Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my next glass carvings

I am carving all of the above in glass. Why? two reasons: one is I will sell them to help fund my art show and second it will get my skills up to the level I want them at. These are not easy carvings but I will make the best glass carvings ever made of the above images, of this I dont have doubts and after 24 years carving glass ( I taught myself in high school) If I cant do it, no one can...They will be large, I will try to sell to a casino or yacht etc...the Lacoon group is the hardest, that is an 11 on a ten scale of difficulty. If I get my screenplay check in time, I wont have to carve all three, I will just carve one for fun. Probably David or or the birth of adam...

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Alice in Winter Watercolor

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