Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hello, My name is ----- and I saw a video featuring your statue ("Sketchy Pug"? I believe) and thought your work did a great job showing the lunacy of the horrendous "Fearless girl" statue. After researching your work I came across your blog today where you discuss the irony of the company that commissioned Fearless girl and how they have ripped people off in the past FINANCIALLY. 

I appreciate you taking a stand especially in a city that can be hostile toward opposing points of view. I understand you are receiving backlash and just wanted to let you know you have a new fan out of all of this even if I can't afford to buy your paintings (Cliche Broke Millennial) I think your art is excellent and will find someway to support it. Also, may I ask how much a typical painting might go for in case I one day am able to scrounge up enough to be able to afford one? My favorite paintings I saw of yours were the ones with the man in the museum looking at the painting (Paintception)

Thanks for having the courage to act on your conviction and put your career on the line in the process.


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Alice in Winter Watercolor

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