Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reality show ideas for the coming years: by gardega

1) Hyper- inflation Housewives: watch these women race a wheelbarrow full of greenbacks to buy a loaf of bread.

2) jersey shore food riots: Watch a bunch of Low IQ muscle heads riot for their daily meal after the country collapses under its own debt load and all olive gardens are officially closed..

3) Dancing with the Breadline stars: who can entertain the crowds with the greatest moves on the breadlines that stretch for city blocks?

4)American Idle: Too broke to leave your own home, too poor to sing, to hungry to care---mondays at 8pm...

5) Survivor USA: Watch as americans realize the situation has become far too serious to watch anymore mindless TV and useless sports (and the like) and instead they actually have to pay attention to the government and politics and the country in general as it implodes on itself because no one paid any attention. Pay bo attention to the man looting behind the curtain the  Mets are on at 6!

6) 1984: watch as a Government tries to convince you that in order to get out of a debt (that is soon approaching 100 percent of GDP) that the only way out is to spend more money. Will you join the sheeple ranks and cheer for Orwellian logic? tuesdays at 7:30

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