Saturday, June 25, 2011

God Bless Peter Falk

I met peter falk twice in my life..Both times were  in figure drawing classes (no instructor, just models) once in NYC and once in california..both times we sat next to each other by chance. I didnt speak to him, we just said hello like proper artists do...I remember he was always making noise with his paper, he was all disheveled and a lot like his TV character. When I was in LA I looked over at his drawing and it had crossed eyes. I will never forget that moment. That made me really like the guy, a true american original eccentric, the world is poorer without him. He wasnt the best draftsman but he had soul and that is all the world can ask of a man..He lost an eye to cancer as a kid and this probably shaped who he became on some freudian level....Al lthe good people in hollywood die and the rif raf lives on and on and on...Hope you are drawing next to Leonardo and the lot up in the sky.

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