Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Client Relations and the Battle of Anghiari

There is an old saying in marketing and business that it is easier to keep a client than get a new one. This is as true as the day is long. I very rarely have falling out with clients or friends. Most of my friends today I made when I was in 6th grade. Im sure my eccentric nature tries peoples patience at time but I always try to do the right thing in business and friendship. I recently had an issue with a client of mine and I see his point of view and I see my point of view...two very stubborn people and sometimes an immovable object meets an unstoppable object and the universe freezes. I cant stand bad blood and I cant stand if a client isnt happy with work on any level in the long run. It haunts me if I feel someone isnt happy with work Ive done. Art isnt about money for me, I take my art very is my child. I have been walking around pissed off about this issue for days..The best thing I can do when I am pissed is to take my anger and pour it into art. I am in a mood to challenge myself and I have picked a piece of art that I want to make in glass that has never been done and that is because It is near impossible. I am going to make a very large glass carving of the battle of Anghiari by Leonardo (surviving in a copy by Rubens) of my favorite pieces of art. I dont have a client for it but I can probable sell to a casino or the like. Either way it is a challenge the likes of which I have never attempted..I have painted it on a ceiling but to make in glass is beyond any challenge I have attempted..I am ready for failure or glory...It will be a battle...On a ten scale this one is an eleven..


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