Saturday, December 24, 2011


Gardega was in Page Six today,  this is a good thing... Always good to wake up and read about yourself. I am always at my corner deli at 5:30 in THE MORN---this is when the NY Post comes. I have an obsession with the NY Post I cannot explain. To me it is Fine Art. Those who know me well know I must read Post by 6 am or I cannot function. My morning routine is set in stone and to change it is to ruin alex's entire day! I would rather be in Page Six than some hi brow art mag. The Post is true surrealist ink, Its pen is dipped in the Jungian collective Gotham unconscious of which I (and you) are equal parts. I am going off now to buy blank canvases as I am putting a show together of blank canvases signed by myself and not painted by myself...

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Alice in Winter Watercolor

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