Saturday, June 25, 2011

protests at U2 show

Protester caused a ruckus at a U2 show because they are angry that U2 avoid some taxes by moving one of their companies to the netherlands. I am not going to point fingers at U2 ( although if you preach all this stuff about saving the world etc you should expect such flack) my comment and two cents is this..People protest the band for dodging some taxes but why are they not protesting another corrupt government who wastes money like a sailor on a binge in a new port. This to me seems like brain washing of the sheeple. u2 works hard for their money so I can understand that they would seek tax shelters....The problem comes because of all the talk they do about saving the world etc. I think the trick is not to preach...You know the gov. has the sheeple in the right corner when they are protesting that people arent giving enough of their hard earned earned money to some legalized corrupt 1984

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