Saturday, June 30, 2007

State Island

Sorry for delay, I got a last minute book cover deadline from the yellow pages. done soon

Friday, June 29, 2007


I have to go into NYC for business today, will try to put up some work before I leave and when I get back. I doodled this last night when I was on the phone and I kind of liked it so I posted it. Sometimes it works not to pay attention to what you are doing...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

nice letter from a customer

I post these because they make me feel good not for any other reason...

Dear Alex and Jacqueline,
I came into the jewelry store this morning and saw my package from you on my desk, I did a happy dance... then I opened it and was completely struck by the beauty of the pieces. Ophelia was as beautiful as I had hoped and the other two pictures are amazing. The nude angel on the beach was more than I could of asked for, it was as if you knew me, I feel like that angel on the beach!! Thank you for your kindness and for giving people like me a chance to own something unique and original from such a cool talent and just nice guy. This will not be the last you hear from me, as soon as I can afford another one I will and I go to your site everyday to see what you are doing.
Your Only Missouri Fan (is that still true?),


My entire life, even as a child, my sketchbooks would have a few pages of "serious" works and life studies and then I would have a few pages of "cartoons." In the renaissance "cartoons" were the original drawings and studies that were made for works that would later be painted as more finished works. I never really personally resolved where "cartoons" fit into fine art...I don't really care for lichenstein and the whole comic book rip-off thing style of art. I usually separate my cartoons from my "fine art." This is a panel from a strip I made and almost sold to king features syndicate about 7 years ago. I am selling these original panels on ebay. Note: nobody uses those paste on background dots anymore--computers took that over)

These panels are very labor can own the fruits of labor:


I have 7 new pieces in my ebay store--(you can click on link to the right top of blog to go to the store.)

I will try to have 20 pieces up by day's end.

Moonlight Flight

Here is a large watercolor of a moonlight flight. Sometimes my cranium is thicker than cheese as I never really figured out that my moonlight paintings were basically my "Strange World" series except in nocturnal versions...Did anyone else know this. I pretty much never know what I am painting or why. I think if you know what you are doing you are doing it wrong. I remember the great painter Albert Ryder once said he felt like a caterpillar on the end of a branch, reaching out to nothing. I often feel like that in art. I often finish a painting and say "what the hell was that journey all about?" But for the good works you always find out later why you painted them.

link to buy:


The Ouroboros, is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon swallowing its own tail and forming a circle. It has been used to represent many things over the ages, but it most generally symbolizes ideas of cyclicality, primordial unity, or the vicious circle. The ouroboros has been important in religious and mythological symbolism, but has also been frequently used in alchemical illustrations. More recently, it has been interpreted by psychologists, such as Carl Jung, as having an archetypal significance to the human psyche.

link to buy:

Here is a watercolor I made on the beach of the sun breaking through the clouds. It was a quick study as I did not have a camera to take a photo. It is almost abstracted.

8 x 10

link to buy:

June 28

Good morning...I normally spend thursdays in my brooklyn studio. Today I am not going to brooklyn and will be working on art and uploading work to site and ebay.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Here comes the flood

I estimate that I have drawn or painted over 500 pieces of art while playing this peter gabriel tune. You have to sit through the odd introduction. You tube doesn't let click on the link so I guess you have to copy and paste it.

400th Post.

This is my 400th Post to this site. After a 15 hour day it means I can take a break. I guess I should say something worthwhile...

"walk not the well-wrought path of the cynical." gardega

Tuna Fishing

Sold $50.00

I painted this after painting an intensely focused/ realistic watercolor of a group of fishermen. I was planning on painting a second realistic watercolor but I was exhausted and didn't have it in me to concentrate for another hour--- so I just made something up out of my head.


buy it below for $50.00 ---

Moonlight Sonata

Beethoven wrote a great masterpiece widely known as "moonlight sonata" The true name is sonata no.14 "Quasi una fantasia." italian translation ---"like a fantasy" This song is great to paint to and I recommend it for all humans and geniuses. Singing can be very distracting to paint to at times so voiceless music is best.

buy below:


I get the occasional note that my outlook and site has become cynical. I chalk that up to too many long days in Post Offices. Now I can breathe again and promise to complain less. Alex cannot promise though that the noble color of self-aggrandizement will be wiped from his palette.

Archaic Genius

Genius is not enough. One's genius must be timeless and yet entirely of it's time. Ones work should bear the undeniable genius of the Limulus polyphemus (horseshoe crab.) It is the humble horseshoe crab whose noble blue blood holds the key to curing cancer just as my work is the cure for the psychic cancer of contemporary art.

Rarefied Air

"Greatness is a rarefied air one must be taught to breathe."--Lionel Luthor

Alex gets interviewed.

I just did an interview for a great art website called New York Artist Series.

thanks joe...

Ten dollar art keeps on chugging along and I thank everyone regardless if you spent 10 dollars or 10,000 dollars on my art!

Artist at Work

The surreal and classical mind of Alex is often best not enclosed in the confines of a square studio. Alex much prefers the nouveau inspired outdoors which are illuminated by God's lighting. I have no use for indoor illumination nor flash photography.

Photo by Jacqueline.

Strange World---the halo remains

I never realized that this piece was the logical progression from the Halo clouds piece. Here you can see the remains of the Halos as they drift away into the sky.

Strange World---halo clouds

Cant keep my eyes from the circling skies----david gilmour

This is a fine examples of my "Strange World" series. I painted these on the beach in Los Angeles on Thanksgiving but that is a thrice told tale. Art can be used to transport one into a different emotional state. That is when art works. For me this piece works and works well.

15 x 22 watercolor on paper.

$200.00 for sale.

two fisherman

I try to make a habit of doing one watercolor every sunset. Sometimes I am in the mood and sometimes I have to force myself to do it after a long day of work. If you do not fully commit yourself to a watercolor they will look half-ass. I am most influenced by japanese zen painting when it comes to my watercolors. I try to think about nothing when I paint them. This was painted yesterday on Makinaw beach.... It seems to be a pretty good fishing spot. The only fishing I do is deep into the well of alex searching for the genius to guide my hand through the dark cave of modern art. I try to paint from life and never bring my camera as painting from a photo is for the weak.

Happy Birthday Monika

Good Morning

Hey--big day with assistant today. We had a few contacts from some people who have not received their art yet. Rest assured that any late orders will be handled today...Someone mentioned that I have been posting less actual pieces so I thought I would reply---I am trying to focus now on more substantial works (oils and watercolors.) After packing and shipping over 600 drawings I have come to this conclusion honestly. I will try to get two to three decent pieces up a day and of course some genius dribble as well. I am still selling some ten dollar works if anyone wants to mail me a check or paypal. I have a new website coming on line by the end of the month, not up yet but it will be a chance to view my work in a less linear fashion...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sheep Jumper

This was a magazine illustration (front cover) which I later colored in the computer. It was my idea to do a twist on the old counting sheep thing. I don't mind the occasional sense of humor in in art...especially when it spills from the pen of undiluted genius. Artists with a good sense of humor are rarer than a white rhino--- Charlie Addams was one of the great minds of the 20th century.

I'm back

Dropped off art for a client in NYC. Hot day in NYC--- much better than a cold day. Let me get myself together and I will post and paint some more.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Fishing off Makinaw beach

SOLD 300.00

This is the best watercolor I have done to date. I made this at sunset tonight and feel it is the next step for me as far as watercolors. This was not done from a photo, it was done from real life. The addition of the rod to lower left was a risk that could have ruined the picture but it worked out.

Here comes the flood

SOLD 250.00
When the night shows
The signals grow on radios
All the strange things
They come and go, as early warnings
Stranded starfish have no place to hide
Still waiting for the swollen easter tide
Theres no point in direction we cannot even choose a side.

I took the old track
The hollow shoulder, across the waters
On the tall cliffs
They were getting older, sons and daughters
The jaded underworld was riding high
Waves of steel hurled metal at the sky
And as the nail sunk in the cloud, the rain was warm and soaked the crowd.

Lord, here comes the flood
Well say goodbye to flesh and blood
If again the seas are silent
In any still alive
Itll be those who gave their island to survive
Drink up, dreamers, youre running dry.

When the flood calls,
You have no home, you have no walls
In the thunder crash
Youre a thousand minds, within a flash
Dont be afraid to cry at what you see
The actors gone, theres only you and me
And if we break before the dawn, theyll use up what we used to be.

Lord, here comes the flood
Well say goodbye to flesh and blood
If again, the seas are silent
In any still alive
Itll be those who gave their island to survive
Drink up, dreamers, youre running dry.

peter gabriel

Good Morning America

Big day of painting and posting. If you are missing or waiting for work, give it to the end of the week as a handful of few orders still need to be shipped. My assistant is here today so email any questions as they will be answered correctly instead of some jumbled reply by myself.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saki Bottle watercolor

I painted this today. At first I thought it was an utter failure and then I decided there is something I like about the piece even though I can't say what. I guess its kind of happier than most things I paint or draw. It is a bit whimsical But I wasn't trying for any style. I guess if you are painting a picture of a saki bottle your instinct leads to you to a bit of a oriental stylization in the execution of the piece.

Crab Meadow beach (fall)

Here is a study of crab meadow beach I made last fall. I like the beach when the crowds have gone for the season and the weather starts to change. Sometimes I am just trying to capture a meadow and not very worried about detail. Most of my oil studies are basically personal notes to myself made in oil. I never really intended to show or sell these.

Oil Study---Northport (looking west)

Here is an oil study made on the beach in northport. I took my kayak here and did a watercolor study then made an oil back at my studio. I am in process of learning to photograph art better---It is much more vibrant than shown here.

click below to purchase:

Color of the day---Veronese Green

Originally called Emerald Green it was extremely toxic in its original form which contained Arsenic. It was used in early Wallpaper production and this caused many deaths! Dali called it the Venus of all colors and said it "possessed the secrets of everything that comes from the sea." I love the meat-brained critics who knock Dali down to the level of "dorm-art" they are not fit to shine his shoes (which were probably made of bread and therefore hard to shine anyways.)Back to V. green----It was much favored by the impessionistos and it is brighter and bluer than cadmium green.

My Palette

I have always kept a chaotic pallete. Order and beauty come out of chaos. This one has seen its last days...If anyone wants it you can have it although I don't know why you would want it--- I would like to own an Dali original palette...I could sign it...The price is a large wooden palette to replace this one...

Gunthers Bar

Here is a photo I took yesterday of Gunthers bar in Northport. Again, this was Jack Kerouac's watering hole after he returned to live with his mom after being "on the road." I did not notice the floating "talking head" on the TV set until later. I like old places and old houses and old paintings. Things that feel "lived in." I had a professor once who decided he wanted to do a bunch of bar paintings and although he is a very accomplished painter he had never once stepped into a bar in his life. (much less a dive bar.) I am guessing the paintings were less than believable. As Hemingway said "write what you know." How are you going to catch the despair of an old feeble drunk if you are sipping on Shirley Temples---You are better off painting melons in your studio.

good morning

Yesterday was a lazy day for we will be deep in the work.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I am back from my kayak run. (Had to get out of my apt.) I tied up to a dock in Northport and Stopped into Gunthers---Gunthers is an old school bar in Northport LI where the beat poet Jack Kerouac used to drink (heavily). It is basically a blue collar/ clammer bar with zero pretension to be anything else. I sat next to an older well-dressed lady who had missed her flight connection to Scotland in Newark due to storms. She has a sister in Northport. She grew up on Loch Ness, and her mother saw the Loch Ness monster more than once as a child. She used to own a bed and breakfast there as well, I guess If I didn't write this down I would forget it all.


Fluoride has repeatedly been shown to be a carcinogen in cell cultures, animals and humans. In 1956 Dr. John Chaffey, a professor of clinical pediatrics at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, noted cortical defects in the bone x-rays of 13.5% of the children living in fluoridated Newburgh, compared to only 7.5% in the neighboring nonfluoridated Kingston. He also noted the lesions were strikingly similar to osteosarcoma. Studies have now confirmed a dramatic increase in osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in young males exposed to fluoride during growth of the bones and a 5% increase in all types of cancers in fluoridated communities.

this reminds me of the movie Dr. strangelove...maybe he was right...

Zen Drawing

Here is a shirt that needs to be pressed. I found this old drawing today..Most of my work has been lost or destroyed throughout the years due to my nomadic habits and girlfriends who never helped me archive my work. (blame is better to give than receive.) If anyone wants this study of a zen garden/ fish pool it needs to be pressed between heavy books for a month or so. It is hard to find zen in today's world but what good is a life rushed straight to the grave? It cant be all work, can it?

Good morning

Nice day today. Today is the last run of the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. It is the height of surrealism and much fun . I think I will work today instead. Maybe sneak out a kayak run at dusk.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Beer Label

Here is a beer label I made for a brewery. I really tried to put some heart into these labels. Commercial doesn't have to mean souless computer crap. These were so much work I can't even tell you about the stress they caused.


The beer wasn't great but I came through on my end.

Redemption Song

All was not wasted today as I taught myself the beginning of Bob Marley's Redemption Song on guitar.

Drawing of a breast

I drew this from life, an ex-girlfriend.


Spent much of the day cleaning and even slept so I will paint tonight...slacker

Good morning

Sunny day out---Great day to sit at the easel. May paint in my yard today.


I was sleeping tonight until my best friend called me around 1:00 to pick him up from the train station after returning from NYC. I drove him home then I stopped in a local bar because I usually cannot go back to sleep. The barmaid was sweet and very pretty and asked me what I did and I told her I was an artist. She told me she was going to a good/ expensive art school and loves art and is an artist. She said she was going to the beach tomorrow and luckily was not working. I asked her if she was bringing her sketchbook--(she laughed and said no.) With all due respect (she was sweet as pie and just as pretty) if you call yourself an artist and decide to play the game of art, there are no days off. You draw and draw and draw and draw until your knuckles bleed. Art is a the most brutal of fields and only 1% (if that) of fine artists make a living off of art. If you want it bad enough it should be before anything else including love. You should draw on napkins and draw on walls and draw on sand. If you do not have rich parents you pay the price of a vietnam veteran. (unless you become a commercial hack.) In the end it comes down to passion. If you do not have a passion for art you have nothing. If I had a choice to be a great artist or to be in love I would choose art in a heartbeat.

Thursday, June 21, 2007



oil study---after the storm

I went down to the beach about sunset just as a mild storm was ending. You can usually get some interesting clouds and light going on after a storm around sunset. I am working to set up a better system for photographing new paintings. (Too much reflected light on this piece.)

color of the day---Naples Yellow

Naples yellow is one of my favorite colors of all time and it is also one of the oldest synthetic pigment and is also just about as toxic Keith Richard's liver. This picture is a bit "too orange"-- Naples yellow is a must for any artist and it has great coverage ability (not transparent) It was used in the renaissance extensively and was very much favored by DALI and Gardega as well.

Greeting card

I used to paint my girlfriends original greeting cards for various holidays. This was valentines day (as nice as my cards were they never seemed to help prolong my relationships.)

I am so distraught. I cannot even tell you. I received your package at work yesterday and because I had to go to a few different places after work, I left it here in my office and it is now GONE. Gone. I had meetings outside the office this morning so I only discovered this now. I do not know whether it was taken by the people who take out the garbage and they thought it was an empty envelope so they threw it out, or whether someone stole it from me (I work at a law firm so I highly doubt anyone would steal it here). I am so disheartened and sad. I don't know what to do.
Moreover, I feel awful about making a promise to my brother that I cannot now keep.
But, most of all, I feel awful that your art has disappeared and does not belong to the person it was intended for.
I will pay you a few hundred dollars for another piece for my brother [perhaps a watercolor piece?].
I am sick with feeling awful.

remember---art is just stuff, I will replace it all! Just don't worry about stuff.

Hall Of Fame




Andrea and Tamara








(I know there are many more I just threw these off my head and will make it complete later!)

Alex Returns

I am back from Brooklyn! Three hours working on equipment and three hours in traffic. Time to take a shower and wash off the aluminum oxide and glass-dust and start painting again! New oils up tonight! this is the largest font-- FYI



I took this snapshot a few years ago of my ex-girlfriends dog, Lola. She is the best dog in the world and I miss her. She is a boxer, of course. She is the only thing I really miss about that relationship. Off to brooklyn.

New Oils up tonight

I will post more oil studies tonight!


It is thursday and that means It means I will be in Brooklyn Studio and back later. Happy Summer Solstice.

Oil study--- Crab Meadow beach.

SOLD $205.00

I painted this oil study at crab meadow beach on Long Island. I have a lot of these oil studies from different times of year.

8 x 10

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ultramarine Blue

One of my favorite oil colors is Ultramarine blue, a much fairer cousin to cobalt blue (who is also a noble character.) It's name comes from the latin meaning-- Beyond Sea. I will make a new "Strange World" watercolor using this as my sky color and name it Beyond Sea, a title of Dalinian brilliance. This color was more expensive than gold during the Renaissance, it was often reserved for the cloaks of christ and the virgin in painting. It is the deep blue par excellent and much recommended by Gardega. Beyond the Sea there is only blue and me.

Drawing age six

I drew this as a child---I just found it and the odd thing is I still remember drawing it. I remember drawing the rock falling off the cliff. Perhaps this drawing foreshadowed the life of a genius trying to keep his car from rolling off the cliff.


I drew him many years ago and could never manage to get rid of him. He likes to come out and visit every couple years. He means well and is fairly wounded.

a look inside

exposing oneself in the name of fine art.

artist of the day---goya

What can I say about Goya? Even his court paintings of the aristocrats and kings were brutal and honest. He exposed the hemophiliac behind the withered courtly smile. He was very successful in his day and lives on as one of the great spanish painters of all time. To many he is the first modernist (I agree.) In his last days he lived alone and almost blind painted his "black paintings" on the plaster walls of his Spanish home. He spent much of his life exposing hypocrisy in all it's many forms. He also etched his Caprichio's which changed my life when exhibited at the Metropolitan Musuem of Art. (Please google him and look at his etchings as they are master works of the highest level.)


Occasionally I take a snapshot I feel is worth showing. This was a model posing in a window in NYC for a professional photo shoot. I snuck up behind them and snapped this photo. She is actually looking at me as I snapped this. (probably less than happy about it.)

Oil study

I made this last year deep in the heart of fall at crab meadow beach in Northport, LI. It is an oil study. An oil study is done on location in oil paints to get down as much information as you can so you can go home and make a larger painting in the studio. Almost like a digital camera except it smells different. I prefer moody, turbulent landscapes over sunny, mid-day "luncheons on the lake" pictures. If any one wants to buy this one it may be a bit more finished when you get it as I have been fussing with my old canvases. My oil studies generally fetch around $300.00.

8 x 10 on canvas.

NYC Cover

I posted this by request of a client. This is the cover I made for Ambassador Yellow Pages. They are by far the best yellow pages because they were smart enough to use painting on their covers and not lifeless computer art. I figured out this style solely for these covers because I am painting on a yellow background. A quick art lesson for anyone--if you put a grey square against a yellow sheet of paper it will appear purple. This is called the complementary is the opposite color on the color wheel. Delacroix first discovered that shadows on a yellow taxi look purple before the impressionistos later beat the idea to death. This piece was written up in page six because people got upset that she looked very stern and angry..I replied "wouldn't you after 9-11" God Bless NYC. These are available as signed and numbered prints of which I only have a few left--great collector items, I may throw in the page six blurb if I can find it. I will post these on ebay for $25 each signed and numbered.

ebay link below!

Earthbound Misfit, I

Into the distance, a ribbon of black
Stretched to the point of no turning back
A flight of fancy on a windswept field
Standing alone my senses reeled
A fatal attraction holding me fast, how
Can I escape this irresistible grasp?

Cant keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, i

Ice is forming on the tips of my wings
Unheeded warnings, I thought I thought of everything
No navigator to guide my way home
Unladened, empty and turned to stone

A soul in tension thats learning to fly
Condition grounded but determined to try
Cant keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, i

Above the planet on a wing and a prayer,
My grubby halo, a vapour trail in the empty air,
Across the clouds I see my shadow fly
Out of the corner of my watering eye
A dream unthreatened by the morning light
Could blow this soul right through the roof of the night

Theres no sensation to compare with this
Suspended animation, a state of bliss
Cant keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, i

Good Morning!

It is 7:00 AM and time to start the art ball rolling. I will be uploading some SMALL OILS today! If you want to buy them, keep your eye, out as some of them will be on ebay with "buy it now" prices. I like rainy days because I don't feel bad staying inside at the easel. I am really excited to start phase two of this project which is to be a bit less frantic as I will upload fewer pieces but they will be more advanced works including oil paintings.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I had two customers of mine out of many hundreds respond that they expected something a little different or they prefer a different style of art. I am okay with that and appreciate honesty and feedback! At least they voiced their opinions! I am more than happy to work with any customer who had a different vision or expected more. I want everyone to be happy. If you only sent me 10 to thirty dollars I am really not able to pick and choose too much due to time restraints. But communication is key.

your humble artist,


Im back

I have returned from a nice day of equipment problems and return LIE traffic. Now it's time to start my work day! I did almost finish two glass portraits today before the gremlins crept into my sandblaster. My talent stops at art as I can barely use a screwdriver. (unless it is orange and has vodka in the bottom of it)


I am off to make glass art in brooklyn today.


Someone left me some less than kind comments last night I would like to address. Firstly, they let me know "Picasso sucks!" because "he drained the life out of all the women he was with." By this criteria you would also call Norman Mailer and Hunter S. Thompson bad writers. Perhaps one could pay attention to what matters--- his canvases (at least his early ones). Another thing about Picasso is he had Courage. Something you have proven you are devoid of, hence the anonymous after your comment. Second, I should quit complaining about my starving period because I live near the water and must be rich. No I am not rich, I work eighteen hour days and sleep 4 to 5 hours an night because I happen to believe my work is worth it. I also want to make sure when you awake each morning to see my "bad art" there will be plenty of new stuff for you not to like as you peruse my site!


Monday, June 18, 2007

Thanks Mary

Thanks for all the radio press, Mary! God Bless.

103.9 WFAS--- Westchester

good art

Good art..Is there such an animal or is it all in the eye of the beholder? Everyone's baby is beautiful isn't it?----- Ehhhh Non! Good art is a reflection of a travel, a journey, a token left behind by a soul well worn, a guidepost for those who follow behind... As far as those who paint on Sundays in the park for pleasure, that is good art simply because it is made by it's creator with love---Its purpose is not to show off or to obtain fame or impress neighbors; it comes from the pure place. But for those whose call themselves ARTISTS and at least appear to walk the jagged path of brutal, unyielding dedication to the arts, there are those still who unfortunately give birth to the lopsided drooling child known as "bad art." The main cause of bad art, methinks, is a life un- lived, a sheltered brain and a coward's heart. An artist should be seasoned by the rain and the streets and the rot and the rust and the ashes and the dust. An artist should have seen his share of dark corners and broken mornings and hopeless evenings. The trick then, my friend--- which is also the hardest part of the game we call art, Is to pick ones bruised and battered bones up from the curb and render forth with precision the vague memories of your own private time in the gutter.


Pandoras Box

This is my first (and hopefully not last) masterpiece. I do not care what anybody on the side of god's earth tells me-- this is better than most Redon's, better than almost all Kubin's, and better than some Dali's. It is in a gallery in NYC and very expensive so dont ask about price unless you are a very serious collector. The date says 1994 but I believe I painted it in 1992. This piece was painted before I entered art school and got me in a good gallery as well.


Today we achieved a victory of Napoleonic proportions! My assistant and I finally mailed all the work requested by clients starting from may 17. We mailed over 600 pieces by our latest estimates and we know all the postal employees by name. There are the new requests to deal with but that is easily handled and now I can begin to paint and create again and do what I am useful for. We still have art for anyone who wants it, simply follow instructions atop blog. I can focus now on paintings and and other work I have been seriously neglecting. I will be posting new work each day but it will be less sketches and more finished work and paintings. We thank every single person who bought art and helped us create this reality. We will create an ongoing mailing list of customers so if you purchased art with a check please email us so we can put you in a data bank. If you are new to the site please give us your email via the guestbook and we will give you updates etc. We have an upcoming painting event in NYC this month we will release that info soon.



Beer Label

Ten years ago I was commisioned to make beer labels for a brewery. The labels wound up looking great but the beer was not so good (so no more brewery.) This was the interior painting for the label of a beer called Bayman's Bock. I still have the label designs and will post them for you to see later. I learned a lot about long island as each beer label was based on a specific part of long island culture. One part of long island culture I learned a lot about was "never hand in a new illustration until they pay the wampum owed for the last illustration"---Chief lesson learned.

Bar Napkin

I would never post something like a bar nap- drawing or a doodle if I didn't think there was something to the drawing. I drew this somewhere between Amsterdam and Tequila in NYC. I don't really know why but on the back I titled this piece "the sadness of summer." I am pretty sure I am the creator of this because I signed it as well as woke up with it in my pocket. Drink is not good for most artist as it dulls the senses and most artist have little sense to begin with. I have plenty of sense and the constitution of an american indian, therefore alex doesnt mind the occasional beer after twelve hours at the easel.

rare piece

Here is one of the few remaining dancers (after degas) from my youth. It was also the first piece I sold and the buyer never paid the ten dollars! If you want this piece it is up on ebay soon or you can email me. it does have a bit of an age spot upper left but it is a fine specimen of my teenage degas studies. If should sell for about $200.00.


link below:


Hi Alex,
I got it on Saturday! They are BEAUTIFUL pieces and I love them! Exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks so much! They're going to look gorgeous when I frame them - not that they aren't gorgeous now!

Shower Door

I etched this shower door many moons ago for a gallery owner. It is the sphinx from greek mythology. (Sorry the photo is not a bit clearer.)

Happy Monday

We have some remaining shipping to go out today and then I can focus on making art again. I may be posting a bit less art but it will be more finished work. I have some Landscapes, seascapes, dancers lined up to paint and I am looking forward to hitting the easel. I have hired models as well including a professional ballerina. I figured out how to install a guest book on the site so people can sign in and a counter so I can see how many people a day view this self-important tripe. I am sure I will still come across some old sketches and drawings but I am excited to start posting new pieces. I have a second website going up this month that will give a broader view of my work as I find the blog format kind of linear.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

"At the age of six I wanted to be Napoleon- And I wasn't. At the age of fifteen I wanted to be Dali and I have been. At the age of tewnty-five I wanted to become the most sensational painter in the world and I achieved it. At thirty-five I wanted to affirm my life by success and I attained it. Now at forty-five I want to paint a masterpiece and to save Modern Art from chaos and laziness. I will succeed! This book is consecrated to this crusade and I dedicate it to all the young who have faith in true painting." Salvador Dali

Saturday, June 16, 2007

after rubens---portrait of a woman

When I was younger I always tried to figure out how rubens and raphael drew/ constructed faces . There is still more to their work than I will ever understand.

pencil on toned paper with white hi-lites.

link below:

Design for a glass sculpture

I designed this one day as basis to make a glass carving from it. I have already started the glass piece and will finish it soon...this sketch is for sale. It has no real meaning beyond its design--- it simply grew out of a doodle I made and decided to expand into a finished work.

Fisherman on jetty

I painted this in my kayak in Northport. I added some details later when I hit dry land. I dont fish but I like to paint people fishing for the details and movements. I will put this on ebay tonight. ( or email me if you would like to own it.)


click below to buy.

One hundred pieces.

I have finally sold over one hundred pieces off of ebay. Although most of my sales have been through people requesting art through the mail-- ebay is a bit easier for me as I instantly know who gets what art! If you have not got your art yet it is probably because I have ten orders left to fill on monday that we have issues or questions about. If you received art please give me feedback in email so I can hear what you think! I have much work left and will continue to post it to blog and ebay. I am finally painting again and will be in the post office a bit less "come monday." I find it funny that the first person to buy my art after the press in the post never paid and I am happy to keep those two pieces.

Glass Demon

I made this years ago and just got around to framing it. It is a glass carving of a demon from buddhist mythology. I forget the exact name. It is 1/2 inch glass with gold frame. There is no backing in photo so you are see through the glass piece into my will be backed with a dark backing soon.

glass 16 x 20.

Alice in Winter Watercolor

12  x 16 inches on arches paper to purchase