Saturday, June 18, 2011

sinead oconnor: facial geometry

I am often perplexed when I try to explain what makes beauty in a face or in a painting. Proportion is one of the first things I turn to when I deal with such issues...Divine proportion was one of the main building blocks of the renaissance painting (before painting and art turned into slop)  the human face has geometrical proportions in the same way a pine cone or sunflower is built using a gnomic spiral or Fibonacci's numbers...Is there a such thing as universal beauty? That is a tough question...does anyone think the mona lisa an ugly painting? Harmony is another matter, in music and in art and color--HARMONY..Do all the pieces fit together like lennon and mcartneys voices? Can anyone look at an ocean and not feel moved? is there a universal harmony in art or nature? is it culturally relative? I always found sinead oconnor to have a pleaasing face--when I have to paint a religious scene I often use her face as the virgin mary etc...why is it appealing? it is hard to is perhaps beyond words? is it the eyes? the distance between the lips and nose and eyes? I will go over facial proportions and body proportions as well...later on today..

These arent my drawings-- I pulled them from the net--I did the study on Sinead's face...I am going to really dig into why makes one woman's face more "beautiful" than is a concept that is like a layered onion..

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