Tuesday, December 30, 2008

stalker notes

my stalker can no longer reach me in email so now I get comments once again...

here is the latest (censored)

"this is my IP address. Flatter yourself into thinking I give a (hoot) about your postings online. and that I go through all sorts of trouble to read it. In the end, theres only your insanity. you are paranoid.

kisses honey,

mean it--chris..."

I agree with jim morrison, people
are strange...alex

absinthe--the green fairy

I recently bought a bottle of absinthe but never opened it. Here are two paintings, the subject in both is "absinthe drinkers" I drank absinthe once and it had no effect on me, however a guy I was with wound up passing out and mumbling and sweating. (I have American Indian and Russian blood in my veins so absinthe to me is like Tang.) But I digress, Absinthe was the drink Du Jour back when Picasso painted and Toulouse limped etc...it is/ was made with wormwood which is a mild hallucinogen and that is what helps you see the "green fairies etc" I am here to talk about art-- not liquor---these two paintings share the same subject, the top is by Degas. If you look you will see that Degas puts picasso to shame here. Picasso painted a lot of hack art but was a greater genius than Degas but not a better artist than Degas. drink up...it is now legal in America...


Gmail...if any one has gmail and you have annoying emails form stalkers--- you can go to create filter (next to search the web, up top) and you can send unwanted emails from stalkers right into trash and never even see them. I suggest you add them to archives legal reasons--- but it is a great feature I have just discovered! My stalker used 5 differnet emails to contact me so I had to list all of them..YOU ARE NOT FAMOUS UNTIL YOU HAVE A STALKER, SO WOO HOO

fine art...


I have an ex friend who makes a living photographing animals. When he is not photographing animals he shoots birds and squirrels in his yards with BB guns and he laughs about it. I cannot understand how some people can exist on two planes of reality at the same time. To me it signifies a schism. As I grow older I have less tolerance for certain behaviors in people. The energy you surround yourself with rubs off like cheap paint. When I was in sixth grade I killed frogs and I still feel horrible about it all these years later. I cannot kills insects except cockroaches. I take spiders outside, even in winter or at night. I love spiders. I do not like rats, though, I am really on the fence about rats. Only god loves rats.


I will do my best to finish my painting today..behind schedule but I am not settling for good enough...

video progress report--- mcsorleys painting

Another long night at the easel. If I cant nail the light the way I want it to look I am going to burn the canvas and start fresh. there are some good parts to the painting and some bad parts right now. There is no settling for okay.

the famous sign in mcsorleys says BE GOOD OR BE GONE..that is my new art motto...If it aint great I will burn it in a pile of garbage.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mcsorley's painting

I have locked horns with the devil that is my Mcsorleys painting and the mountain side is steep, my footing sketchy, and the hour late. All paintings go through phases and I will share them with you because they parallel the emotional process of making art.

1) peaceful beginning and happy progress.

2) manual labor without much thought.

3) brutal questions and agony.

4) more agony

5) breakthrough and or utter failure and despair.

6) triumph like alexander in egypt.

van gogh

the fire in my head and heart for van gogh is alive again. I let go of him for ten years or more. Man what a god he was...Imagine living with that much passion in your guts..the only thing you could do was cut it out with a knife.

van gogh

It is tres easy to like van gogh and he is an artist who is not without his faults. He is also an artist with a heart the size of mexico. For all of his faults his passion and his heart over shine any weakness of skill or facility of technique. PASSION is the corner stone of art, not drawing, geometry, or technique. PASSION. Technique without passion is as about as useless as legs without knees. Passion without skill is equally as useless and there is a middle ground for the chess game of madness to be played. I have decided tonight out of the kindness of my heart to show my humble followers the difference between fine art and "pet fotogrpahy" (the f is intentional)

My example is played out in the two following videos, you decide...remember--- kitsch is better than irony.



If you didn't care what happened to me,
And I didn't care for you
We would zig zag our way through the boredom and pain
Occasionally glancing up through the rain
Wondering which of the buggers to blame
And watching for pigs on the wing.

You know that I care what happens to you,
And I know that you care for me.
So I don't feel alone,
Or the weight of the stone,
Now that I've found somewhere safe
To bury my bone.
And any fool knows a dog needs a home,
A shelter from pigs on the wing.

color of the day

My new favorite oil paint color is transparent gold ochre by windsor newton...jolly good color jolly good--right, right!! back to my easel...this color is fit for painting the golden egg of genius that is suspended just above the head of Alexnader the Great--king of macedonia.

quote of the day...

Clint Eastwood: But I -- being politically incorrect -- I find [it] fascinating because I hate the so-called PC thing. I think that's one of the things that's damaging our generation at the present time. Everybody is taking themselves and everything so seriously. If they just relax a little more and take themselves and everything else a little less seriously, they'd have a lot more fun.

The ten eyed creature of the past--glass art

Here is a glass piece that I have never shown before. This creature symbolizes The Past---- Her ten eyes are like Medusa's and freeze a man's dreams to stone. Some eyes represent family, some friends, some lovers and the main eyes represent thy own two eyes that look back at you from the mirror in reality's bathroom. Are you greater than the sum of your past? Will still attend the PTA meetings of your possible future?

This piece is shipping out soon to a California Gallery. It is 16 x 20 3/8 inch carved glass with LED lighting in frame. Photographing glass is hard and I am setting up a photo studio in my apt so I can shoot these professionally as this one is slightly blurry. I used to be a photographer before I realized it was a charade.

It is for sale until I ship it, email inquiries accepted until the end of the week.

Chaos is a friend of mine.
Bob Dylan

bad artists



jasper Johns


rauchenberg ...

etc ad nauseum ad Ad infinitum

art history in 10 years will prove me right and has already begun to do so.


I will post the finished Mcsorleys tonight, I am a day behind as I had a funeral yesterday.

Quote of the day

The past is a fish to be gutted and left on the dry dock of history. All the ties that bind one to the past also prevent one from finding the future. Cultural traditions and heritage and even friends are well meaning soft- killers of dreams. --gardega

The really valuable thing in the pageant of human life seems to me not the State but the creative, sentient individual, the personality; it alone creates the noble and the sublime, while the herd as such remains dull in thought and dull in feeling.--einstein

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I painted for twelve hours yesterday. After painting for so many hours you get into a weird/ bleary keyed up state where everything seems kind of in slow motion and strange. I have been using really bad turpentine that stinks horribly because the hardware store had no odorless turps so I had a horrid headache and I was covered from head to toe in paint and turps. I went out to my local watering hole to have a glass of "The Red" to relax and decompress so I could get some sleep. I sit down and say hello to my bartender and buddy, he is talking to an old guy to my right and I notice the "old guy" looks at me a gets a bit nervous and steps away a bit (probably thought I was a vagrant or serial killer or both)Then the "old guy" leaves into the night and I make a joke to "Chippy" that I am sorry for scaring away his customers. He tells me he was leaving anyways and by the way it was Mel Brookes.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

in progress...

I think I will put in another four hours tonight and call it a day around 3 or 4 am.

anyone can start a painting, it takes balls of steel to finish a painting--delacroix.

My latest video

I made this today and I cannot figure out why it became so pixelated... I saved it at high quality--oh well back to my easel..If you click on the video itself and go to youtube below the video (lower right) will be an option to watch in HIGH QUALITY

quote of the day

Hatred is a very underestimated emotion.
Jim Morrison

Mcsorleys Update--in progresso

Keep the darks painfully thin and unify them with wisdom---the light can be as thick as thieves and slathered on with the knife of restrained brilliance...


Mcsorleys Update--detail

I need to set up a real system to photograph my work, I am always having issues with reflections etc. Photography is a waste of my time but it needs to be done right.

Mcsorley's Update

Here is the progress report on my painting. will update as I go...This is the underpainting stage. Much more to do.

Mcsorley's Light (detail)

Here is a detail from my piece in progress. At Mcsorleys you can only get light or dark beer, no bottles and no liquor..The name Mcsorley's light is a bit of a pun. I am trading this painting and a few others for land near Pacific the ocean in Costa Rica, there I am going to set up a home/ studio.

Someone mentioned they are having trouble leaving comments please let me know if this is the case via email. I want everything to work right on this blog.

Oil on canvas 18 x 24

here is an article on my good buddy Pepe from Mcsorleys. He gave me a VIP calendar this year.

McSorley's is the oldest Irish tavern in New York City, located at 15 E. 7th St. in the East Village. It was one of the last of the "Men Only" pubs.

McSorley's opened its doors in 1854, although amateur historian Richard McDermott claims it really opened in 1862.[1] In reality the first printed reference was in 1862; a document at the Museum of the City of New York from 1904, in founder John McSorley's hand, declares it was established in 1854 and a New York Tribune article from 1895, states it "has stood for 40 years. . . " a short distance of Cooper Union. A 1913 article in Harper's Weekly declares that "This famous saloon ... is sixty years old." (pg 15 Harper's Weekly Oct. 25, 1913.)

Women were not allowed until 1970 when National Organization for Women attorneys Faith Seidenberg and Karen DeCrow took their case to District Court and won (Seidenberg v. McSorleys' Old Ale House). It did so "kicking and screaming." [1]

McSorley's serves only two ales, light and dark - $4.50 for two (2007 pricing, each glass is a half pint). The aged artwork, newspaper articles covering the walls, the sawdust floors, and the Irish waiters and bartenders help give McSorley's Old Ale House an atmosphere that many consider, correctly or not, reminiscent of "Olde New York." No piece of memorabilia has been removed from the walls since 1910. After the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1994, they took the cup to McSorley's and drank out of it, the resulting dent caused the NHL to take the trophy back for several days.[citation needed]

Famous people have imbibed at McSorley's, including Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Boss Tweed, and Woody Guthrie. Literary figures like Brendan Behan, Paul Blackburn, LeRoi Jones, Gilbert Sorrentino, George Jean Nathan have been cited as regulars.

In his 1923 poem "I was sitting in mcsorley's," poet E. E. Cummings described McSorley's as "the ale which never lets you grow old." He also described it as he describes the bar as “snug and evil.”[1][2]

McSorley's was the focus of several articles by New Yorker author Joseph Mitchell. One collection of his stories was entitled McSorley's Wonderful Saloon (1943).

Much historical paraphernalia exists in the bar, like Houdini's handcuffs, which are connected to the bar rail. Also one must take notice of the wishbones hanging above the bar. Story has it that they were hung there by boys going off to World War I and when they came back they would remove them, so those that are left are from the men that never returned.

Two of McSorley's most famous mottos include "Be Good or Be Gone", and "We were here before you were born". Prior to the 1970 Supreme Court ruling, the motto was "Good Ale, Raw Onions and No Ladies." The raw onions can still be had as part of the famous McSorley's cheese platter. The prime condiment is some extremely spicy hot mustard found on each table in a beer mug.

New York magazine considered it to be one of New York City's Top 5 Historic Bars.[1]

Friday, December 26, 2008


This is my ex girlfriend's dog. I promised no art from my past on this blog but I thought I would start with a simple snap shot that signifies dignity and simplicity and beauty as that is where I am heading in the New Work. I miss her (the dog...) I used this picture as a stepping stone because it took me my whole life to understand the idea of a Zen approach to art and that life and art doesn't have to be hard, it can be simple and graceful. This was a Sunday morning snapshot with a ninety dollar camera in the available light of a Brooklyn Morning.

New Blog



or feel free to cruise the memory of this one...


I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a grand one and those who didn't celebrate had good Chinese food or took in a good movie or just relaxed and did nothing. This is my final entry on this blog and I will miss it very much. I really want to start new and fresh and shed the old "skin of the past." I will keep this blog for archival purposes and back it up and save it etc. It has been a long and strange journey. I am making a lot of changes in my life and in my psyche and everything I do is usually about 119% so I am not sure where I will land after I jump out of this plane.

My New Blog is on word press and I am finding it a little bit clunky to use when adding content so I may switch formats to blogger eventually if I don't get used to word. Either way it will be all New Stuff! And I will explain the new paradigm when I understand it, myself. I may actually try to edit and punctuate on my new blog.

Meet the New Blog...Not the same as the old blog. (to paraphrase The Who)


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

three priests

Here is me with various blow ups and repros from one of my large and crazy paintings from the younger days. This piece has stood the test of time and many a bidder. I never wnated to let go of him over the years as it is a symbol of my past. I posted this because it is the last post on the OLD BLOG...and Now I will start NEW BlOG. I will link after christmas.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I finished my shopping and now I am free to spend a few hours in DEEP REFLECTION. I have started a New Blog and it will include none of my past. Everything I do or make from here on in will be of the New Thought, the New Paradigm.. I will not erase this blog as it served me well (like a leg or foot) and it will be available for perusal... My new blog is all about me reaching as far as I can into the unknown and deep inside and pushing myself as hard as I can mentally and physically. I am going to start a serious regimen of exercise that starts at 4AM and includes running and lifting weights and then meditation and finally artwork. There will be no filler on my new blog. No cheap dashed- off art or hurried work, no pet portraits or commercialized crap. I am striving for perfection (which I can never achieve.) I am reaching for quality not quantity and all the regular supporters of my art will have special access to new work etc... I cannot thank everyone enough for their support over the years. My new mission is multi-fold and it includes regular Life Drawing, A Weekly Painting, and MAJOR WORKS which will be finished when they are done and not anytime sooner.
merry Christmas to all and happy holidays as well....(unless you are a pet photographer, then the ghosts of bad art past are not done with you yet.)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas France!

Your Possible Pasts

They flutter behind you your possible pasts,
Some brighteyed and crazy, some frightened and lost.
A warning to anyone still in command

[Cattle truck noises]
“Ranks! Fire!”

Of their possible future, to take care.
In derelict sidings the poppies entwine
With cattle trucks lying in wait for the next time.

Do you remember me? How we used to be?
Do you think we shoud be closer?

She stood in the doorway, the ghost of a smile
Haunting her face like a cheap hotel sign.
Her cold eyes imploring the men in their macs
For the gold in their bags or the knives in their backs.
Stepping up boldly one put out his hand.
He said, “I was just a child then, now I’m only a man.”

Do you remember me? How we used to be?
Do you think we should be closer?

By the cold and religious we were taken in hand
Shown how to feel good and told to feel bad.
Tongue tied and terrified we learned how to pray
Now our feelings run deep and cold as the clay.
And strung out behind us the banners and flags
Of our possible pasts lie in tatters and rags.

Do you remember me? How we used to be?
Do you think we should be closer?

a patrons poem...

Twas the 22nd of December

And delivered by mail

Was art work by Alex

He never does fail

A lovely gift for Christmas

In any ones mind

Was an art deco drawing

That was a design

It is large and precise

The line this Alex does draw

It is intricate and detailed

With barely a flaw

It will be added to my others

Pieces I adore

My collection is growing

You just can’t ignore

I’ll frame it and hang it

I will do my part

Who knew this would happen

From Gardega fine art

My wish for the artist

Oh Alex my friend

Is that such lovely gestures

Never do end

And I heard him exclaim

From McSorley’s by light

Merry Christmas to Alex

And to all a good night



I have a feeling this will be me in about 20 years, except I will be covered in paint and probably have a bottle of cheap booze with me. At least I will go out painting which is what matters to me in this short little roller coaster called life.

Happy Holidays

I am a huge fan of Christmas and the Holidays in general. To me it is a brief respite from the madness of the daily grind. I like to sit alone and watch Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol (the old black and white one) and drink a bottle or so of The Red. I like to eat a lot of food and then get presents (which is infinitely better than giving them, I SAY!) I like Ole Scrooge and see some good qualities in him. He is a loner and I am the same. I find life a hilarious and awful joke that should be milked for every last drop of livng and humor you can get out of it. He was just miserable...we are both workaholics. He had better clothes.

a poem for a day---by gardega

Their tidal pools grew smaller
words like sharpened knives
the desperate and the lonely
seeking out their lives.

The trap was set so long ago
existence now is all they know
swimming in a soup of lies
a circled drain, worn out eyes.

there's no way to the ocean
the tide has left for good
the escapes are short and heartless
the plot misunderstood.

You sold a dream for nothing
and that's what you got in spades
swimming now in circles
as the light of glory fades.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mcsorleys poem--by Gardega

Ahhh, the light of Mcsorleys is fine
like Rembrandt's ghost is will shine
across the wood floors, down memorie's shore
to brighten the faces of time.

a.gardega dec. 2008

How to paint like an old master--- by Gardega

1) You cannot paint like an old master so do not try.

2) Instead, paint like yourself and perhaps you can become a New Master.

3) Do not rely on photographs until you know how to draw from life, then you can use photographs.

4) Do not become a commercial hack, hold onto the elusive and difficult squirmy worm of integrity, it is the only umbrella you will have against the rains of despair. It is like virginity--- the only thing you cannot get back after it is lost. Give not into pet portraiture unless all is lost and the wolves are chewing at your cold and naked toes and even then it is better to be brave and sketch those very wolves than paint bourgeois poodles for a handful of clammy dimes.

5) Never listen to professors or other artists, they are fools and have nothing to tell you.

6) Do not (under any circumstances) subscribe to any methods or SYSTEMS that you ape from another. This is the surest way to kill the spark of genius that smolders in inside.

mcsorleys underpainting

Here is the base of my Mcsorleys painting. I always begin with a burnt sienna base. Explain more later.

bailout notes.

WASHINGTON — It's something any bank would demand to know before handing out a loan: Where's the money going?

But after receiving billions in aid from U.S. taxpayers, the nation's largest banks say they either can't track exactly how they're spending the money or they simply refuse to discuss it.

"We've lent some of it. We've not lent some of it. We've not given any accounting of, 'Here's how we're doing it,"' said Thomas Kelly, a spokesman for JPMorgan Chase, which received $25 billion in emergency bailout money. "We have not disclosed that to the public. We're declining to."

The Associated Press contacted 21 banks that received at least $1 billion in government money and asked four questions: How much has been spent? What was it spent on? How much is being held in savings, and what's the plan for the rest?

None of the banks provided specific answers.

"We're not providing dollar-in, dollar-out tracking," said Barry Koling, a spokesman for Atlanta, Georgia-based SunTrust Banks Inc., which got $3.5 billion in taxpayer dollars.

Some banks said they simply didn't know where the money was going.

"We manage our capital in its aggregate," said Regions Financial Corp. spokesman Tim Deighton, who said the Birmingham, Alabama-based company is not tracking how it is spending the $3.5 billion it received as part of the financial bailout.

The answers highlight the secrecy surrounding the Troubled Assets Relief Program, which earmarked $700 billion — about the size of the Netherlands' economy — to help rescue the financial industry. The Treasury Department has been using the money to buy stock in U.S. banks, hoping that the sudden inflow of cash will get banks to start lending money.

There has been no accounting of how banks spend that money. Lawmakers summoned bank executives to Capitol Hill last month and implored them to lend the money — not to hoard it or spend it on corporate bonuses, junkets or to buy other banks. But there is no process in place to make sure that's happening and there are no consequences for banks who don't comply.

"It is entirely appropriate for the American people to know how their taxpayer dollars are being spent in private industry," said Elizabeth Warren, the top congressional watchdog overseeing the financial bailout.

But, at least for now, there's no way for taxpayers to find that out.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Gardega Newsletter

I have finished my hard copy newsletter that will be snail mailed to galleries etc...here is a scan of it. I am not good at MS word, must learn more.. Tedious thing that MS word...
Uncle Sam has fallen and he cant get up. My friends used call me crazy conspiracy guy but now I am now vindicated and stand right as rain. I predicted three years ago that the American economy would collapse on herself like a red white and blue souffle. My friends laughed at me and went back to watching their televisions and sports but I stayed steady at my research and saw the Great fall coming from afar. I am not an economist and I cant balance my own checkbook but I understand the workings of the Big Clock and I knew the hour was getting late. I was chicken little except I was right. The sky was falling. Most artists have no sense and are best left alone in paint smeared rooms muttering about being misunderstood. I am not that, I care about our country and our people and my art as well. Horses run wild long before a storm is even on the horizon and the brain of alex was running overtime because I sensed there was big trouble ahead. No one would listen to me and now they wont even say I told them so...I am not here to be right but I knew why it was coming and how it was coming I knew the dollar would be intentionally tanked and that big industry would be nationalized. The worst is yet to come and there it is not time to hide in TV and sports and diversions. How did I know all this? that is a story for another day...

Gardega on Math

Math does not exist, math is simply the pepperoni we throw down on the "pizza of life" to make sense of things. There is no math in God's mind. Math is simply man's map of "the territory" and if you have read Descartes you will know that the map is not the territory.


I have decided that it is of no small importance that the Flower of Life geometric construction contains 19 circles. (the outer largest making 20 total.) I am going to decode this thing in my lifetime as I will live to 300 and seven years of age.. I have already determined that the center circle (which I shall label one is symbolic of birth. )I will explain this later in illustrated form as to why I believe this to be true...1 down---19 to go.

1) birth

I woke up at 4:27 Am today to start my day and Have my pepsi and read my six newspapers online andthen to my emails. I canot read the post online for some reason I have to hold it in my hands so I go out into cold morning of NYC and buy one. I find it funny when I read my emails that people comment that I am either A) liberal or B) conservative or C) insane--- Alex is neither, although C is another story. I have dipped my toes into the cool waters of both schools of thought and I have decided, in the end, that it is best being alex and that is the school of thought I prefer which is 100% independent, unadulterated, non homogenized , and onlypartially dumbed down by flouridated water and TV. Alex- think is free of groupthink and cares little for consensus. Alex- think requires me to mentally push the envelope at all times as far as I can in order to discover the fruits that lie beyond the grasp of normal-think. As a caterpillar on the end of realities branch, I reach outward into the emptiness of space time and half the time I have no clue.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have decided to make a little movie retrospective of most everything I have done up until now in art. I will then remove all those images from my computer and take any remaining art I have and give it away to friends and sell the rest. I want to start FRESH. I want to turn my collar to the past and start a new canvas. I will only know that path by sitting down and studying intensely where I have been. I am going to spend this week in the cleansing and cleaning of my files and my closets... What I cant bear to part with will go to Mom and Dad's. I want to purge all visual reference to my past which even means slowly replacing my websites with images of THE NEW. I have already started mailing surprise packages of art to those who collect my work.---Keep an eye on your mailbox...

post number 2,347

As I head towards yet another birthday I find myself reflecting on the available light of The Past. I also look to the future to a light that doesn't yet exist but is (in a quantum sense) infinite possibility. This is my 2,347 post in roughly two years which probably qualifies me for some category of obsessive behavior but that is a twice told tale and means little to me as I enjoy being obsessive and compulsive and sometimes impulsive and occasionally repulsive. As a teen (and then some) I was a fairly crazed reckless person/ artist--- I had the market solidly cornered on rebellion inc. and had my share of bumps bruises and scrpaes and I had more laughs and good times than a man can count on all the marble toes in The Met. There were times I had so much fine I scarcely remember the fun I had. Even the few nights in the "house of bad decisions" make for damn good stories I can still laugh about--- (as Geddy Lee once called it.) It is strange to feel you are putting your days as a young and wild man to bed and strapping on the sensible shoes of "solid citizenship." Even huck fin grew up eventually but he sure lived a hell of a life. I think in the end of life as you sit in the chair of "summation" the things you will remember are the good times and the laughter and the craziness and crazy plans and the daring and black eyes and bumped heads. I think the flourescent light of corporate obedience and "things done right" may not be at the forfront of a lot of people's brain as they reflect in the shadows of their "final years." There are no guarantees in this life, the only guarantee I know is that a life lived against what you were really put here for is like beer without alcohol in it. Near life...

viva dali!

the restless wind
has seen all things
in every kind of light
rising with the full moon
to go howling through the night

the sleepless wind
has heard all things
between the sea and sky
in the canyons of the city
you can hear the buildings cry

oh the wind can carry
all the voices of the sea
oh the wind can carry
all the echoes home to me

Run with wind and weather
To the music of the sea
All four winds together
Can't bring the world to me
Chase the wind around the world
I want to look at life --- In the available light

play of light
a photograph
the way I used to be
some half-forgotten stranger
doesn't mean that much to me

trick of light
moving picture
moments caught in flight
make the shadows darker
or the colors shine too bright

oh the light can carry
all the visions of the sea
oh the light can carry
all the images to me

Run to light from shadow
Sun gives me no rest
Promise offered in the east
Broken in the west
Chase the sun around the world
I want to look at life --- In the available light

All four winds together
Can't bring the world to me
Shadows hide the play of light
So much I want to see
Chase the light around the world
I want to look at life --- In the available light

I'll go with the wind
I'll stand in the light

Met Photos

I have been taking photos of details of classical sculpture at the Met. These were only made for reference but I am thinking about expanding the series after I am done with my poodle series.
I have sold my lost souls painting and must ship it out tomorrow. Selling paintings is like selling children, never easy to let them go but then again there is one less kid to trip over... I think I may have sold my last supper and that is a good thing--That child is very large and consumes a lot of my space and stares at me when I sleep. She was in the NY Post and got me in a little trouble. Like children you can always make more paintings but the government sends me no checks for squeezing out more each day.

happy Holidays!

george inness--early autumn montclair

Here is a painting by the great artist (and philosopher) george inness. You know he is great because he made jersey look so pretty---Not even God managed do that. Is it me or is there something interesting in the reddish tree? take a close look and get back to me, I have a theory...alexgardega@gmail.com

If my theory holds true it will be a great discovery in line with ice cubes and chocolate milk.

great video series on egypt

"The mean global temperature, at least as measured by satellite, is now the same as it was in the year 1980. In the last couple of years sea level has stopped rising. Hurricane and cyclone activity in the northern hemisphere is at a 24-year low and sea ice globally is also the same as it was in 1980."

People get mad at me because I sometimes tow unpopular lines. I have never cared for the popular view of things. I like to the think there should always be one guy out there like Copernicus--pissing people off with his ideas.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I am almost done with this illustration--Cant say what it is for. This is for sale if anyone wants to buy it. What is inside the box? I am not saying.

in search of the sacred buffalo with arisman

Here is an article a wrote a number of years ago for a magazine as I went in search of buffalo on Long Island with my artist friend Marshall Arisman. He is a great artist and was my professor in art college. I think he could speak to my previous post as he is an artist of great integrity and I have yet to see him paint a poodle.

art vs. cheese

As an artist there are many paths one can walk down in life. At various times in my life I had opportunities to make a lot of money doing various things that artistically didn't "feel right." I always had trouble sitting with myself when I attempted to "sail the seas of cheese" I never felt right when I turned my back on myself and what I believed art could be or should be. Idealism is a single man's game and a family often changes that perspective. Part of the reason I have traveled on my own for most of my life is that I knew that if I answered to myself alone I would never have to "prostitute" myself to support others. I never understood those people and artists who jump whole heartedly into a commercial-crap lifestyle and milk for all its worth and then one day find themselves in some identity crises because they never followed what rang true to their own hearts. I can understand a family man doing whatever he has to do to survive but Icannot understand a man who doesnt at least have a "go at it." In so far as what really rigns true to them, artistically. I have done my fair share of hack work and bad paintings but for the overall sense of what I am after and what I have done I can sit with myself. I look to those who came before me to keep my spirits up and even though I sometimes think about the monetary gold versus the alchemical gold of the spirit. I can say that I kept the course and paid a lot of dues and I have a lot of funny stories about the stairs I have fallen down. I think the illustrations for this rambling are self explanatory.

cell phone photos

I always try to rely on a sketch book and not a camera but sometimes I am lazy and forget my pencils. There is a light (at times) that comes through the windows of Mcsorleys that is like a Rembrandt painting. I took this Brooklyn subway photo at 7 Am---that light is a little less warm and comforting.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


My friend amy sent me this photo today. She bought my spirit painting and did a nice job framing it. You can tell she is a lawyer and not a photographer. I love to see framed photos. A thing well framed is a good thing.

doodle of the day

when I am on the phone I usually pick up the closest pencil and or pen and doodle without thinking...I drew this yesterday---When you are on the phone you draw some strange things.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

alex's birthday

Alex is another year older next week. If anyone wants to send me a gift you can send me hot sauce. I collect hot sauce and pour it on everything I eat..the hotter the better! No wimpy sauce.

486 east 74th st. apt 2b
New York, NY.

When my grandma passed away I got back some old paintings. Here is one that was in her attic, I painted this in 4th grade...all those years ago..I entered this in my first art show..Light is a constant thread in my work since I was a child.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the greatest image of all time

I realized tonight after I spent six hours cleaning up my desktop and images (thousands) that there is one single image that I believe is the greatest image ever created by a human/ artist, it is not Raphael or Michaelangelo or Leonardo or even Gardega...it is the unknown genius that was Alfred Kubin. I have little doubt that there is not a better image better image created by a human than this image. I don't want to hear about your mona lisas and the like, "there is a presence here no one denies..." I have been obsessed with pictures since I was two and I have made my call....


I have listed Lost Souls on ebay. I can probably get a lot more from my gallery in NYC but I decided to put it up for sale today.


award winning photograph explained

Here is a photograph that won first prize in the metro global photo challenge--beating out 55,000 other photos. What I like about the whole story is that it was just a guy with a point and shoot camera, not some gadget geek with a million lenses and the like. I decided to look into its geometric composition to see why it is pleasing to the eye. I used the Gardega Method of perfect geometric compositon ot see if it follows my idea of perfect geometry. First I chose the horizon line (blue) it is facing up hill so it is a bit higher than one would normally choose. Next one should divide photograph along its diagonal. Where these two lines meet is the best place for a point of interest. I figured this method out by dissecting Goya's work over a few months time. I call it the Gardega Method because no one knows that goya used this except me and he aint telling on me. Art is much more than lines and geometry and without soul you have nothing but I wanted to prove why this picture won even though the photographer has no idea he was using the Gardega Method.

torture---the art of....

I read today that there is a large group of musicians that are upset that their music is being used to torture detainees at GUANTANAMO BAY. They play the music extremely loud morning nand night and it is a means to break down the prisoner and drive them insane.

these songs are being used.

"Enter Sandman," Metallica.

• "Bodies," Drowning Pool.

• "Shoot to Thrill," AC/DC.

• "Hell's Bells," AC/DC.

• "I Love You," from the "Barney and Friends" children's TV show.

• "Born in the USA," Bruce Springsteen.

• "Babylon," David Gray.

• "White America," Eminem.

• "Sesame Street," theme song from the children's TV show.

According to an FBI memo, one interrogator at Guantanamo Bay bragged he needed only four days to "break" someone by alternating 16 hours of music and lights with four hours of silence and darkness.

Ruhal Ahmed, a Briton who was captured in Afghanistan, describes excruciating sessions at Guantanamo Bay. He said his hands were shackled to his feet, which were shackled to the floor, forcing him into a painful squat for periods of up to two days.

"You're in agony," Ahmed, who was released without charge in 2004, told Reprieve. He said the agony was compounded when music was introduced, because "before you could actually concentrate on something else, try to make yourself focus on some other things in your life that you did before and take that pain away.

"It makes you feel like you are going mad," he said.

all I can say that if you are some low IQ'd meatbrain from Oklahoma and you think it is cool to do your duty and torture people in such a way then it is only a matter of time before jackbooted karma knocks on your door. If you allow/ condone torture of people it is also only a matter of time before a country tortures it's own citizens. The wheels of karma grind slow but they grind exceedingly fine and true. I am not sure how people could spend a day doing such things and then go eat tacos and watch TV. Living in a box is enough torture on its own. I initially intended to make a joke about modern art being torture but I will refrain out of respect for humanity.

Alice in Winter Watercolor

12  x 16 inches on arches paper to purchase https://tendollarart.com/products/alice-in-winter-watercolor