Saturday, December 31, 2011

adam graves painting by gardega--stolen

Whomever stole my Adam Graves painting that was gifted to Ronald Mcdonald house (to raise money for kids with cancer) Should return it to them..I do not care because I gave painting away  but you have ruined your karma and that is your issue, not mine. I hope for your own karmic sake you return it to RM house...god bless..Karma is as real as the sunshine.


Shaolin Kung FU

I recently signed up for Shaolin Kung fu as I am finally serious about getting in shape. Its easy as an artist to let ole body go--I spent too many years living on oil paints, pizza, wine and red bull. After a certain age you have to get serious about your health or you are a gambling fool. As an "ADULT" you must take care of  your body as you only get one of these bag of bones that is supposed to see you through to your "drooling years" I dont make resolutions for new years as I take resolutions pretty serious, if you cant make them a few months ahead of jan first and stick to them, then why bother? I have cut alcohol out of my diet--save an occasional wine...and I am very commited to my kung fu training... the next step is to kick redbull which is part of my 5am breakfast and I have trouble functioning  without it...Regardless, my kung fu teacher is a brilliant and famous Shaolin monk and here is a bit about him...

Palm One NYC

I stopped in the Palm One Steakhouse last night with a friend..As I had my first day of Shaolin Kung Fu yesterday and I was so sore I could barely stand at the bar and this morning I am too sore to almost paint or draw. The Palm is a great place and I highly recommend Palm one in NYC. As an artist you are always alone in a room so the time I spent bartending at Palm means a lot to me because it was the first time I have had "coworkers"... most of them are still there working as no one really ever quits the Palm as it is a great place to work. If you look on back wall you can see some of the caricatures on the wall that is part of what makes The Palm so famous..(I even drew a few of them)..some were good and some I would like to re-do. I dont get out much anymore, my life has become a routine of work and work and work and then sleep...One must remember  "get out" on occasion or you will start talking to your walls...I recommend the strip steak or the lobster and the cream spinach...

David in Glass

I will be carving a large etching of Michelangelo's David in glass in January. I am working with a gallery owner (to be revealed later) to carve some serious Iconic pieces in glass this year. I would never even attempt this if my glass skills were rusty but my recent year long project of etching Saints has me confident enough to tackle a few serious  pieces. If you are going to etch David in glass you dont just blow up a photo and etch (this is a hack approach) if you are serious about art you study the pose, the muscles, the face and the whole thing for about a month on paper first. After this piece I will be carving three others to be announced later. Go big or go home.

a lazy artist is a dead artist..

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sketch for etched glass window

Here is a sketch for my next window etching..I am awaiting approval that should come today. Three separate panels roughly 35 by 92 inches each...


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Etched Glass Window by Gardega--St. Joseph

I am documenting entire process of etching a 64 foot sq.  Saint window..from sketch to completion...

Here is my first rough doodle/ sketch...The window will consist of three large glass panels. I used to be afraid of large projects..Now they are nothing of me. I have broken that eggshell of fear a long time ago. Once you do some large scale installations, it liberates your own personal work from fear of large scale work. By large scale I dont mean modernist slop, I mean serious large well drawn and designed pieces. Anyone can pour paint over a large canvas, executing figures etc in space on a large scale is a challenge for any artist and a great learning process as well.


Client Relations and the Battle of Anghiari

There is an old saying in marketing and business that it is easier to keep a client than get a new one. This is as true as the day is long. I very rarely have falling out with clients or friends. Most of my friends today I made when I was in 6th grade. Im sure my eccentric nature tries peoples patience at time but I always try to do the right thing in business and friendship. I recently had an issue with a client of mine and I see his point of view and I see my point of view...two very stubborn people and sometimes an immovable object meets an unstoppable object and the universe freezes. I cant stand bad blood and I cant stand if a client isnt happy with work on any level in the long run. It haunts me if I feel someone isnt happy with work Ive done. Art isnt about money for me, I take my art very is my child. I have been walking around pissed off about this issue for days..The best thing I can do when I am pissed is to take my anger and pour it into art. I am in a mood to challenge myself and I have picked a piece of art that I want to make in glass that has never been done and that is because It is near impossible. I am going to make a very large glass carving of the battle of Anghiari by Leonardo (surviving in a copy by Rubens) of my favorite pieces of art. I dont have a client for it but I can probable sell to a casino or the like. Either way it is a challenge the likes of which I have never attempted..I have painted it on a ceiling but to make in glass is beyond any challenge I have attempted..I am ready for failure or glory...It will be a battle...On a ten scale this one is an eleven..


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all from Alex...

Art by Thomas Nast, the originator of the "modern Santa clause look" great artist he was!

Etched Shower Door by Gardega

Private residence....NYC

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Gardega was in Page Six today,  this is a good thing... Always good to wake up and read about yourself. I am always at my corner deli at 5:30 in THE MORN---this is when the NY Post comes. I have an obsession with the NY Post I cannot explain. To me it is Fine Art. Those who know me well know I must read Post by 6 am or I cannot function. My morning routine is set in stone and to change it is to ruin alex's entire day! I would rather be in Page Six than some hi brow art mag. The Post is true surrealist ink, Its pen is dipped in the Jungian collective Gotham unconscious of which I (and you) are equal parts. I am going off now to buy blank canvases as I am putting a show together of blank canvases signed by myself and not painted by myself...

The beauty of NOTHING--the blank canvas

I have studied and studied
the masters for years
for thousands of hours
and rivers of tears
to unlock the genius
of Renaissance light
Ive worked through the day
and on through the night
the Gordion knot
I tried hard to cleave
hoping one day these obsessions would leave
Ten thousand paintings
bled from my hands
in hopes that one day I would half understand
the mind of DaVinci
or at least Raphael!
To break free the world from its postmodern hell
but alas I have failed
or maybe ive not
For now I know nothing
and this is a lot.


I have embarked on a series of blank/ unpainted canvases..pure unwashed/ unmarred genius (save my glorious signature) Modernism requires no skill but it does require Darwinian Genius and Nothingness and marketing..Modern art is like an energy drink for the soul. The shark of genius lies rotting in a tank form-malda-hyde in the same museum as Velasquez! This inspires me to nothing and to blank canvases..Leonardo would understand, of this I am most sure!

My first unpainted work is called "Woody Allen and Sun Yi strolling up first ave followed by the ghost of Genius"

It is already sold but I shall unpaint three more canvases today! Fear not thy reader, there will be more...


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Copy of klimt

I painted a copy of a klimt for an old friend who loved the painting. I think if I had all my old paintings back from my exes I could open the gardega museum...

Monday, December 19, 2011


I was recently approved by a fundraising website for artists. It is kind of a big deal in the art world as it helps artists with all kinds of projects etc. I am happy to have the opportunity to be on kickstarter. Anyone who donates gets a piece of art, be it a print or a drawing or painting, depending on amount. Here is the link:

I am scheduling my next show for june.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Murals NYC by gardega

I finally finished the entire mural for a home movie theater..It was many things, easy was not one of them. It is done..

grand central ceiling copy in home theater.

more to follow..

words of the day

Tesla was a genius greater than Edison and just south of Einstein.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New drawing by gardega

I drew this this morning without thinking..just drew it and it came out of my hand. Dont over-think your art, just let it come out. get out of your own way and you will "find your line"

may etch this in glass one day..

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy holidays

original cover for sale.

This is an original oil painting and the next cover of the Brooklyn Yellow Pages. 

for sale.

Pandoras Box

One of my favorite of my own works painted back in early nineties. Ive turned down many offers. But I think it is time to sell. serious inquiries only. It is a small gem on wood about 11 x 14.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New cover by Gardega

Yellow page bookcover, brooklyn, NY.

I am emerging from two year-long grueling projects and back to my smaller projects. Its nice to be locked into work for a year but it gets tiresome working on same project. Ill be on this blog a bit more now.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Been busy finishing two year long projects...both done now. its about time. One year of mural work, one year on mausoleum windows.  Must photo now.

Alice in Winter Watercolor

12  x 16 inches on arches paper to purchase