Friday, December 31, 2010

The truck stop of wisdom: 2010

Perhaps my youthful excesses did indeed lead me to (as william blake said)  the palace of wisdom (or at least "the truck stop of wisdom.")  I was a bit of a wild man in my early days, long hair, bar fights, leather pants and lots and lots o' whiskey. I have grown up and I think a lot of it was folly (which is wisely wasted on the youth) but there was also a lot to be gained from walking on a strange edge for a time. I have some damn good stories and and more memories than carl sagan had stars. I lived to tell my tale and I pity those who walked a life that was handed to them or those stepped into the shoes your daddy made for you. I hit the road at 17 and never looked back. The worst that happened was I had my head handed to me a couple of times but each time I screwed back on (Mostly frontways too) I avoided a million ticking glue traps that have ensnared many I have known--false paths, false loves, self delusion---Ignore the better part of yourself or your nature and you will die a poor and lonely man regardless if you own a castle. True dedication to an art is a lonely thing but Im never really lonely as my brain keeps me company and my paintings are my children. I have learned a few simple lessons in life and one is this--If you have your health you have everything. If you have enough money to cover yourself and your bills and take a vacation sometimes you are in good shape and if you live a lie, you will learn to regret it. The truck stop of wisdom is a clean, well- lighted place and there arent many people there. When I talk to most people in life I grow bored and my eyes glaze over and I smile but I look for the exit. I am interested in people who have some good stories to tell, who have lives that they really lived, who have walked around a bit...but thats just me. Tonight I will be in my favorite place (NYC) watching the year die from some fashion house on 56th street. One of my paintings is being auctioned to the red cross so that is some good karma to pocket away for 2011. I will be alone-- as is my habit, thinking and studying and drawing things in my brain. I am pretty much a lone wolf but It suits me for now and I had a damn good 2010. (and I am healthy---knock on monitor)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

4 paintings, 12 hours

I painted 4 new paintings today over the span of 12 hours. I was asked very late in the game to make art for a new years fashion event. Sometimes crunch time forces you to think outside the box and be creative and you often come up with new approaches, techniques and solutions..sometimes it can lead to breakthroughs..not sure where today lead but I got 4 done--one more tomorrow and then some refinements. all in all the pieces will work for the fashion show..I am going to then start working on a show and spend proper amount of time on my works. I am so used to working long days that 12 hours seems easy and short. I think Nexus Fashion Townhouse and I will have a good future together as we have similar aims. I dont like to hang pieces until they are perfected but they want 5 pieces for the show and they will have them. The pieces are kind of fun and cool to paint as well. (notice the makeshift studio, the space is being setup for a new years fashion show party so I had to paint on boxes, I tried to stay focused as fashion models changed clothes in front of me, not easy..) 

Here are the 4 pieces, all ripped out of the ether in a state of non- thinking--there was not time--it was jam and go and put the pedal down. They need some touching up and there is always issues but 4 paintings in 12 hours is the cards I was handed.  Ill take better photos when they are all done and tweaked. Artists often try to give me advice or commetn on my work etc but the one thing I always think to myself (but hardly say) is this---I work harder than you do..I am a one man art factory. I dont stop making art. If I am not making art I think about art and dream about art.

alex update

Today I am painting five women on canvas for Nexus fashion showroom on 56th st in NYC. These will be on display for their new years party. I will be there in attendance.  For me knocking out 5 paintings is no longer a big deal. Once you get to a certain point in art you develop self trust, a faith that you will rise up to the occasion. I used to fret a lot about such things..not anymore. You never want to rush art or put out sloppy work--that hurst your brand name but there is often a way to be creative and get it all done and looking good. I will post the paintings when done and photos from the event. 

right right

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

xmas paintings

My niece and nephew love sketchy folk paintings! Cute kids! My nephew has the art bug, he likes to paint and draw..god bless him.

art update by gardega

MY portrait is finished.

My long island mural isnt week Im spending a week out there to bring it home. It seems to get bigger each time I work on it.

First, I have to finish my new saint window. this must be done next week and installed.

I also have to finish a brooklyn bridge cover.

I want to start the new year on a good note with my major projects in control or done so I can start the year on the right side of the 8 ball. 

I will be spending my new years at the nexus fashion house party..They will be hanging my paintings there. I am going to paint some more today.

I need 8 arms.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

boycott Dean Foods

I am very pro small farmer  (I grew up on a small farm in Texas.) I hate to see the decline of small farms and farmers (one of the last truly honorable careers) Dean foods just paid out 30 million dollars to settle a price fixing/ monopoly suit that was forcing our north eastern dairy farmers out of business. I dont drink milk unless it is from local farms and organic because the crap these big agra companies feed the cows is horrible for you and the cows. You can vote with your wallet in this world--support local farms and avoid products from companies like monsanto and dean foods.

support small farms!

the blizzard of 2010

A snowstorm in NYC is a wonderful thing. I dont like when the snow turns black a few days later and you walk in slush but I like the snow..going out to the bars and restaurants in the city during a snowstorm is a thing I would recommend to anyone..

Monday, December 27, 2010


I went out into the snowstorm last night to "the banshee"---- a great local haunt. I often place chess there with the bartender (I usually win) we were discussing chess last night and I told him "that chess is a mental game" he told me "well, it certainly isnt a physical game" thats the best line I have ever heard, ever... Lots of snow in NYC--lots...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

words of the day: thomas hart benton

On the abstract expressionists: 

"figurative art is coming back now and what the hell are they going to do? ---they never learned to draw"


the christmas spirit

I was in a funk right up until friday (xmas eve) I laid down my reality like an old shirt and I went out in nYC during the day to try to find some spirit. I sat in a local haunt called doc watson's and ordered a wine. I told the barmaid "I am here to find the christmas spirit and Im not leaving until I do.." she laughed at me and served me a glass of wine...I dont watch sports but this came on ESPN and I found what I was looking for..

this kid gave me hope about life and art and humans.

I walked out a richer person (at least in spirit)

I would give up art in a second, everything, my brushes, my career if it would bring this kid back around to play baseball.

song of the day

I never get bored of this song. I have painted 25 paintings to it.

The Chateau Marmont

I stayed here a few times when I was in La La land. I am not a big LA guy but I love this place. It is an amazing place. I was sitting in a chair in the front waiting for a friend and drew barrymore walked right past me and then a few minutes later "canoe" reeves walked up..very surreal. The design of the hotel is based of the castle where Davinci lived late in life. (few people know that fact) I was hanging out by the pool drawing one day and I met the girl who wrote sex and the city (but I plea the 5th on that day) . It is just that kind of celeb hangout. Jim morrison used to hang out there as well and led zep took their motorcycles down the hall. I am happy living in ny but If I go to LA I always try to visit the chateau. I am not someone who can live in LA, I am not laid back by nature and I dont like the vibe where every waiter wants to be an actor.  I need to stay in a grounded place--winter in NYC that will ground you--- right down to the cold street.

a gardega xmas

my mom thinks I am crazy but I dont buy it. (its a nerf axe) no crazy person worth their salt would use a nerf axe.
God bless vegetarians. (more meat for me) 
My mom has all my early paintings.  This I painted when I was ten. My first still life...I painted two versions of this but some lady bought the first one (my first sale) the first one was better. I got lazy painting the second this day I have trouble painting something twice.
This is my "little" bro, his girlfriend and their dog. I cant pick on him anymore like I used to, he is bigger than I.
I painted this landscape when I was 11. I Remember painting everything I have ever done. Painting brings you back to the moment, to the room, to the exact time and space you painted it in. I cant remember last week but I remember the moment  and the paintings I made when I was ten.

my dad, my little sis, bro-in law, me, older sis (with lily the dog) and lil bro.

this is my old man. My old man has done many rounds in the ring with diabetes. It is a terrible thing to have. I hope that demon never gets me. My dad is a very tough man and I think this has kept him on the winning end of that battle. I drove both my parent nuts growing up because I am the most stubborn human on earth. You couldnt sway me, when I wanted something my way I would fight a bull on flat feet. (but I have mellowed with age) That cant be an easy child to raise. When I first started drawing I tried to draw a dinosaur and my mom said I stayed at my desk all night and drew thousands of pictures because I couldnt get the back right, im still that way..imagine raising that child. Please excuse my expression, I was doing my character  "francoise the interior designer"

it was a great more soon.

merry xmas

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

silent night

the xmas spirit

I am a huge christmas head. I love it. I love NYC in xmas. I really do, this year Im not feeling it. Maybe it is because I am wound up in major deadlines and stressed but I need to get my xmas mojo on. I was recently speaking to a friend of mine who is jewish and she told me she loves xmas--the trees the lights etc. That was pretty cool to hear. I always wondered what it is like to live through xmas if you dont celebrate it.  I have to get it in gear. I always wear a suit on xmas to honor the family and holiday and that sometimes gets me in my  xmas mode. I also like opening up gifts, that is fun..thanks to My local wine store vino veritas for the gift of two bottles! HO HO regret with not having kids that arent square and made of canvas is  I dont get to see kids faces as they open their gifts..this must make being a father all worthwhile.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New art video: by gardega

Here is some of my art..I had an amazing song along with it but youtube clipped it and im not happy...anyways here is some of my art, also it is still processing so video quality improves after that is done..

romanian man jumps from balcony

This man jumped from the balcony of Parliament.  I have never seen such a photo! Sometimes photography outsweeps painting! This is a case of where photography is as important as painting..most fine art photography looks like pet photography. This is for real, you cant paint this--but I may try...oh, and he was okay...


A friend recently called me a workhorse. I guess on some level I am--- I recently worked 40 days straight 7 days a week--- some days were 14 hours. But the funny thing is I often feel like Im lazy.  There is always more to be done. I guess I could work smarter and plan better but I can still run 40 days straight and not get tired so at my age that is good. I have always had insane levels of energy, I usually wake up at 5 or 6, even on the weekends..Im very hyper---my brain doesnt stop, it always wants to come up with ideas and make stuff. that is the engine I follow, I am just the caboose on a runaway train.

sonnet 18 explained: by gardega


Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? 

Thou art more lovely and more temperate:

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,

And summer's lease hath all too short a date: 

(summer--- as a metaphor for life--- is very brief)

Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,

(the sun---life is very hard at times)

And often is his gold complexion dimm'd; 

(ups and downs)

And every fair from fair sometime declines,

(Beauty is ephemeral--fleeting)

By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd;

But thy eternal summer shall not fade

(your memory will never die)

Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;

Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,

death wont have dominion over your memory

When in eternal lines to time thou growest: 

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,

(time immortal)
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.

by writing this the poet has given eternal life to the subject--her memory never will die as long as the poem lives on--

this is why I like sonnet 18, it is about the longevity of art and how a thing of beauty is a joy foever (to steal from another poet, (keats I think)


the dimming of the day

a rare gem I never get bored of sharing.

Dimming of the Day Lyrics

David Gilmour

This old house is falling down around my ears
I'm drowning in a river of my tears
When all my will is gone You hold me sway
I need You at the dimming of the day

You pull me like the moon pulls on the tide
You know just where I keep my better side
(Uh-uh-uh) (uh-uh-uh) (uh-uh-uh-uh)

What days have come to keep us far apart
A broken promise or a broken heart
Now all the bonny birds have wheeled away
I need You at the dimming of the day

Come the night You're only what I want
Come the night You could be my confidante
(Uh-uh-uh) (uh-uh-uh) (uh-uh-uh-uh)

I see You in the street in company
Why don't You come and ease You mind with me
I'm living for the night we steal away
I need You at the dimming of the day
I need You at the dimming of the day.

Genius Doesnt Spawn

I dont believe in evolution, I believe in sitcoms and color TV. Genius never spawns, Dali, Einstein, Plato, Christ, Tesla---No children...Johnny trailer park and jimmy welfare--they spawn and spawn again. The universe is strange. Evolution doesnt want genius, it wants numbers. Quantity not quality. Maybe it is like the old twilight zone epsiode, man is being bred for alien food and genius tastes no better than stupidity. I am just concerned about the decline of the arts and the stuff that passes for culture..this affects me personally, I dont think smart people are better than dumb people they just make better stuff. 

a sense of wonder

As children we are living balls of curiosity. Our eyes are bright with wonder and we are fascinated by the simplest  things--colors and shapes and sounds. The world is one big bright and shining thing and our brains explore it every waking moment as we make sense of the external. as we grow older we gradually lose our sense of wonder as responsibility gets in the way of the magic of being. Our brains begin to categorize things, we lose our sense of being part of reality and a great divide creeps into our souls. we begin to feel separate from a nature that we  were once part of. As bob  dylan once said "if you are not busy being born you are busy dying" Somewhere along the line of life a break occurs and man loses touch with the child within, he seeks escape in many forms but finds no refuge from paradise lost and life becomes comfortably numb and quiet desperation is a shadow that is always just at his feet.  If one looks at buddhist monks you can often see the smiling eyes of a child in a man that is 85 years old. Some people learn not to become stale and brittle in this world and they keep the fire of life burning bright in the often dark cave of existence. I have known people who are 40 years old and the fire is gone inside. It is a long slog to the end if you have lost the fire in your belly. Art is like a fire, a flame. It is passed from one person to the other even after the artist is long dead. Rembrandt still gets my heart pumping hundreds of years after he went toes up. The trick to life is to keep the fire inside alive. Society would like nothing more than to turn your individual nature into some generic stamped out, conformed lump of nothing. Being yourself in this world is a herculean feat and most people hide in the shadows and deny themselves of their own true voice. This is a tragedy and sadly more common than the cold. Life is a lot shorter than we think it is. It is a tiny wink of an eye, a pebble in a puddle, a brief and passing storm. I will never understand why people waste their lives hiding in refuge from themselves or life. For you the blind who once could see, the bell tolls for thee. 


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

advice for artists

If you make something that isnt great or wonderful  in art the worst thing you can ever do is to waste time moping about it or crying. get off your butt and start something new...It is only canvas or paper or glass..nothing is sacred..even pretty parent scan squeeze out an ugly child, keep going at it until you hit your mark. Failure is the path to success, fail and fail again and get up and keep fighting. Edison tried 10,000 times to make the light bulb work. The single worse msitake you can make is to listen to other artists or worry about what they say...never listen to other your own voice. artists are a jealous lot and if you work harder than they work and have some level of any success they will only try to knock you down..they are strange creatures. I stay away from artists--minus a small handful I trust

portraits by gardega

I recently completed three portraits for a client. I am not a portrait artist as my primary skill set because I cant help but paint things the way my gut wants them to be. I am still trying to make the third and final painting look up to par. T he first to worked pretty good. I was commissioned to paint from photos the client supplied and you are instantly dealing with issues of lighting etc. There are two kind of portrait artists, those who paint generic and those who are hired as a fine artist to interpret a person into their "realm"I have issues with generic anything that is why I could never work for disney. It has to be a gardega, I cant conform. I tried, doesnt work. sorry for terrible photo, one day Ill set up real lighting for art photos. slacker. I still have some issues to resolve on this piece. Thee is always a time factor in art and such jobs and you always balance out not being too late on a piece and making it work. There is a time when you have to hand off the baby and get on with the next.

glass bar by gardega

 My studio just completed some work at Nexus fashion showroom on 56th st in NYC. We painted the floor in "miami funk" and added a glass bar for them that is edge illuminated. I have my own glass design company ( and I also do my own mural work etc..I guess I should put it all under one umbrella but such is life, Ill get on that one day. 
 here is the edge of the illuminated bar, the bottom of bar is sandblasted.
We used half inch laminated glass. 3/4 in. is preferred for bars but there were some cost and weight considerations---another deadline crossed of my list..Now I have to paint a bunch of women for the walls..I dont mind the jobs that are less art centered as I get to relax a bit and watch other people work and install things for me. 

update by gardega

I am making a bunch of glass pieces again soon..these are for a fashion showroom called nexus in NYC. In addition I am going to launch my t shirt line that I have wanted to do forever. (They may promote that as well.) I get a real kick out of crossing my goals and deadlines off "the board" but there is always more to do, I am a hamster in a wheel. I take the leonardo cue of a lot of different projects and I never feel bad about being "all over the place" in art I like new fields and pastures. I cant paint the same crap for years on end. I grow and I change.

joke of the day

Two fleas are at the bottom of a hill, one says to the other "should we walk up or take the dog?"

new cover by gardega...

 I have been painting the covers of the yellow pages for over 5 years.  I think I have painted 40 covers..many a late worried night trying to get a piece to sing. Some sing and some warble..I love doing these covers and I have a strong relationship with the company.
 this cover just dropped, after printing I would have liked more people in the foreground--but that is art--it can always be better. A painting is done when you hand it off or quit painting. My art director goes crazy because I often hand them in wet...I paint in oils--deal with it. I am not a computer artist, I like real paints, real paper, real canvas. Life would be easier for me if I was a computer doesnt fit my nervous system.
In the last month I have made a window for a mausoleum, painted a  mural in long island (done soon) finished a portrait, painted a huge floor for a fashion house and built a glass bar for them, and now I have another cover due (brooklyn) and another window as well before the end of the month...

Monday, December 20, 2010


I hired a model to pose as leonardo for me. it was a last minute hurried event in a cold park in the morning. I hired him as I was going to use him in my mural but I think we are going a different route. That is art for ya. I will make a painting using this image at some point regardless...I like the model--he was an actor--actors pose better than non actors. I would also like to thank the wine store IN VINO VERITAS on 1st and 74th for lending me the wine barrel to photograph! great people...

photos by gardega

gardega paints a ceiling

try this for 14 hours--four days straight. If another person asks me why we dont use scaffolding Ill throw paint on them--no room...

wine cellar mural: by gardega

My client had his old wine cellar photographed before he sold house. I painted this two years ago. Now I am painting a new mural for him in a new wine cellar. On the ceiling is a version of leonardo's battle of Anghiari. When I look at this I am both proud of what we both achieved (he built the cellar around me while I painted the ceiling) it was a battle in itself. Painting a  low ceiling is hell on the neck and now I am doing it all over again (except a different picture)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

outside the rain

Outside the rain, fell dark and slow, while i pondered on this dangerous but irrestible words ever life in a nutshell
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as good as it gets

Im painting a davinci mural on a wall, its my birthday im listening to coming back to life by pink floyd-my fav song...i was doing shots with a judge last night in a posh long island is a gift that is sometimes hard to see...dont look her in the mouth
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Friday, December 17, 2010


another 15 hour day painting ceiling..good for neck and soul...I never thought I would so look forward to painting a wall--even a difficult one. back into nyc on sunday for birthday dinner. send me money and presents and silver.

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In long island on mural. Yesterday was 14 hours on a ceiling mural. Today will be the same. Neck wrenching. Tomorrow i start the davinci wall mural. Tomorrow is also my birthday so send me gifts and money and stuff. Sunday will be back in nyc for a dinner. Painting angels on a ceiling after thirteen hours is hard on brain. I think one looks mangled, afraid to go look.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

here is my schedule today.

1) photograph davinci model at 9 am.

2) go to glass company and order glass drop off "cross artwork"

3) order glass for bar, for windows, for women etchings.

4) sketch brooklyn bridge for yellow pages---design ideas for next suffolk cover (new book) 

5) draw full scale sketches for mural  for tomorrow.

6) go to mausoleum to re-measure next window.

7) tomorrow long island to finish mural.

8) all my deadlines fall at xmas--better busy than not busy..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

mercury in teeth...

There is a show on CBS  right now about mercury in fillings in teeth. Mercury is the reason we have a character called the mad hatter. Hats used to be made with mercury and the hatters would go mad but you dont know this because dancing with the stars wont tell you...Most soda/ high fructose has mercury in it...true fact--TRY THAT NEW THING CALLED GOOGLE...They are trying to now spin it out to say mercury isnt really bad for you...Mercury is now like a vitamin, vitamin M.---- M for moron.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I feel bad for the madoff family. I really do. Now there is a 2 year old kid with no dad. thats sad. It is strange that the same day mark madoff killed himself my hot sauce was in the NY post. It kind of takes the fun out of the idea for me. I think I will put my hot sauce to bed, not sure. I wouldnt want to think the sauce was any source of sadness for someone who killed himself. I know it is only sauce and it is foolish to put too much weight to it but I dot like to upset people or to even consider that there is a chance that I was a possible source of sadness to someone on any level. I try to keep my karma very clean.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mark Madoff: RIP

I actually feel about the passing of mark madoff. Im not sure why, his brother andrew lives on my block. This whole thing is a tragedy--the victims, the families destroyed, the pain...Greed is a demon.

Bernie Madoff's son, Mark, found dead

Last Updated: 8:51 AM, December 11, 2010
Posted: 8:33 AM, December 11, 2010
Comments: 1 
Bernard Madoff’s son Mark was found dead in his SoHo apartment this morning, sources said.
Officers were called to 158 Mercer Street to respond to a report that Mark Madoff was hanging in his apartment.
He was found at 7:30 a.m. by his father-in-law, said police sources.
There was no note, the sources said.
The younger Madoff, 46, had been "unalterably bitter" over his father’s deception, a spokesman told the Wall Street Journal recently.
Mark Madoff and his brother, Andrew, were sued this week by Irving Picard, the court-appointed trustee recovering assets for the victims of Bernard Madoff’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme.
The two brothers were brokers in their father’s firm, and have said repeatedly they didn’t know of their father’s crimes.

Read more:

bernie in hell hot sauce in NY Post.

My name is in the NY post madoff hot sauce...for some reason  they listed me as the maker of the label--- it is my Hot Sauce! I like to be in the post, it is my favorite paper..they cover a lot of my ideas and creations and gardega has lots of ideas and creations...

Friday, December 10, 2010

the autism jab

autism now occurs about 1 out of every hundred births...not births, mind you...if you want real autism you need to get the MMR shot first...thermerersol is a lovely thing and the powers that be still pretend they cant figure out why people are getting trainwrecked 10 days after they get "the jab" the lamestream media wont tell you about this but I will. It makes no sense that one in 100 kids is chewing wallpaper off walls and running around with brain damage, Something changed to cause this and that is the inoculations the gov. pumps into you...the sheep cant help but get enough vaccinations and brain damage but I am here to hel p them think...I am CAPT. GARDEGA I will help you through sheepland and into cognitive thought and understanding. wake up.

to live and die in NY

I read The Post today...there is a story about a rich kid whose father wrote the hit song "you light up my life" now the guys girlfriend is dead in some posh hip hotel in soho. The kid has pictures all over his facebook of him doing drugs and partying etc..I dont judge him for this but now his girl is dead and all fingers point to him. She has a bite on her hand and I am sure that bitemarks  is crime 101...My point is that I have known more useless rich kids than I can count I have also known rich kids who impress the hell out of me and work their ass off to create their own reality/ world...more often than not rich kids become useless shells of humans and wind up bottom feeders and criminals. I was born with a plastic spoon and I have learned a huge anger towards spoiled little bastards who think they are special because thy parents had some coins to give them and they are better than you. In high school I watched many a rich kid throw their life down the tubes or at least started a downward spiral into the land of the lost. I have never had empathy for such creatures nor do I think I ever will. When I was in art school (before I dropped out because I couldnt pay my bills) I made two vows---- one: that I would not be outpainted by some rich kid (the anger over having to decided between a tube of green paint or a slice of pizza is burned into my soul) nor would I ever lose a fight to a rich little bastard...I had a nice scrap with an australian kid who was much bigger than me one time and I mopped the floor with him because I knew his whole life was handed to him and I would rather be toes up right now than lose such a scrap. I ran into the guy a few months ago and bought him lunch and hugged it out and I felt better about the whole mess as violence is a kids game...I chalk it up to the folly of youth but I still hold the same view in life and I feel bad now because some artist is dead and soho because her drug addled boyfriend freaked out...maybe getting your ass kicked by life is a great gift, maybe suffering and poverty etc are great teachers and if that kid had not been born with a silver spoon we would have one more creative artist breathing right now.

my best watercolor

I have painted thousands of watercolors some worked, some didnt..This one is an example of when I got in "the zone" I sold this and and I miss it..I dont know who bought it...I miss it...I hit a level of zen here I havent seen in years ..stress and zen dont marry.

Seasonal affective disorder

I just saw some daytime show that was spewing out the disorder known as "Seasonal affective disorder" F them...If you work 7 days a week/ 12 hour days you have no time to sit and be a depressed loser. I am so busy I cant even think. I wake up with a list of 35 things to handle and then all day long I stress to try to handle my "stuff" I think if you sit around being depressed you should send me 500 dollars and join the alex school of manic productiveness...You wont need pills and I can help you get stuff done...I am so on edge I couldnt be depressed if you paid me. I have no time to wallow. I dont even know what day it is normally and I dont give a rats ass what month it is...I just work, thats work work

my art director

I got a call yesterday ( I was in a bar) it was my art director from the yellow pages--he wanted to know where my brooklyn cover was---(I bet the bartender 20 bucks I could get my art director to get on his knees)..I did not know it was time for a new brooklyn cover ( I have painted 6 brooklyn bridges over the last 6 years) ---I told him it was under his desk...he actually got on his knees and looked under his desk and wasnt happy. alex has to paint the damn bridge again! 

how to increase your IQ

If you want to increase your IQ then you need to buy a print of one of the greatest paintings ever made and stare at it every night before bed and every morning as you wake....the school of athens by raphael is genius made solid, made real..I figured out the geometry that the rascal used to make this work. I think I am the only artist who figured it out as I have researched it for years...I like to brag about that.

jim morrison

when I was in my 20's, jim morrison was my hero...I had leather pants, a bottle of whiskey, long hair and when I look back I am surprised I survived. To me he was a hero in that he represented 100% freedom and an escape from the glue trap called conformity and society. Eventually the system beat him down and destroyed him (with the help of alcohol) I decided I wanted to live and survive the long haul and eventually grew up (mostly) In the long run of life I decided art was the most important thing and to make good art I actually had to have my head in tact and plan things out as well..Art is not about slapping a bunch of crap on a canvas and calling it modern--art requires thought and planning and intelligence...there was a time to live in chaos and god knows I owned stock in chaos inc. but now I am happy to be an artist at my age who draws on experience and I feel like I lived a damn good life thus far...I can still rip my way through a bottle of whiskey but the mornings just hurt a bit more...I prefer to get up early and see how much I can get done in a day. I am a one man art machine. I dont sit in cafes and smoke, I dont talk about art...I rip it out of my guts every day and I make art like my life depends on it--and it does...oh, and as far as my old hero jim goes---he was just pardoned for his "exposure" bs charge the cops hit him with way back then. This made me very happy. I am happy to be here and when I go I want to be thoroughly used up and worn and tired...I want life to be a marathon, not a sprint and I want to live long enough to actually learn how to draw.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

another great song to paint to

words of the day: gardega

ON ART: If you are not on the edge, you're not even in the game...gardega


I can paint to this! gonna rip up some big 8 foot canvases to this song soon. Finally found something to paint to.!

life drawing

I snuck out of life yesterday and went drawing at my favorite place--spring street studio in NYC. I only had an hour or two to spare and I was trying to find a model that looks like Davinci for a mural I am painting..the lesson is that if you stop life drawing you get very rusty! draw all the time and life draw once a week from the figure, there is no time to waste...

art update

I have more deadlines than I care to mention--- so I wont..Ill just plug ahead..I am forced to stay home today until plumber is done so I have a break from the storm but the clock ticks while I sit here and other artist are out in the "the bush" working and getting stronger while I grow weaker on my ass.

gardega update

Firstly, thanks Jim for the great selection of Cd's!--- He sends me cd's and I send him some art! it is a great trade because I barely know how to use an ipod and I need music to paint. I have made many friends out here on this thin raft called the world wide web. One day the spider called big brother will come out and eat all us flies but for now I am happy to live in the digital age and have friends all over the world I have never met. I am too lazy/ stupid to handle itunes and the like so I have CD's...does anyone use them still? I do...until I scratch them and they become beer coasters.

banksy revealed?

I dont care for most street art--most of it is slapdash and unskilled and an eyesore..when time is taken and it is done right and with a brain, it can rise to the level of art...(as opposed to crap) Banksy is a clever artist and I give him kudos..

Monday, December 6, 2010

mural update

My client and I decided yesterday on what the mural on the stairs will be..this was bothering me for a month now but we solved the idea yesterday...I always paint better when I like the subject and this is right up my alley! cant wait to is going to be a lot of work but a labor of love nonetheless.

gardega update

Today I have to go and paint a face of  Michelangelo's David on a floor..It is going to be funky and street arty and not a brain stretcher and then I have to go to the Mausoleum for a lunch meeting to discuss next window I am etching. I am worn out and yesterday I finally solved what is going to be painted on my long Island mural "stair wall" it is going to be leonardos workshop---kind of an alchemical workshop with some wine making stuff staring leonardo..I am actually going to find a person who looks like leonardo and have him photographed...You really need to get good reference in art. I am starting to document all my work etc in video so I lll compile once a week into my alex reality show of art insanity.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I am so used to hammering out 7 day weeks now that it is all I know...Yesterday was only 8 hours so it felt like a light day...But I will never complain about being busy...ever.

Last night

Last night I went to Elaines to pay respects...It was crazy and crowded and there was a toast and standing ovation...I brought flowers for Elaine but it was too crowded and they had more than they could handle so I gave them to arianna huffington as she left..I told her this is the last time she will ever get flowers from a libertarian. She laughed and smiled and was very nice--- then I walked home in a tired daze. NYC...

Alice in Winter Watercolor

12  x 16 inches on arches paper to purchase