Saturday, December 24, 2011

The beauty of NOTHING--the blank canvas

I have studied and studied
the masters for years
for thousands of hours
and rivers of tears
to unlock the genius
of Renaissance light
Ive worked through the day
and on through the night
the Gordion knot
I tried hard to cleave
hoping one day these obsessions would leave
Ten thousand paintings
bled from my hands
in hopes that one day I would half understand
the mind of DaVinci
or at least Raphael!
To break free the world from its postmodern hell
but alas I have failed
or maybe ive not
For now I know nothing
and this is a lot.


I have embarked on a series of blank/ unpainted canvases..pure unwashed/ unmarred genius (save my glorious signature) Modernism requires no skill but it does require Darwinian Genius and Nothingness and marketing..Modern art is like an energy drink for the soul. The shark of genius lies rotting in a tank form-malda-hyde in the same museum as Velasquez! This inspires me to nothing and to blank canvases..Leonardo would understand, of this I am most sure!

My first unpainted work is called "Woody Allen and Sun Yi strolling up first ave followed by the ghost of Genius"

It is already sold but I shall unpaint three more canvases today! Fear not thy reader, there will be more...


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