Wednesday, March 31, 2010

coming soon to an america near you...

alex writes a song

I am in the midst of 50 projects including putting together an art show. One project is very new for me, I am recording a country song. The song is about a cowboy who comes from nothing an falls in love with a beautiful rich woman only to have his heart broken. His life becomes a mess of drinking alone and watching late night TV. I already have people helping me (including a famous comedian whom I shall not namedrop) The lyrics are done and the melody is in progress. I can neither sing nor do I have an ear for music but such matters are trivial. Art imitates life and life apes art.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For all those cruising around westchster today tune in to 103.9. Eye of the tiger will be playing for me! I am a wet cat in the rain but I just keep on keeping on. Mary Desilva, DJ of the century!

gardega road

the town I grew up in in texas was so small when we moved they named the road after us..true story. All famous artists should have a road named after them.

gardega in gawker
Anyone who has any kind of hope for any politician of any stripe is a sheep and a dumb sheep at that. There is no hope in politics and stupidity is a pre-existing condition. Drink your flouride and go watch dancing with the stars because you are beyond hope, yourself. I am not bitter I just care.

the eye of the tiger

Here is a portrait of tiger woods I made out of 500 condoms. Some people can see it and some cant. I am going to finish entire face and then it will be unmistakable and a work of genius. This is my last project before I start my 12 women series. I promise. If you cannot see it then blur youyr eyes a bit, this is the same as stepping back from a painting.

goodbye winter

I do not like winter, I never have. The biting cold of NY is hell and cuts to the bone. I like fall and spring and summer. Winter builds character but I have enough character. I want global warming.

30,000 year old handprint

30,000 years ago a caveman blew paint over his hand on a cave wall. It still exists to this day... Think of that. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. I wonder what the longest half life of a gardega original is. 5:45am time to go running (in the rain) Time to blow my hand print on the face of reality.

Monday, March 29, 2010

words of the day: peter gabriel

Train pulled out said my goodbyes
Sky blue
Back on the road alone with the sky
Sky blue
There's a presence here no one denies
Sky blue

Sky blue

Sky blue
So tired of all this traveling
So many miles away from home
I keep moving to be stable
Free to wander, free to roam

I can hear the same voice calling
Crying out, from my heart
And that cry, what a cry
What a cry, it's going to be
If i can stop to let it out, oh
new art tonight, promise...worn out and tired and bleary and shot.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

health care

I love the new healthcare bill because it totally violates the constitution and this is exciting. I would like to further violate the constitution and force all americans to by buy my art. Sign me me up. I wil llift my chin in arrogance as I sign the bill.


living on the road my friend, was gonna keep you free free and clean now you wear your skin like iron and your voice is hard like kerosene...

words of the day

governs best, governs least....get a clue

tick tock

the clock is ticking down slowly to the unveiling of the latest work of incredible genius by gardega. Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Lesson number one from gardega art school is that. I work harder than any living artist and even a few dead ones. My passion and dedication is at a level that even the univerese works with, she doesnt want to deal with my stubborness so she steps aside and let me do my thing and sometimes she even works with me and pushes the bike along like a father teaching a kid to ride a bike. If you are an artist, I work harder than you. You take vacations, you have a social life and watch TV. I wake up and think of art and make art until my brain wears out and I fall asleep and I do this for years on end. I am a robot, an art machine and that is as it should be. I have no need for leisure, that is a fools paradise.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


conform to uniforms of some corporate entity...test for echo

words of the day

the only thing I knew how to do was to keep on keepin' on....b.dylan

words of the day

walking through the undergrowth, to a house in the woods. the deeper I go the darker it gets. p.gabriel


big weekend ahead. big projects, lots of work. let the games begin...monday should be a good day to post my big masterwork.

Friday, March 26, 2010


exhausted. dead tired

overheard in a restaurant

"the reason they fired her was because they caught her sleeping on the radiator and another time using scissors to clip her nose hairs"

alex may be a genius but he cant make that up

madman or genius

only a madman or genius would get a fed ex package with 3,000 condoms. be patient my humble readers, soon I will unveil a masterwork of almost dalinian genius. At the very least it is pure madness. genius and madness are, in reality, next door neighboors. Ones house is painted purple, the other is covered in cheese. methinks.

aspergers syndrome

just heard kids with aspergers have no friends and they dont care about other peoples opinions. how do I sign up to be ceo of this corporation? mobile blog by gardega

aspergers syndrome

just heard kids with aspergers have no friends and they dont care about other peoples opinions. how do I sign up to be ceo of this corporation? mobile blog by gardega

come monday

come monday I will be on this thing full force. lots of great stuff going on, new art show etc. my main website is down so it reverted back to old one. will handle.



I have been too busy to blog. This is a first and that gives a sense of how busy I am. Now I am ready to start posting again. Sorry for being a lazy slacker. Though his mind is not for rent, dont put him down as arrogant. his reserve a quiet defense, riding out the days events.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

final touches

I managed to finish this during my nights and weekends...not sure how. No life....just work.

the hanging

My saint painting was recently hung. will update soon. Been too busy to blog. This was one heck of a project.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

the best song ever written

This was written by townes van zandt and recorded by willie nelson. This song cuts to the heart of the matter.

Living on the road my friend
Was gonna keep you free and clean
Now you wear your skin like iron
Your breath's as hard as kerosene
You weren't your mama's only boy
But her favorite one it seems
She began to cry when you said goodbye
And sank into your dreams

Pancho was a bandit boys
His horse was fast as polished steel
Wore his gun outside his pants
For all the honest world to feel
Pancho met his match you know
On the deserts down in Mexico
Nobody heard his dying words
That's the way it goes

All the federales say
They could have had him any day
They only let him hang around
Out of kindness I suppose

Lefty he can't sing the blues
All night long like he used to
The dust that Pancho bit down south
Ended up in Lefty's mouth
The day they laid poor Pancho low
Lefty split for Ohio
Where he got the bread to go
There ain't nobody knows

All the federales say
They could have had him any day
They only let him slip away
Out of kindness I suppose

The poets tell how Pancho fell
Lefty's livin' in a cheap hotel
The desert's quiet and Cleveland's cold
So the story ends we're told
Pancho needs your prayers it's true,
But save a few for Lefty too
He just did what he had to do
Now he's growing old

A few gray federales say
They could have had him any day
They only let him go so wrong
Out of kindness I suppose

Thursday, March 18, 2010

alex judges his own work: ten scale

buffalo riders
concept: 10
title: 11

blog honor roll

blog honor roll:
mary desilva
amy and hubby and cyd and jon and christian...
john n.
donald from weschester
my moscow friend
my long lost goldsteins (wheres our spotted pig drinks?)
barbara from miami
richard johnson
judge nap (modern hero)
nick stevens
the creators of the wonderful show "scrubs"
my close and dear friend marshall arisman
monika, whose face is like the beauty of the sun.
rainwater grill great food, good peeps
my old buddy gerks, long may you run
jim from georgia
germany, australia, and france
and all my exes from texas and other lands.

thanks for the tacos.

words of the day---gabriel

Saw a group of people forming
Round a figure lying down
And someone runs to make a phone call
And the man kneels on the ground
The man kneels on the ground
There's a tightening in my chest
I know that I'm drawn in
Oh god let it not be - you

Don't leave us
Don't leave like this
Don't leave me here again
I'm not quitting on you
No one else
You're not quitting on us
No running out

The colour in your shirt is darkening,
Against the paleness of your skin
I remember how you held the goldfish
Swimming around in a plastic bag
Swimming around in a plastic bag

You held it up so high
In the bright lights of the fair
It slipped and fell
We looked everywhere

Don't leave us (your eyes are bright, your blood is warm)
Don't leave like this (your heart is strong, you're holding on)
Don't leave me here again (i feel your pulse, i hold your hand)
I'm not quitting on you
There's no one else
You're not quitting on us
There's no way out
No way out

Don't leave us
Don't leave like this
Don't leave me here again (i feel your pulse, i hold your hand)
I'm not quitting on you
There's no one else
You're not quitting on us
No running away - no way out


In my life as an artist I have lost hope in a thousand people, I have been shammed, scammed, burned and "bammed" but for so me reason I never spend more than 3.5 minutes lamenting on my past. My brain burns bright with hope for the future and for mankind and art. I still have faith in art and very little faith in humans. Lost loves come and go and as peter gabriel said " life carries on and on and on...If I was not an eternal optimist I would have quit long ago but my religious faith in art is granite. I own a DVD about the life and art of Michelangelo and when I get down or lose steam I put it on and let a person who lived 500 years ago inspire me into action. Every artist deals with the same crap, deadlines, bad art directors, dumb popes, crappy conditions to work in etc etc and etc.Times change but artists deal with the same crap the did when they painted the Egyptian tombs, I often think of the artists who painted the tombs sitting around and drinking Egyptian beer and complaining the same way I do about my saint Michael commission. speaking of which, I was commissioned this weekend to paint a painting of a mugshot of Elvis Presley. In the end we are all just goldfish swimming around in a plastic bag and love comes and goes but art carries on, and on and on...

Monday, March 15, 2010

It is really annoying to call yourself a genius if you are not a genius, it is more annoying to call yourself an artist and not be more ambitious than napoleon.

alex said that

what I am reading---by gardega

Here is what I am reading:

2010 a space odyssey
A book about the unibomber (...screenplay research idea)
the health care bill...this way when idiots talk to me about it I can laugh in their face
a nation of sheep-----judge napilitano (my buddy)

el mucho reado

gardega world

soon I will launch gardega world..woo hoo, America is a little small for my global art ambitions.
I am experimenting with different widgets, wadgets as it wereits. This way I can see what crazy countries read my demented chicken scratch over-stretched and overwrought- twice told thoughts of nothingness and occasional brillaince as a broken clock is right twice a day and alex is right thrice a day and so on etc etc ad nauseum.... I have two such wadgets or widgets as I am deciding if I like them, if they slow down your loading time please call me at 1 800 Geico. I will check to see if they slow things down. I usually have about 150 people a day logging in and that is crap. I am a genius of the third order and deserve at least 155 people a day. Step it up, lemmings...and so on...and so on.

St. Done

Everyone has a favorite saint. My favorite saint is "Saint Done." He comes out after two plus months of hard labor and failed efforts and late nights and lost weekends. I dedicate this one to Queen Bee (wherever she may fly) who, I may add, laughed that I would never finish this.I am now devoting all my evenings and weekends to painting 12 women. The focus of my next year consists of painting 12 women.

the bill

I am making a promise to myself to read as much as I can of the health care bill. This is because the sheep who keep saying we need it to me have not read any of it. Information is power. I have no tv, I will sit down and read it so I am a wolf not a sheep. Information is power.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

drink your tap water!

Story on Mystery Substance Distracts from Fact Fluoride is a Deadly Killer

Kurt Nimmo
Sunday, March 14, 2010

The “investigative” team at WCVB TV in Boston ran a story yesterday about an unknown substance in fluoride imported from China. “Team 5 Investigates found the Amesbury Water Department pulled fluoride from its system amid concerns about its supply from China,” the news station reported. “Department of Public Works Director Rob Desmarais said after he mixes the white powder with water, 40 percent of it will not dissolve.” Desmarais said the residue clogs his machines and makes it difficult to get a consistent level of fluoride in the town’s water.

Story on Mystery Substance Distracts from Fact Fluoride is a Deadly Killer  onepixel


A screen capture from the WCVB TV report reveals fluoride added to drinking water is a deadly toxin.

In the video report below, WCVB mentions melamine in food products and the heavy metal cadmium in toys imported from China while completely ignoring the larger and more important issue — fluoride is an extremely dangerous toxin that kills.

“Fluoride is added to the water most of us drink because the government believes it’s a safe and inexpensive way to prevent tooth decay.”

Fluoride does not prevent tooth decay. According to numerous studies, water fluoridation actually increases tooth decay. The AMA and others fallaciously claim that fluoride added to over 62% of U.S. water supplies reduces tooth decay. However, no less than six studies from dental journals show it does not and, in fact, may increase the likelihood of dental cavities.

Exposure to fluoride often results in dental fluorosis. Large numbers of U.S. young people — estimated up to 80 percent in some cities — now have dental fluorosis, the first visible sign of excessive fluoride exposure. Dental fluorosis consists of damage to tooth-forming cells, leading to a defect in tooth enamel. It is also an indicator of fluoride damage to bones.

WCVB TV’s own report reveals that fluoride is a deadly chemical. Near the beginning of the video, we are shown an industrial sized bag of fluoride at the Amesbury Water Department. “Sodium Fluoride,” a label on the bag warns, “Danger! Poison-Toxic by Ingestion.” The label states the chemical targets the heart, kidneys, bones, central nervous system, the gastrointestinal system, and tee

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have a friend on vacation in Florence she keeps sending me pictures and it is like sending a drug addict photos of drugs. In one years time I am going to florence, probably alone, just me and my sketchbooks. In one year I will be worn down, shot and tired from painting my 12 women. I havent taken a break in years and I feel I may snap like a twig if I dont take a break. My florence sketchbooks will be things to behold and I am pretty sure my batteries will re-charge.


I have a new friend and reader from Moscow. She is a graphic designer but she is shy so she wont let me link to her blog. I love the internet and doing this work because it makes my existence as an artist less lonely. in honor of a new friend I have linked to the great Russian artist Repin..

I will post some of his drawings in the near future.

12 women series

I am looking forward to having the saint out of my studio so I can focus on my 12 women series. It was taking up too much space physically and spiritually. The women paintings need a lot of air to breath and cant be cluttered.

the answer to my quiz was the Golden Mean...The small is to the large as the large is to the whole is the golden proportion...I do believe index cards are in the proportion...

the ancients knew much of sacred geometry, they werent brain dead from watching too much tv. I dont watch tv, I make art.

saint almost done

This piece has been the result of a lot of long weekends and late nights. It is almost done, need to work on the face tomorrow. It will be done by tomorrow 100% and soon it will hang in a mausoleum as a memorial. St. Michael the saint of late deadlines, methinks. At least it will look good in the end, there is no excuse for being late on a deadline and turning in a turkey as well. I rented armor for this piece and I posed as well. Those photos will never be shown and must be destroyed.

6' x 7' oil on masonite.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

daily alex quiz

the smaller is to the larger as the larger is to the whole.

what does this refer to?


daily gardega

Sometimes I look at other artists blogs and I get bored out of my skull. It seems to me that most artists have intellectually neutered themselves and crucified themselves on the cross of political correctness. Do not offend at all costs and art becomes nothing more than pet photography. I would rather drive a milk truck. Art is supposed to challenge and poke you in the eye. Artists are supposed to me the one subgroup in life who step up and challenge and instead they have largely become a mass of pc groupthinkers and apes with paint smeared fur. I say what I feel and my art is my gut. In an age of lies truth is a white rhino. enough said.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

free art lessons online

I am still taking students on for free art lessons online. It is a low key operation. No stress, once a week I send out a basic lesson email. They are very basic and good for any beginner. I will not give individual feedback yet but eventually I will do that as well. It is good karma to give back!

to join:

email me:

totally free, no strings, no spam.

sneak peek

I cannot say what this is there on my oil paint- stained bed spread but I can say it is a stellar Gardega Original idea that will most likely travel around the world and be in the press from Moscow to Berlin to Indochina. Sometimes I have crazy ideas and then they leave my bedroom and fly out my window and take flight. The reason they take flight though, is this---I work my bloody rear off----If I get an idea I dont sit around and think I should have acted on it---I act on it like it matters and I give it everything I have and push ahead and I dont accept obstacles be they lack of funds, lack of this or lack of that...I find a way...I dont hang out smoking in cafes with a beret and talk about art, I make art...turn off your tv and make art.

dreams need to have action... Neil peart


Someone tried to get me engaged in a conversation about the oscars not being on cablevision. I told them there is a piece of gum on the sidewalk on 74th street and 1st avenue that is smushed into the shape of a buffalo and I care more about that piece of gum than I do about television or the oscars.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

alex rates his own painting


concept: 9.5
execution: 6
boldness: 11
media reaction:10
surreality: VIVA GARDEGA!

acrylics vs. oil: art lesson

I use acrylic for illustration and oils for my fine art. Acrylics are great for new artists and for learning because they dry fast. A secret for painting with acrylics is to keep a spray bottle of water near you to mist your work and palette to keep from drying too fast. Most of the crappy art from the 1960's was made in acrylic. A pro can use both. I use acrylic often for under paintings of my oils but I dont like to admit to it.


snow on the palisades

I love living where I can see this every morning. I hate winter but I love the snow. If it is going to be cold it may as well snow. I saw a bald eagle flying against that backdrop.

Rain Water Grill

I made this etched mirror for a friends restaurant. It is etched from behind and lit with LED. A waterfall flows down the front of the mirror. It was a lot of work to perfect the waterfall but it makes a soothing sound and is visually a centerpiece of the bar. Rain water is an excellent restaurant in Westchester. I want to make a waterfall mirror for my own home but all dentists have bad teeth and all barbers need haircuts...

in progress

I will be done shortly..showing art before it is finished is like airing out your dirty laundry...This is 7 foot high by 6 wide. The face is not done but will be today along with details...they delayed delivery on me so I can work on what I was going to finish onsite. This is for a mausoleum...When this leaves my studio I am going to have a party..I call this the never-ending painting...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

michelangelo's working method

Michelangelo always worked from the easiest parts of any big projects and "worked his way up" to the harder more challenging parts. I prefer this method myself, it is important to get your hand "up to speed" and get the rust out.

what I am reading

I am reading a book by paul theroux (who happens to be a friend of a friend if I may name drop) it is called the old patagonian express about his travel by train from bosotn to south america. He is a great travel writer and as a teen I read his book about traveling around england. The name of that book escapes me. This book his from the late 70's and the journey is highly depressing but very well written so I read on. If anyone knows the book about his uk journey please let me know..I will reiread it.

alfred kubin: dark genius

I never get board of sharing alfred kubin with the world most artists have never heard of him and I am out to change that fact.

art lessons online

my first art student has signed up! she is a graphic designer from moscow! I live in constant amazement of what is possible on the internet. A person I have never met reads my crazy thoughts every day in a country far, far away. It makes no sense but it is wonderful. Welcome aboard!


I really want to see the Bronzino show at the met..what a great draftsman...his line quality is almost as good as Raphael's. I said ALMOST...there is only one Raphael.

EU approves GM potato

here comes franken- food!

Friday, March 5, 2010

gardega update

mural delivers today. one day of onsite touchups will follow on weekend. St. michael the patron saint of missed deadlines. my favorite saint

art lessons online

Here is a clarified version of my previous posts. I am officially kicking off my free art lessons campaign. Once a week I will send an email out with a basic lesson. It is 100% free and I dont share or sell peoples emails or info. That is bad net karma. I will even give feedback or personal advice if you send me a photo of your work or completed lesson. I am not only a famous artist I work harder than any other living artist. Art is 99% sweat equity and 1% genius or inspiration. my lesson plan will start very basic with lessons on perspective and color etc. it will also be heavily based on the soul and spirit because as leonardo said "there can be no art without spirit." Mechanical art is good if you are designing toasters. I am going to teach basic art for free for a year and then I will build a website if I have enough interest. I will also make videos and lectures and even go to the sacred metropolitan museum and give a walking tour. If you prefer modern art and abstraction here is a chance to learn some classical "leonardo learning" and as a famous jazz musician once said "first you learn all your chords and theory and then you forget all that sh@*$t and just wail" my lessons will be based in part on leonardos notebooks. in later advanced sessions I will cover geometry and sacred geometry and in my super advanced mega sessions I will include how to promote and get press AKA "dont buy a lonely broke unknown sot who never sold a painting!" get press young man!!! I will even teach glass art eventually if I have enough interest.

to sign up for free art lessons simply email me. I WILL NOT send spam nor more than one email a week. Scouts honor. here is email to sign up.

"he who teaches learns"

Thursday, March 4, 2010


It was a long 12 hour day running around nyc like a rat with one foot in a glue trap. Now I have to paint for another ten hours to finish a mural due tomorrow. I will photograph it tomorrow. No rest for me and the stress is high. I need to find a warm beach...where are my brushes?? I should have been a CPA.

alex thinks

I am horrified by the notion that people eat so much they have to have their stomach stapled. I find this the height of gluttony and lack of control. I have a better solution----one staple from the upper lip to the chin of the patient. stapling the mouth shut seems a much less invasive procedure.

happy hippy

sometimes I wish I was just a happy happy who walked slow and wore sandals and said dude a lot. 20 years in the art trenches changes a man. It gives him a 1,000 yard stare and a nose for bs anyone would envy. I dont mind " the edge" it is a comfortable home but it is no place for campfires and kumbaya.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I decided today I am working myself to death until next dec then I am taking a vacation and going to florence italy. There I will celebrate the completion of my 12 women paintings. This is carved in stone.

happy little mountain

Here is a detail of a happy little mountain from my St. Michael mural...

work zone

St. Michael

The patron saint of late deadlines....8 foot by 6 foot

interesting times

may you live in interesting times goes the ancient curse. I read yesterday that there were periods of a million years where stone tools never changed or evolved, essentially you were using the same hammer your neanderthal uncle used to beat dinosaurs to death (so to speak) in our times we have seen more change in 20 years than the complete combined history of humankind..the internet, global economies, quantum mechanics but for some reason modern man (as a whole) has devolved into a monkey whose main interests seem to be the idot box known as television and watching men chase balls around a field. We are a trainload of monkeys drooling into the latest dan brown slopnovel. Progress is a relative term and those who flunk history are doomed to flunk it again and again for all eternity like some sisyphus pushing a boulder up a slippery hill. maybe change is the only constant but it doesnt seemed to help the shortbus I call humanity.

thought on the train platform

part of me is a classically inspired genius the other half is a low-rent press whore..trying to balance between the two is like taking a group of mental patients to the zoo hard to keep track of the little buggers.

killer whales

what part of "killer" whale did you not understand. If I was going to swim with whales I would try to swim with the ones that didnt have "killer" in the name. Its kind of like going on a date with a woman who has killed her last four husbands.

5:14 am

painting, painting, painting....deadlines...deadlines...redbulls and oil paints.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

art update...

okay, enough ranting..on the art front I deliver a mural on friday, will photograph. I have to paint the statue of liberty and then I start my women masterpieces. 12 of the greatest paintings of our time, I hope.

modern architecture

I hate modern architecture. I like marble and columns and gargoyles and domes and painted vaults and ceilings. sorry. sue me. gehry can jump in a lake.

alex reads the news

I read at least three newspapers a day, the nypost, the wall street journal and the nytimes. sometimes I read 6 newspapers. there is a great article in the wsj today regarding the h1n1 flu and why it never really showed up..why? because it is big pharma manufactured fear. fear is a wonderful thing, it is the barking dog that keeps the sheep together. it is a cattle prod, a whip. Dont mind the people who were incapicated by the flushot vaccine, line up and get the jab from the same people who are now trying to tell you that mercury is good for day they will create a new vitamin, vitamin m for mercury.

wind energy

It is common knowledge that there is a downside to wind turbine energy. People who live near wind farms cannot sleep, they are driven mad by the noise. Being a man of reason I have a solution----move the deaf people near the windfarms. That and move the greenpoliticians near the windfarms. I think so you dont have to.

amazing find


a common weedkiller turns male frogs into female frogs. It is the main cause of the global decline of amphibians. There is an old indian saying that when the river dies, the people die. When the frogs die I believe the same is true for us bipods. you wont hear much about this in the news etc. because the govt is too busy hyping false climate change which, inreality is just a control grid to control and tax the sheeple. The govt. dumps nerve gas in the ocean by the ton so one may question their true motives if one has a brain that works.

Monday, March 1, 2010

death penalty

here is my view on the death penalty: if there is even a minute chance that an innocent person could be wrongly put to death then there should be no death penalty. we should then imprison murderers for and hope we have the right people. If you have 110% proof that a man is guilty of murder than i have no issue with old sparky.


if you give up the one thing you love in life, the thing that makes your heart tick, eventually your heart will stop ticking.


mobile bloggin has led to a lot of typos and spelling errors. All I can say is deal with it.


mobile bloggin has led to a lot of typos and spelling errors. All I can say is deal with it.

new art

I am making a piece of art that requires 6,000 comdoms. They will remain in package, other than that I can say no more! Damn good idea.

mona lisa

I believe I have finally figured out the mystery of the mona lisa. I have pretty solid theory of the alchemical underpinnings of the painting. I may share my theory in a book one day.

drink your fluoride

There have been a number of cases lately where municiple water was used to feed kangaroos and cows as well and the result was numerous deaths of both kangaroo and cows. It was determined by vets that the cause of death was the fluoride in the water. But of course you will doubt the truth of this post and you will be a good and lazy sheep and not google this for yourself and you will call me a conspiracy theorist. Keep drinking your 8 glasses of neurotoxin a day and when your thyroid collapses dont call me. Fluoride is the reason thyroid cancer is rampant but I am just a dumb artist so pay me no heed. I quit speaking to two of my closest friends who called me a conspiracy theorist. I walk a hard and lonely road but my road is true as is my word.

Alice in Winter Watercolor

12  x 16 inches on arches paper to purchase