Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Scholar Camille Paglia On Gardega's Pissing Pug

A lot of simpletons did not understand my statement I made with the pug, so when it went worldwide via media, I got a lot of hate mail etc..Art is meant to provoke thought, not be wall decoration. I decided to reach out to a feminist a scholar and someone Ive always respected Camille Paglia. She got right back to me and made my day! I no longer cared what losers in their mos basement typed to me as I had the stamp of approval of one of the great feminists minds of our time!

                                                      (photo taken from Patriotpost.US)

                                                         Camille Paglia (wikipedia)

she gave me permission to share this as long as I mentioned it was in reply to my email inquiry.

Dear Alex Gardega,

When I first read about your pug sculpture in Page Six, I whooped and thought it was great!  And I immediately forwarded the link to friends and allies--

It was exactly the right satirical response to that silly specimen of sentimental kitsch--

Your sculpture was an excellent illustration of my controversial argument about male urination as a form of commentary.  It appeared in the opening chapter of my first book, Sexual Personae (1990), and is reprinted in my new book, Free Women, Free Men (on p. 31).

As for the negative response, one can't do anything original without expecting counterattacks--it goes with the territory!

Best wishes,
Camille Paglia

               Not everyday you get an email from one of America's great intellects!

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