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May - what a month! The NYPost network hit an all-time record for pageviews while hit its own for unique visitors and pageviews. The following four stories had over one million views each: Anonymous warns world to 'prepare' for WWIII (2.5 million), The sad new life of exiled Ruth Madoff (2.2 million), Pissed off artist adds status of urinating dog next to 'Fearless Girl' (1.1 million) and Principal kills himself in school parking lot after resigning (1 million).


Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Mr. Gardega said his dog statue is poorly made on purpose.
“I decided to build this dog and make it crappy to downgrade the statue, exactly how the girl is a downgrade on the bull,” he said.
Crap (poorly made pissing dog statute) upon crap (corporate-sponsored feminist vandalism) upon crap (economic fetishism; may the great bull spirit save us from the evil bear spirit).
I can actually get with that.

the "fearless girl" has everything to do with pandering to feminism and virtue signaling.

The girl hasn't got a hijab on. This statue is Islamophobic.
I think I'm getting the hang of being an SJW

I'm kind of disappointed.
Even though I don't have strong feelings about this whole statue drama, "Pissing Pug" could have been an effective commentary if it was well made, instead of this turd-looking thing.
“I decided to build this dog and make it crappy to downgrade the statue, exactly how the girl is a downgrade on the bull,” said Gardega, who has never met the other statues’ creators.
The reason "Fearless Girl" is so damaging the original "Charging Bull" is that it's very similar in style, quality and building materials, giving the impression, to an uninformed viewer, that the two are meant as a pair.
Not only that lazily made "thing" clearly doesn't belong there, you can barely tell it's supposed to be a dog, so, it isn't anywhere as effective at "downgrading" anything, regardless of the artist's intentions/excuses.

For added hypocrisy, Rolling Stone, the corporation, criticizes this guy for not being "truly anti-capitalist" and for "obviously just having always been a misogynist who leapt into action as soon as he saw an opportunity to attack little girls, and fuck whatever he says his actual motives or message was".
Like, jesus fuck the cynical corporate appropriation of feminism here is thick.

I thought it was the complete opposite: it's pulled off really well, but the moment you look at who put it there and why it stops being a feminist symbol and becomes a cynical piece of corporate advertising.

Fearless Girl isn't worth defending, but I'd also argue that the pissing pug dude wildly overshot the mark on what he was trying to do.

Scholar Camille Paglia On Gardega's Pissing Pug

A lot of simpletons did not understand my statement I made with the pug, so when it went worldwide via media, I got a lot of hate mail etc..Art is meant to provoke thought, not be wall decoration. I decided to reach out to a feminist a scholar and someone Ive always respected Camille Paglia. She got right back to me and made my day! I no longer cared what losers in their mos basement typed to me as I had the stamp of approval of one of the great feminists minds of our time!

                                                      (photo taken from Patriotpost.US)

                                                         Camille Paglia (wikipedia)

she gave me permission to share this as long as I mentioned it was in reply to my email inquiry.

Dear Alex Gardega,

When I first read about your pug sculpture in Page Six, I whooped and thought it was great!  And I immediately forwarded the link to friends and allies--

It was exactly the right satirical response to that silly specimen of sentimental kitsch--

Your sculpture was an excellent illustration of my controversial argument about male urination as a form of commentary.  It appeared in the opening chapter of my first book, Sexual Personae (1990), and is reprinted in my new book, Free Women, Free Men (on p. 31).

As for the negative response, one can't do anything original without expecting counterattacks--it goes with the territory!

Best wishes,
Camille Paglia

               Not everyday you get an email from one of America's great intellects!

hes famous

A great read by Nake Fews

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Dark Side of Fame! The haters!!

I always keep my blog upbeat and positive! I like a clean ship! I recently gained worldwide press and I got so much hate mail I found it hilarious so I had to share it. I guess people in moms basement without jobs really need a way to spend their time! Please understand this all cracks me up, im far too handsome to be upset my such things...I hope you find it as funny as I do, plus its a diversion from my easel for a bit.

TRACEE WU from Indiana writes: a bunch of negative stuff about me

Justin Leu from Omaha Nebraska wrote on my painting website:

"I hope you and your fragile male ego lose business."

I blame my generation for giving everyone participation trophies!! 

Now back to being famous, haters waste my genius time...

Friday, June 2, 2017

Still (after) Life by Gardega

18" x 22"

My wonderful mom bought me this at a thrift store thinking I could use the frame. I decided to add some fine art to a rather pedestrian piece. Plus it was easier than removing the canvas.


Gardega on TV



 20 " X 30"  INCHES.


The Circus in my Head

I made this from a doodle that I drew many years ago at a late friends's house. After he died I was given back all the old doodles. I decided to take one of the doodles and blow it up into a painting in his honor.


Weeping Beech by Gardega

seasons pass by so quickly...

oil on canvas

24" x 36"

I prefer Pittsburgh to Paris

Chris Cornell's Bro

It’s been difficult to put words together. My heart is broken. Chris was always just my brother. We just “were”. No pretense. No dog and pony show. We didn’t have to get deep all the time. Sometimes we only needed to just be in the same room and just be present. That was enough.
It wasn’t until this week, it really hit me how he belonged to the world. That he is an icon and a legend. That being said, I am so sorry to YOU for your loss. Artists, actors, musicians. We rely on these people to lift us up. To inspire us and distract us in times of trouble. Chris protected us when we needed him to. His one of a kind-ness surrounded us like a suit of armor. He was a warrior and a wizard. A howling wolf and a trusted mentor.
My brother gave freely of his gifts and it was never a struggle. He kept himself from the saturation of celebrity in such a humble way. The power and anger and passion of my brother’s music was always genuine, original and legitimate. He was the powerful, sensitive, fragile, angry, mystical creature that will exist forever in his body of work. And he did it for ALL of us. Giving it away. Leaving all on the stage or in the recordings that will keep him immortal.
I will never wrap my head around his passing. I’ve been in shock since I heard the news. I can’t and won’t let him go.
Please know, with all the humility I can muster from the depths of a pulverized heart, I THANK EACH OF YOU for your kindness and condolences. THANK YOU for finding me through YOUR tears.
Hold your brothers close. 
Much Love!
The first time and the last time we were together.

winners who follow my blog/ art

Kendra summers rocks! 

pissing pug

Pissing Pug is for sale. I dont want cash, I want 5,000 Twinkies. yes, the truth. for my next project. I want 5,000 Twinkies. ill mail you the pug in trade


18913 Sherman Way, Reseda, CA 91335
Phone: 818.881.1785 | Fax: 818.881.7854

Thursday, June 1, 2017

It doesnt remind me of anything

One of my Heroes!

No Safe Spaces

Drawing by Gardega

I drew this in Norway when I studied with the greatest living artist, Odd Nerdrum. I drew this while he painted it.

click to buy
Hello, My name is ----- and I saw a video featuring your statue ("Sketchy Pug"? I believe) and thought your work did a great job showing the lunacy of the horrendous "Fearless girl" statue. After researching your work I came across your blog today where you discuss the irony of the company that commissioned Fearless girl and how they have ripped people off in the past FINANCIALLY. 

I appreciate you taking a stand especially in a city that can be hostile toward opposing points of view. I understand you are receiving backlash and just wanted to let you know you have a new fan out of all of this even if I can't afford to buy your paintings (Cliche Broke Millennial) I think your art is excellent and will find someway to support it. Also, may I ask how much a typical painting might go for in case I one day am able to scrounge up enough to be able to afford one? My favorite paintings I saw of yours were the ones with the man in the museum looking at the painting (Paintception)

Thanks for having the courage to act on your conviction and put your career on the line in the process.


daily watercolor

Ripple and Cobbles 12" x 16"

watercolor on Arches 300 lb paper

Corporate Feminism/ Fake Art without integrity

The statue "fearless girl" was placed there by a billion dollar financial firm State Street, state street is guilty of ripping off investors for 550 million or some such number. That is not art, it is an advert for an Index fund. Here is the Fraud they committed...DUPED!

In 2009 the State of California alleged on behalf of its pension funds CalPERS and CalSTRS that State Street had committed fraud on currency trades handled by the custodian bank. Two executives from State Street Global Markets left the company in October 2011 following enquiries over the pricing of a fixed income transaction.[18]
State Street in December 2010 announced that it would be retrenching 5% of its workforce and effectively reducing the wages of remaining employees by 10%.[19] In March 2011 it reversed its wage-reduction decision but declared that it would still require all employees to work a longer 40-hour week.
On 28 February 2012, State Street Global Advisors entered into a consent order with the Massachusetts Securities Division. The Division was investigating SSGA’s role as the investment manager of a $1.65 billion (USD) hybrid collateralized debt obligation. The investigation resulted in a fine of $5 million (USD) for the non-disclosure of certain initial investors taking a short position on portions of the CDO.[20]
State Street Bank has been accused of "stealth outsourcing" or transferring American jobs to their outsourcing partners Syntel and HCL-India under the radar and in small increments to avoid any political backlash. State Street Bank - the second largest client of Syntel - also has a joint venture in the Indian city of Pune with them which they have the option to buy out. The controversy is compounded by the fact State Street bank received an $11.5 million tax incentive from the city of Boston to move into a new location in the South Boston Innovation District as well as 2 billion in TARP assistance all while still sending jobs overseas.[21]
During the May 2012 annual shareholders meeting, chairman and chief executive Jay Hooley was shouted down on numerous occasions by protesters in relation to the outsourcing and other grievances.[22]
On Jan 18 in 2017 authorities agreed that State Street Corp will pay $64.6 million to resolve U.S. investigations into what prosecutors said was a scheme to defraud six clients through secret commissions on billions of dollars of trades.[23]
Fearless Girl statue in Manhattan's Financial District
For March 2017, State Street Global Advisors commissioned a statue (Fearless Girl) by Kristen Visbal and located it temporarily in the Financial District, Manhattan, in front of the Wall Street icon Charging Bull. The statue is an advertisement for an index fund which comprises gender diverse companies that have a higher percentage of women among their senior leadership.[24] While some have seen it as an encouragement of women in business, some women criticized the statue as "corporate feminism" that violated their own feminist principles. [25] [26] [27]

Melted Snowflakes

The secret ingredient of my brilliant watercolors? I take snow in winter and melt the snowflakes to use as water. Never use tap water!! Always Melted Snowflakes!

ceiling murals, the joy!

I used to paint a lot of ceilings. Painting well is hard, painting ceilings well is brutal on the brain and body. I wont do another.. On the left is the final, on the right is the first doodle/ sketch.

self evaluation


handsome level: medium

genius level: most famous genius (said my dry cleaner)

productivity: most productive--- world famous level productiveness


today I ID as a genius

thought of the day

Corporate art in the guise of feminism= Twinkies for mass cerebral consumption


Alice in Winter Watercolor

12  x 16 inches on arches paper to purchase