)            Write a movie that actually gets made

4)            Buy my mom a cottage on the ocean

5)            Visit the Prado, The Louvre, and Barcelona (one week in each)

6)            Publish a novel that actually sells

7)            write the lyrics for a rolling stones song that they actually record

8)           Have a beer with Peter Gabriel

9)           Skydive

10)     Run a marathon

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

words of the day

It is better to be deceived by ones friends than to deceive them.

Johan von goethe

saint alex

My saint windows will be all done and installed this weekend...That project really took a toll on me..stress and broken glass etc...Ill probably feel very strange when the last piece is installed...thank the good lord for the work but I am ready to move on...I have a great DVD on Michelangelo, the poor bastard was always under major stress from unfinished projects, so was leonardo..some of their projects went on for years and past the deadlines by years..sometimes they would flee cities to avoid such matters..I can relate..there is nothing worse than the projects that dont end..they hurt the soul...I have an attention span of 6 months..after that, I want out...

I added this thingy

I added this thingy on the right to see where in the world people come from..if it slows  things down etc.. Ill throw it out...

A house I would buy

I am going to buy this house one day...Somethings in life you just know, I am going to own this house one day. It may take 20 years but I will own this...It isnt anything too fancy, just the exact kind of house I would like to live in and paint in....Chadds Ford Pa, is where NC Wyeth couldnt ask for better karma..

I love a good hypocrite

From the "Do as I say, not as I do" file..this clown wants us to live humbler lives, consume less and have less children...Considering he has four kids and mansions all over the world my Hypocrite Alarm went off the chart here. I am not even going to mention the creepy masseuse/ perv episode...I really hope one day the elite save us unwashed masses from ourselves.



I have a big week until sunday..have to try to finish a whole saint window for installation. After 6 months of work, Im past my deadlines...broke numerous pieces that is the way the big wheel spins sometimes. glass breaks and that is life. Once this window is in I have to hit the ground running on my Shanghai show. July first I will go into my studio...I will emerge tanless in december with about 40 pieces. I will try to have some mental breaks and a few beach days to keep sane. I just have to put my head down and get his stuff done. I may videotape the process of my entire show and put videos online.

Portrait of Theo Van Gogh discovered

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have been about as interesting on my blog lately as a bowl food of tofu to Ted Nugent. I am sorting out the logistics of a show in Shanghai, China. Not a small feat. Just as I thought I would get a breather after a tough winter of labor I am right back in it, knee deep. I cant complain but I was hoping to take a vaca or a break. July 1st I hit the ground running and paint like my life depends on it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

art show in Shanghai

I am having an art show in Shanghai on dec18th....This is also happens to be my birthday, by chance. I have a lot of work to do in 6 months time...will update

Saturday, June 18, 2011

sodium fluoride (AKA rat poison)

The main ingredient in rat poison (for most of its history) has been sodium fluoride. Yes, sodium fluoride is the same stuff/ toxin that is in your tooth paste. this is truth, not conspiracy theory or tinfoil hat stuff. Sodium Fluoride is the same stuff that is added to you muni drinking water to "fight cavities" Personally I believe sodium fluoride is the root cause of thyroid problems and the cause of many cancers. I would rather have bad teeth than have poison added to my H2o personally but I was never asked. There is enough sodium fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to seriously harm an infant..that is why they tell you if a child swallows more than a pea size drop call the poison control center. A lot of rat poison is now made with certain kind of blood thinners as opposed to sodium fluoride (but many still are and it was the main ingredient for years)... Now, if you try for one minute to squeeze some cognitive thought out of your TV addled brain you would say to yourself--wait a second, when labs want to test something like a medicine etc they use rats and mice--why? because they have very close biological systems to humans, close enough to draw conclusions as to how things like certain medicine would affect a human or if they cause cancer etc..SO, if rats and mice are that close to humans in their biological makeup and sodium fluoride is used to kill the things, is it conspiracy logic to think that maybe it isnt safe to add rat poison to your water? 

Products containing fluoride should be kept out of reach of children younger than the age of 6. All dental hygiene activities should be closely monitored by an adult to ensure that large amounts of toothpaste are not ingested. In the event that fluoride overdose is suspected, the National Poison Control Center should be contacted at 1-800-222-1222 for information on how to proceed.


I think so you dont have to..


artist buys home to watch it slip into the sea

sinead oconnor: facial geometry

I am often perplexed when I try to explain what makes beauty in a face or in a painting. Proportion is one of the first things I turn to when I deal with such issues...Divine proportion was one of the main building blocks of the renaissance painting (before painting and art turned into slop)  the human face has geometrical proportions in the same way a pine cone or sunflower is built using a gnomic spiral or Fibonacci's numbers...Is there a such thing as universal beauty? That is a tough question...does anyone think the mona lisa an ugly painting? Harmony is another matter, in music and in art and color--HARMONY..Do all the pieces fit together like lennon and mcartneys voices? Can anyone look at an ocean and not feel moved? is there a universal harmony in art or nature? is it culturally relative? I always found sinead oconnor to have a pleaasing face--when I have to paint a religious scene I often use her face as the virgin mary etc...why is it appealing? it is hard to is perhaps beyond words? is it the eyes? the distance between the lips and nose and eyes? I will go over facial proportions and body proportions as well...later on today..

These arent my drawings-- I pulled them from the net--I did the study on Sinead's face...I am going to really dig into why makes one woman's face more "beautiful" than is a concept that is like a layered onion..

Vancouver Riots

In Vancouver they are having riots over sports. In my mind that is like having riots over dancing with the stars..who cares about two different teams in different color uniforms. I will wage a bet more people are killed over sport riots etc in the world in a given year than die from terrorism. To me it is just a sign that we are still apes that we riot over sporting events. I will give america credit, we have less sports riots etc than most of the world. Our sport fans seem to be well behaved..we dont have soccer hooligans stabbing each other. The rest of the world thinks we are neanderthals but we actually have less violent crime in general than the UK. In this world I can see food being something to riot over but not a bunch of guys in different color jerseys. That is an IQ test we should not be failing.

gardega's perfect method of geometric dissection of Raphael

With all the money I wasted on art school there wasnt one professor in the school with enough brains to teach me the first thing about the geometry of the old masters. It took me 10 years of study to even begin to understand geometry. I was born in the wrong age...

willaim blake

William blake is a perfect example of an artist with some technical issues who more than made up for it with a soul that jumps off the page and comes alive to this day...

Imagination is something that eludes about 80% of artists, they are brainless renderers aping what is in front of them like a mirror, too blind to see the true magic of reality lies in the fact that matter is an illusion and atoms are just empty space...Photography takes care of most of our needs so an artist should either comment on photorealism or should go to a place photography can never touch...the spirit

Friday, June 17, 2011

School Of the art Institute of Chicago

In high school I was accepted to This college. My parents broke the news to me that they couldnt afford to send me, I didnt know enough about scholarships and financial aid so I got a job with a tree company cutting down trees while my friends went off to college I stayed home and built railroad tie walls in the snow and cut down trees. That was the toughest lesson of my life. Every day I worked cutting down trees I thought about art and the unfairness of life and I sharpened the axe of my soul and promised to myself I would make it as an artist in this world no matter what happened, even if it killed. When I finally was able to afford art school (in NYC) I already felt like an adult, I had started my own glass etching business and I had worked a job for a year that was hellish and brutal and almost killed me ( I had a tree fall on me so hard that I went blind for hours) When I got to art school, my peers felt like a bunch of soft spoiled kids. They had no stare, they hadnt lived and went right from high school on daddies dime to art school. I never hung out with groups in art school, I stayed alone and worked and worked. I didnt even have people to talk to because I liked the old masters beyond all and these kids were talking about science fiction art and modern art etc. Some lessons in life never leave you. To this day I work harder than most humans because those memories are close behind me. I often wonder what would have happened if If I was able to go to the School of art institute chicago..Hopefully I wouldnt have become one of these con-artists...In life you either man up and become something or you fold and become weak and make excuses for what you could have been, should have been. I have no sympathy for excuses.

I find it interesting how lessons that happened 20 years ago can still stick with you, when I spend six months on my couch trying to write a movie by the seat of my pants or when I buy a new canvas or I have more deadlines than a human can handle I think back to my feet freezing or lying on the ground blind with a serious head injury...I am still an insanely competitive artist, not with others but with myself. Most other artists to me mean as much to me as a loaf of bread in a supermarket in some rural new jersey supermarket..I dont think about them much...Im too busy working.

The eye of lincoln and how it becomes two men in a boat: by gardega

There is something arresting about the face of Lincoln. I can stare and draw his face for hours...but why? If you look at hamilton or washington or jefferson there is nothing that interesting in the face (this is a 100% apolitical post) But there is a certain magic in the face of lincoln. I have come to believe it is in the eyes...
The heavy lids are an unmistakable part of Lincoln's face. Leonardo often painted heavy lids. I believe he did this because it gives a certain calmness to the character. As an artist one must learn to SEE, not LOOK..SEEING is really being aware, LOOKING is more of an unconcious act..He also has really high cheek bones..this is common among  american indians...

If you are a surrealist like GARDEGA you can turn the eye upside down and discover two men  in a boat in rough seas. Genius can be cultivated and it will grow like bamboo. One must simply work extremely hard. The most important thing in art is to not be afraid to think for yourself..If your brain works different cheer for it, dont try to conform to another's system. So the genius behind Lincoln's eyes is that there is a stormy ocean behind the calm...The two men represent the internal battle of good vs. evil  that rages in every man. The boat represents the journey of life and the ocean---the tumult of life. The sundown is the sun that is setting on the union...The union being the a metaphor for the end of life, in Lincolns case,. the union and his soul were one, they bled- ink like together and were indistinguishable...Lincoln had nightmares of his own assassination, they are fascinating to read about. Who knew that is was all in his eyes? They are indeed the window to the soul. 

There is more between heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

amazing facts about the human body

  • The average human brain has about 100 billion nerve cells.

  • Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles (274 km) per hour.

  • The thyroid cartilage is more commonly known as the adams apple.

  • The only jointless bone in your body is the hyoid bone in your throat

  • It's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

  • Your stomach needs to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks or it would digest itself.

  • It takes the interaction of 72 different muscles to produce human speech.

  • The average life of a taste bud is 10 days.

  • The average cough comes out of your mouth at 60 miles (96.5 km) per hour.

  • Relative to size, the strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.

  • Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.

  • When you sneeze, all your bodily functions stop even your heart.

  • Babies are born without knee caps. They don't appear until the child reaches 2-6 years of age.

  • Children grow faster in the springtime.

  • It takes the stomach an hour to break down cow milk.

  • Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

  • Blondes have more hair than dark-haired people do.

  • There are 10 human body parts that are only 3 letters long (eye hip arm leg ear toe jaw rib lip gum).

  • If you go blind in one eye you only lose about one fifth of your vision but all your sense of depth.

  • The average human head weighs about 8 pounds.

  • Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.

  • In the average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator.

  • An average human scalp has 100,000 hairs.

  • The length of the finger dictates how fast the fingernail grows. Therefore, the nail on your middle finger grows the fastest, and on average, your toenails grow twice as slow as your fingernails.

  • The average human blinks their eyes 6,205,000 times each year.

  • The entire length of all the eyelashes shed by a human in their life is over 98 feet (30 m).

  • Your skull is made up of 29 different bones.

  • Your ears and nose continue to grow throughout your entire life.

  • After you die, your body starts to dry out creating the illusion that your hair and nails are still growing after death.

  • Hair is made from the same substance as fingernails.

  • The average surface of the human intestine is 656 square feet (200 m).

  • A healthy adult can draw in about 200 to 300 cubic inches (3.3 to 4.9 liters) of air at a single breath, but at rest only about 5% of this volume is used.

  • The surface of the human skin is 6.5 square feet (2m). 15 million blood cells are destroyed in the human body every second.

  • The pancreas produces Insulin.

  • The most sensitive cluster of nerves is at the base of the spine.

  • The human body is comprised of 80% water.

  • The average human will shed 40 pounds of skin in a lifetime.

  • Every year about 98% of the atoms in your body are replaced.

  • The human heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet (9 m).

  • You were born with 300 bones. When you get to be an adult, you have 206.

  • Human thighbones are stronger than concrete.

  • Every human spent about half an hour as a single cell.

  • There are 45 miles (72 km) of nerves in the skin of a human being.

  • The average human heart will beat 3,000 million times in its lifetime and pump 48 million gallons of blood.

  • Each square inch (2.5 cm) of human skin consists of 20 feet (6 m) of blood vessels.

  • During a 24-hour period, the average human will breathe 23,040 times.

  • Human blood travels 60,000 miles (96,540 km) per day on its journey through the body.

  • my next glass carvings

    I am carving all of the above in glass. Why? two reasons: one is I will sell them to help fund my art show and second it will get my skills up to the level I want them at. These are not easy carvings but I will make the best glass carvings ever made of the above images, of this I dont have doubts and after 24 years carving glass ( I taught myself in high school) If I cant do it, no one can...They will be large, I will try to sell to a casino or yacht etc...the Lacoon group is the hardest, that is an 11 on a ten scale of difficulty. If I get my screenplay check in time, I wont have to carve all three, I will just carve one for fun. Probably David or or the birth of adam...

    mankind is doomed

    we havent advanced in 500 years....WE have gone backwards. One of the greatest works of art of all time (albeit a poor copy) still offends some people

    art lesson by gardega

    Here is my lesson..go to your local museum, take photos of something that interests you (here I have photographed bronze mirrors) Now take those pictures and make into your own art at home. I will do  some large drawings based on these..we all need INSPIRATION...


    art lesson by gardega

    If you want to learn to draw anatomy, you can do worse than to go to a museum and study some greek and roman statues..they dont move a lot! Draw feet and knees and legs! DRAW AND DRAW AND DRAW SOME MORE!

    Photos by gardega...Draw  feet! they are a good BASE, then draw some knees and legs---You will get THERE!

    do as I say, not as I do

    The powers that be want to tell us how to eat..what to eat, how much to eat...they know whats best for us--from bloomberg to The Obamas, we are told how to be healthy, to eat our bean sprouts. Our chain smoker in chief is constantly shoving garbage food into his mouth..I wouldn't care about this one bean if I wasn't being told how I am supposed to live and eat. There is one thing in this world that boils my blood and that is hypocrites. Here our prez eats his second chili dog in one sitting while his wife tours the world and tells us to eat tofu. The elites are above us, they dont have to follow what they preach on the right or the left. we are the sheeple, we must be lead.

    I am not sure why I have such a built in hatred of hypocrisy--I have always had it since I can your tofu

    Alice in Winter Watercolor

    12  x 16 inches on arches paper to purchase