Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shaolin Kung FU

I recently signed up for Shaolin Kung fu as I am finally serious about getting in shape. Its easy as an artist to let ole body go--I spent too many years living on oil paints, pizza, wine and red bull. After a certain age you have to get serious about your health or you are a gambling fool. As an "ADULT" you must take care of  your body as you only get one of these bag of bones that is supposed to see you through to your "drooling years" I dont make resolutions for new years as I take resolutions pretty serious, if you cant make them a few months ahead of jan first and stick to them, then why bother? I have cut alcohol out of my diet--save an occasional wine...and I am very commited to my kung fu training... the next step is to kick redbull which is part of my 5am breakfast and I have trouble functioning  without it...Regardless, my kung fu teacher is a brilliant and famous Shaolin monk and here is a bit about him...

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