Thursday, May 31, 2007

Old Master copy

the original purchaser backed out of the deal after agreeing to buy this so I am putting it back up for bid...It is a detailed study of an old master, I not remember who. It will be on ebay soon unless someone wants to email a bid. It is a very detailed sketch in good condition.


crucifixion of genius

I made this painting at 17 or so as I was studying the old masters. I think this may be after caravaggio, not 100% sure. I even tried a period of abstract, non-representational art until I realized that was a con game. The artists I knew who couldn't draw all became abstract by "default." Jackson pollack was a failed student of the great regionalist painter thomas benton at the art students league. Mr. pollacks sketchbooks were very weak from this period and lacked any refined sense of draftsmanship. The funny thing about J.P was that he was shown how to do his drip paintings by the surrealist max ernst, very few scholars know that--- I have a video in which max ernst tells the tale.

This is the new stuff--I go dancing in....

Just got back from my brothers place as he is moving to a new apartment and he decided to give me back some old work he found in the attic. Much of this I will not sell, but there is some I will. The first post is a study I made in 1997 of a female face from life. I am sure it was in a life drawing class in NYC somewhere as that is where I lived at the time...I really don't want to part with this piece but I may change my mind...this is a small sketch a few inches across and done from life not from a photo.

In defense of genius

I have had considerable success lately as an artist thanks mostly to the support of kind folks like yourselves who have been buying my art as fast as I can post it and ship it. As a result of this, as of late, I have heard grumbling from artist "friends" and associates who have decided that my latest endeavor is "selling out" or some form of artistic "prostitution." Alex would like to take this forum and this moment to address those very same people. Firstly, I would like to say without courage there is no art, an artist who tells you they are happy hanging their paintings in some lonely little studio to be viewed only by the spiders and shadows of creeping failure is not an honest artist. An artist loves to sell and be seen, that is why we exist! The problem is that most artists are so frozen by fears and insecurities that they will not even admit to themselves the real reasons for hiding in obscurity. So often they clothe themselves in the self-sewn "shabby and false" garments of integrity or purity. I promised myself long ago that If I fail as an artist it would not be because of fear, I promised I would give art every last ounce of fight I had in my guts before I quit or failed. If you love yourself and respect yourself in this world you should not lie to yourself. That is a great sin that separates the "sunday painters" from the rest.

General Update--good morning

I loaded some new pieces last night. I have to drive to my Brooklyn studio this morning, back later in afternoon. If anyone wants art you can read above instructions, call or email me with questions. There is plenty of art left and I started working on some new series as well. If I promised anyone certain pieces etc. please be a bit patient as we are just getting caught up. I will honor my word even if you have to yell at me a bit. For all who sent in 10 to 30 dollars, we made folders with your name yesterday (two big boxes) and will start shipping those out on Monday! Good ebay feedback is important so please contact me if you feel you waited to long or have any other issues. I promise to make you happy. A surgeon in Idaho has promised me he can attach a few more arms so I can draw and paint while I handle everything else.

viva dali

after lautrec---woman in a pink dress.

another lautrec copy from many moons ago...this is explained in detail on ebay.

link below:

Strange World---early morning flight

Here is a really nice (in my opinion) study from my "strange world" series. These were painted on the beach in los angeles during my lost weekend in Doors land . I get very depressed in Los Angeles but I find there is something in that depression that makes me paint well, so I will be flying back soon to paint on the beach again and continue my strange world series. My friend asked my why I don't just paint them in NY, I don't answer questions like that. If you have to ask that question my answer would mean nothing to you. I often find you cannot tell in pictures if it is a sunrise or a sunset, I can only see this piece as morning. a departure in to a new day, a strange world. This piece will not be put on ebay if you would like it please email me with an offer. My other strange world watercolors have brought in 200 to 400 dollars and this is one of my Favorites.

After Lautrec---nude in stockings

There is much detailed info. on ebay on this piece.

click on red link below.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My work space

The alchemists chair...


We have shipped close to 100 pieces out of my studio already and have many times that to ship still! If anyone wishes to be on VIP list please email me with VIP in subject of email. By being on VIP list you will get to view work before it goes to bid. If you have spent 300 or more dollars on my art you are enrolled in VIP automatically and you have a free gift coming from us at TDA soon. It looks like we made New York Magazine, although I am not sure if it is only the online version (will find out soon!) So far all those who have received my art have been very positive, if you have an issues please contact us!
The possible ranks higher than the actual.

Martin Heidegger

Old master study

This is a very detailed sketch so I hope it is bid accordingly. It is from my teenage sketchbooks when I obsessed over the old masters. I never owned a coloring book, never collected comics never liked abstract art..I was always aware, even at a young age when the proverbial wool was being pulled over the public's eyes and the emperors of contemporary art really had no clothes.

bid below:

Seated Dancer -- -after degas

This piece is on hold for a client may be released at later date! more from my degas copying phase as a teen. there are some nice moments here..offers are accepted via email on this piece.

good morning

Hello America,

Today will be a big day here as my new assistant will be helping me ship and load new artwork. I have some nice pieces from central park that will be going up today and again some more dancers and strange worlds. I am sorry I have been lax on getting up the dancers.


After degas --woman with umbrella

I have finally linked this picture to ebay...

link below:

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

second grade

I found this tonight...I remember drawing this like it was yesterday...I was 8 years young. The owl and the pussy cat was my favorite rhyme.

peter gabriel

Saw a group of people forming
Round a figure lying down
And someone runs to make a phone call
And the man kneels on the ground
The man kneels on the ground
Theres a tightening in my chest
I know that Im drawn in
Oh God let it not be you

Dont leave us
Dont leave like this
Dont leave me here again
Im not quitting on you
No one else
Youre not quitting on us
No running out

The colour in your shirt is darkening,
Against the paleness of your skin
I remember how you held the goldfish
Swimming around in a plastic bag
Swimming around in a plastic bag

You held it up so high
In the bright lights of the fair
It slipped and fell
We looked everywhere

Dont leave us (your eyes are bright, your blood is warm)
Dont leave like this (your heart is strong, youre holding on)
Dont leave me here again (I feel your pulse, I hold your hand)
Im not quitting on you
Theres no one else
Youre not quitting on us
Theres no way out
No way out

Dont leave us
Dont leave like this
Dont leave me here again (I feel your pulse, I hold your hand)
Im not quitting on you
Theres no one else
Youre not quitting on us
No running away no way out


If you wish to view my work on Ebay simply type in ten dollar art in search bar. or you can follow above instructions to getwork.

taking a break back soon with new work.



I usually never show photographs as I look at them primarily as a reference for paintings. I am not into things that all have the same surface etc. although they are unique in that they capture a moment in time---cartier bresson was a person I admire as a photographer..This is not a photoshop manipulated photo, I promise this is the real thing. It was not digital either it was years ago before I had a digi is a reflection of the trees in the water in the mountains. It was a dead calm morning. I flipped it, of course, to be vertical and to take into the strange world. My friend chris is a great photographer..

not for sale.


after Degas--nude bather

here is another of my degas studies. It is a bit aged and wrinkled and I will press iron it out for you before shipping...water color on pink paper.

degas study---woman wih umbrella

Another degas study from my files-- probably about 19 or 20 when I made this. It is on a pink toned paper. On ebay soon. Some of the old ones are a bit worn and show some age but even humans get wrinkles. about 9 inches high pencil and watercolor



strange world---shadow woman

although many of my pieces are hitting final bids at 200.00 to 500.00 dollars and up on ebay...I like to see who is quick and viewing my blog.....this piece is a small study from my "strange world" series. If you are quick you can have it by clicking below for 25.00. I promised I would put pieces up that would be affordable to most so I honor my word.

link below.


I had posted the wrong call letters for a Fan/ supporters radio station it is 103.9 WFAS-- DJ mary Desilva. You can hear her in Long island and she is based in Westchester. She has been spreading the word of my art and website and I cannot thank her enough!


new work up on ebay

I have15 pieces on ebay and will load more later today. I have to head to my glass art studio in brooklyn for a bit this morning. New dancers and flowers and some strange world pieces coming up. Gearing up for some painting trips, keep you informed. lots of shipping this week, I hope nobody worked all weekend like I did and you enjoyed yourselves a bit.


Monday, May 28, 2007

My First Painting!

I made this in acrylic when I was in fourth grade, I know it was fourth because It still has my mom's handwriting on the back when I entered it into an art show..Im guessing it was 78 or 79 or there abouts. I won a blue ribbon for this painting against adults. I had lost that ribbon many years ago. It is 16" X 20" on canvas and not for sale for any amount of money. I would turn down one million for this picture.


Ophelia prints for sale

These are now at 50.00 and are going fast! They are 8 x 10 archival prints. They are signed and numbered and limited to 200 pieces. you can pay pal me or snail me for one if you wish, also on ebay with link below...

the link is active again, new prints!

link to ebay below image.

Strange Worldd---Departure study

Here is another "Strange World" study....again, these are studies, they are visual inspirations not judged by the rational side of my brain as I create them. The "Strange World" series is something nebulous from deep inside me I don't quite understand yet so I am learning about them with you as we go..

Pencil on green toned paper with highlights..

on ebay soon!

I like this piece more than many of the strange world studies and will probably use it for a large painting one day.

click link below to buy.

Strange World---study number1

Another study from santa monica...I will give greater detail on these pieces on Ebay.

post soon...

Strange World--lost lovers

Lost lovers staring into a desperate horizon. Sometimes I paint the sunny romance of love and life and sometimes I feel and need to bleed out the shadows. I get very dark sometimes inside and find myself in no mood to draw irises. will post on ebay soon. These are studies for future oils and watercolors. They are loose and small sketches on colored paper 8" x 8". I don't know why but I always hear the who song in my head when I look at this piece..

Only love
Can make it rain
The way the beach is kissed by the sea.
Only love
Can make it rain
Like the sweat of lovers'
Laying in the fields.
link to ebay:

Strange World---stolen fruits

Here is nice study I made for my Strange World series. It is called "Stolen Fruits." I do believe these to be some important pieces from my body of work. I am getting back to los angeles soon to make more of these because I can only make them in my dark little corner of Santa Monica beach. I knowit sounds odd but I cant make these pieces in my studio. It is up on it soon!

Im back!

Took a much needed break, now I am dying to get working today! I have ten good hours of uploading and working ahead today so keep an eye out. I am flying to LA soon to paint new Strange worlds on my dark little corner of Santa Monica beach. I don't feel right painting those any where else as strange as it sounds. Met with a big supporter and fan yesterday in NYC-- Mary from 103.9 WSAN in westchester...(I hope I have call letters right will check in a minute.) I also made some nice sketches and watercolors from the Boathouse in central park. I swear it is paradise there with the impressionist light and the boats and gondola floating about. Very Parisian-- without the airfare. Stay tuned today is a big day as I slacked a bit yesterday! I should have 15 new works up today. God bless our veterans!


Sunday, May 27, 2007

new drawings are up on ebay!!

I put up new drawings and will do many more when I get back from the museum today. You can get to my drawings by going to ebay and typing ten dollar art in search bar.


Alex's BBQ

Today Alex will journey into the Metropolitan Museum for a day to have a BBQ of the mental kind. I will grill the brain with Rembrandts and marinate it with Velásquez. For dessert, a beer with Raphael and absinthe with Goya. The true purpose of holding a BBQ is really about who isn't invited. I will skip happily past the sad drippings of the late 20th and early 21st century who clog my lawn and I will speak not with Rothko, nor with the failed isms and their malnourished, shabby children. While the brain goes stagnate in the acrid smoke of the chic Chelsea galleries where the meat of wisdom is undercooked and shelf life is that of sunlit sushi, I will hold court with the minds of the great masters and play horseshoes with the ancients. I will leave full and happy and on the train home my hand will flow to my pad with the twin angels of heart and wisdom guiding my charcoal.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saranac lake

Here is an oil study on board I made in The Adirondack Mountains. It is not a finished painting but it is more worked out than many oils sketches. It is on masonite board. it is 12" X 18". I really like this painting becaue it brings me back to an early morning in the mountains (you can see the fog lit by the sun in distance) maybe you can smell the pines. This is an important piece because it is one of my oil studies which I am reluctant to release. I never too k the time to make a larger finished piece as was my intention.

link to bid below is below:


Viva Dali!

Once every five hundred years...

Life is good!

I hired an assistant today---she was beyond amazing and we shipped a lot of art and organized checks from strangers and made sense of my messy brain! I have tons of art left and will make more as soon as I am caught up...more dancers coming up tonight.


Good morning america

I am excited I have an assistant starting to day! So anyone who is waiting on a promise from me will be hearing from me very soon as I will get unburied from the email swamp! Iam not complaining as it has only been good crazy..Got sidetracked yesterday, will put up many new/ old works today and will email VIP images. God bless the veterans. Dancers and strange worlds coming up!

all the best,


Friday, May 25, 2007

Dali vs. Picasso

Ah, the Taurus bull vs. The Dalinian Grasshopper Child. Dali finally left the surrealists and Paris and came to New York because Picasso wisely lent him the coin for the trip. Picasso did not respect Dali but he felt Paris was too small a ring for twin matadors. Dali of course worshiped the sadistic minotaur and continued to send him unanswered post cards at Christmas for the rest of his life.

from the brain of alex

my new purchase

I couldn't resist...ebay is something else..


New work

Coming up soon...hang tough as I am filling orders.

Yes, we have no bananas...

I love that saying. Have you heard of it? My friends stopped by to take me out fishing but I wouldn't leave my fans with an un-updated site so I stayed home to work...more posts up soon.


Strange World

Here come some juicy watercolors from my lost weekend in Los Angeles. I made a slew of watercolors as I spent the entire thanksgiving day alone on Santa Monica beach. Although I was inspired by the beauty of my surroundings I was feeling a darkness creep through my days. I took refuge in another place. An internal place, a Strange World. I made about ten of these as I was trying to nail the right feel. It is interesting how hard it is to capture fleeting glimpses compared to solid reality. I think the flying creatures represent the need to escape into the unknown. I will put a few more of these up over the weekends but many will be only available to VIP or people who wish to pay pal directly to me or call. I am not putting many of them to bid.

ebay link below:

Alex takes a break

I took out my new Kayak " my dancer" I bought it so I can watercolor from on the water instead of looking out to the water or ocean I am now part of the ocean more or less. It helps to try and think differently to your approaches to art to keep things alive..Now back to work...

Dancer on Cardboard

Congrats to Donyell for winning this degas Copy on Ebay. I will ship it out after weekend!


VIP Status

I am not trying to create exclusivity but given the heavy demand for my work I have decided to create a VIP section for people who have spent over 300.00 on my work. If you have please email me and I will sign you up for VIP (I will also check records and enroll you automatically). This means I give you first view key on pieces before they go up for sale. Also, I have plenty of ten dollar sketches left for people with smaller budgets. If you send more you simply get more advanced work. VIP will also include getting a free oil sketch from me (I will give more info. on that later) VIP customers will also have first view of many of my popular series--dancers, strange world and my flower studies.


The Golden Ratio

What do the pyramids in Egypt, Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of the Mona Lisa, sunflowers, the snail, the pine cone and your fingers all have in common?

The answer to this question lies hidden in a sequence of numbers discovered by the Italian mathematician Fibonacci. The characteristic of these numbers, known as the Fibonacci numbers, is that each one consists of the sum of the two numbers before it.[1][2]

Fibonacci numbers

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, …

Fibonacci numbers have an interesting property. When you divide one number in the sequence by the number before it, you obtain numbers very close to one another. In fact, this number is fixed after the 13th number in the series. This number is known as the “golden ratio.”


Thanks Jim!

A fan named Jim sent me a bunch of CD's to paint to-- what a wonderful thing to get! A gift from a stranger. Another fan sent me Peter Gabriel's Passion CD. I have a nice gift for both of you. So much love out there I feel my cynicism melting away day by day.

My New Brush

An artist is very limited without the right tools. Good brushes make all the difference. I bought this brush today for $100.00 dollars (and I got a really good deal on it) It is a Winsor and Newton series seven # 8 sable. it is the Rolls Royce of brushes and I will be taking her for a test spin later today. Boring post but I had to share my guilty purchase with America. It kind of reminds me of spinal tap "No, don't even look at it"

Good morning america.

I got my much needed 4 hours in. Will start gain soon! more to upload. I put up dancers like I promised. Will load some strange world series ad well today.


Degas Copy 5

Another Degas Copy from my teen years. I hope Degas doesn't mind. Many people don't realize that the impressionist and degas and van gogh and many others were using photos as reference material. They didn't often like to admit they worked from photos. Photos were the reason for the new and strange compositions you began to see in paintings. This was just another sketch pulled from a grey sketchbook. I feel bad separating them as they were together but such is life. I will post these on ebay soon. another all- nighter...

click below to buy.

Leaning Dancer

I can see that this drawing was not after Degas but my attempt to make a dancer in the style of Degas. It was like taking off your training wheels. It is strange to expose the dirty laundry of your artistic growth to the eyes of America. Part of me wants to show everyone how much better I am now but that is ego stuff.


click to buy. it is for $75 as I want to see who gets up the earliest. good luck.


The only difference between myself and Dali is I am not Dali---------gardega

nude sketchbook page

Here is another old master copy of a nude. I suppose I was 18 or 19. I later learned that although it is important to copy old masters you can never replace drawing from life. I think it was after furini or some such name. Its 3:20 AM-- I hope everyone is out drinking and having fun while your humble artist is working alone.

bid below

After Degas 4

I promised to put up more of my teenage degas they are. Please forgive all the problems and shortcomings of these copies they were studies of a 19 year old bright eyed artist making the mistakes he needed to make.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Shippin' notes.

Please make sure I have your updated address and if you pay Pay Pal then make sure that shipping address is correct!! I am done shipping until after the holiday as I am dying to paint and draw again--- much like a junkie I get real moody If I am not making art. I am going to paint all weekend all day and all night! I bought a kayak I named "My Dancer" so I can watercolor paint from out on the ocean. If anyone is unhappy with shipping time or gets impatient speak to me personally as I am hiring a secretary to help me out of this chaos.




I am guessing I sold over 500 pieces so far and have many many more to offer! Thanks america! and Mexico and New Zealand and Canada and philipines!


If you must have a nude bather or a dancer series you can Pay Pal or Snail mail check me 175.00 with specific instructions and I will guarantee one, Otherwise it is a matter of calling me or bidding on Ebay or staying up tonight until 3 or 4. you can still buy a ten dollar sketch! I am a man of word so send money to above info! I have a lot of really stellar Santa Monica Beach Strange World Series left but they are 300.00 and up and for serious inquiries only! I am offering VIP service to people who spend over 300 total to view works before they are offered to public via this forum.



dancer on cardboard

Hello everyone,

this Degas copy just sold for around $180.00. The good news is I will be uploading a bunch tonight, very similar and just as nice from my teen years. I will put some for a VERY reasonable buy it now prices because I want to see who is up at 4 AM like I am working. The rest will go to bid but I am so Happy for all your support I am touched to the point of tears!

Long Live Dali.


Ebay Store

Please join my ebay store that makes it easy for me to email you and keep your info. etc plus you can watch bids etc..Now how does one do that? I am figuring it out. Go to ebay and look up Ten Dollar Art. You should be able to find my store and join, I will look into it more later after I scan more art.


Mermaid Study

I drew this as a study for a glass commission. I used a real model. This drawing is 300.00 as it is very dear to me and prints are 25.00 limited to edition of 200.


Address confirmation

Can anyone who purchased art please be sure to email me with a confirmed shipping address. Pay pal and ebay addresses can often be wrong as people move.



A big thanks to Barry from Hoboken for breaking my record for a sketch and buying a dancer sketch for over 500.00! Drink is on me Barry.

I dont understand

Some of my little drawings are selling for $500 dollars and yet I had this one up on ebay and only one person bid on it and won it for ten dollars. This Raphael copy is one of my favorite sketchbook pages from my youth. I am happy someone won it for ten dollars and I hope it makes them happy! I hope they are not rich and this is one of their first art purchases and that one day it put their kid through college. I am being true to my word! Ten Dollar Art!


Party Time

Got a Fed Ex package today! Some people buy jewelry, some buy sports cars. This is my drug! a dozen new sketchbooks to get me through the month (or two.) Christmas in May!


promise after post office I will put up dancers and nudes! PROMISE!


Another useless fact

If you ever happen to be in the Chrysler Building and take the elevators you will be staring at an original Gardega and not even know it. I was hired years ago to re-make the elevator panels (the numbered ones) when they renovated the Chrylser building. I etched the glass so the numbers would be raised and the surrounding glass recessed. The area surrounding the numbers was coated with a metal. The numbers were left clear so light from behind can shine through. It was the most difficult thing I ever did and aged me a few years. Landmark buildings are very strict in matching originals and keeping integrity of design. I had the originals for a while now my ex- business partner has them. I would give anything to have one of those original panels. another useless fact! Much post office today, first round of art going out. Also dancers and nudes going up later so you can bid on the beach this weekend from laptop.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cleburne Texas

I grew up in Cleburne Texas on a hundred acre farm. It was not a farm like you see on TV, it was basically a big field with a few horses and chickens. There was a creek in back where I would journey alone and find fossils. Once a huge dog came up to me, it was very sick and its ribs were exposed. It was really on its last legs but it was much bigger than I. I think it was German Shepard. It slowly walked up to me and I thought it was going to kill me (which would have been highly possible as I was 7.) It came up to me and I held out my shaking hand and touched its face. I will never forget that dog and I have drawn it hundreds of times on paper and in my mind. I think it came up to me as if to say goodbye to the world if that makes any sense.


Jim Croce

When I was a child I would paint to Jim Croce. I just bought his DVD. A life of a great human cut short by a plane crash. Digging through all these old drawings is flooding my mind with memories of my youth, music always helped me draw. Jim was always a big one for me to listen to when the pencils came out. You cant listen to his songs and not be moved...god bless. I would listen to him on my dad's 8 tracks. There is a beautiful sadness to his voice.


I painted this a few months before the death of kurt vonnegut. I loved him like I knew him. He was such an individual and a cynic. Goodbye Mr. Voonegut, I will always miss you. I gave this to my brother and it is probably unframed and has macaroni on it.

New Zealand

I just sold my first piece to New Zealand. Although it is to an American in school in New Zealand. I would give anything to go paint in New Zealand for a while so If any kiwis read this and can help me get around drop me an email!



Commercial piece (maybe you have seen this)

I don't usually show my commercial work unless I consider it worthwhile. Every major artist has done illustration. Picasso, Dali, Delacroix-- all of them have done book work for various projects. This is one of my clients, Ambassador Yellow Pages. You may have these in your apt. If you live in NYC. They are great because they let me be me and refuse to have lifeless computer art on their covers. I always try to push the envelope on their covers and they are very good to me.



Hello everyone. If you guys/ gals can do me a favor and spread the word around I would be most greatful! A DJ in Westchester Has been plugging away my blog on her station and I am very thankful to her. If you can ad me as a link on your sites or mention me in emails to others it will be so great. I am overwhelmed by the response I have gotten thus far and I want to keep it alive! If anyone works for a media publication that would consider my story that would also be great. I hate to do self promo. but one must as an artist! I would be glad to make an extra special oil for anyone who can help me get the word out. I have finally gone international with this with calls from philipines, canada, mexico, ireland and New Zealand!



Lacoon group study

When I was a child I had a book with the head of Michaelangelo's David on it it. I was so afraid that picture I could not look at it. I was afraid of the hair. It scared me greatly, it seemed evil and wormish. I later learned to love greek sculpture and copied it whenever I could. This is a teenage study of the lacoon group. I believe this scupture, when found, helped to usher in the Renaissance. As a child I had many bizarre quirks. I had a phobia of coffee tea or even iced tea. To this day I have never tasted coffee, tea or iced tea. I also had to have my parents put my shoes on 5 times before grade school because If I had "lumps in my socks" I wouldn't go to school until my dad would yell at me and then I would go to school with lumps in my socks and all day long I would obsess about them. I was also afraid of a certain shade of orange/ yellow and the exact color was the same color ofKraft mac and cheese. I never tasted that because of the color it

women, hands and me.

Here is a premonition of the future pain that women would cause me in life. My hand is trying to grasp the centered nude and my self portrait shows the darkness that was creeping in. I remember this drawing like it was yesterday not 20 years ago.


Degas sketches 4

Here is another teenage copy of Degas. I really like this page as it has an honest feel of a kid just trying to figure out what art was.This is one of my favorite pages from that time. please be nice to it if you buy it.

click below to buy/ bid.

Last Supper Studies

Here is an old copy of Da Vinci's studies of last supper. I think mine is yellowed as much as the original at this point. Bill Gates bought much of Da Vinci's codex sketchbooks. I would give anything to view them!! Bill you reading this? Bill? I was 19 I think at this time.

Man clubbed by a woman

I am not sure who I copied this from! But I suppose the sub- text meant something to me at the time. I am going to post a closer detail as it is a small drawing.

After Degas Sketchbook 3

Here is some work from way back before they had tv or autos.

right after high school...

good news

I am figuring out this blog thing...Now you can scroll down through all my posts!! No need to go into archive!!


Just found a portfolio of sketches from 1989! that was before they had cars I think. Uploading them now.


917 400 1317

Good morning america.

If anyone has questions how to get my work or wants to buy a piece you can email me or call me. I do have much work left and also many cheaper pieces as I promised. I am loading up dancers today, I also have some landscapes and nudes to upload. My mother is coming over to help today until I find an assistant. My mum is an angel in the first degree. I have some nice moonlight nocturnes I found as well. I have spent every memorial day since high school alone, I am sure I will be alone this one but I am excited to go to the ocean with my watercolors and paint all weekend! I will bring my oils as well. I would love to have a girlfriend but art is a jealous mistress and my only true love in life.


I made this after high school. It was written up in the New York Times because it was in a group show in a gallery. It was a show about womans hair so I chose to make Medusa as my entry. The snakes are etched glass
and the face is reverse painted on glass. I never picked this up from the gallery, I left it there. I used to leave my art all over the place and throw a lot of it away because it was never sacred to me. It was more a time marker than anything. Now I see it differently and look back fondly on my Medusa. I may make prints of this, not sure.

yellow woman

I made this many moons ago after Munch, I believe. I priced this one at 25.00. I could get more through bids but gas is now 30 dollars a gallon so I thought this would make someone happy.


Alice in Winter Watercolor

12  x 16 inches on arches paper to purchase