Thursday, June 23, 2011

David Laffer

They arrested the man who killed  four people (including an innocent high school girl) in a L.I. Pharmacy...Just another  pill head junkie (his wife was arrested as well) I personally dont even think that animal/ person deserves a trial..They should just take him out behind some barn like they do to old horses in Texas....Some people are better off not breathing perfectly good oxygen That I can use. I am sure that there are a lot of touchy- feely tofu people who think he is probably some victim of society etc etc and should be helped....Because of him, four hard working good American citizens are now dead.  I have found one rule in life and that is hard work keeps a man out of trouble, this guy and his wife lived at home with his parents as a full blown adult...I would work 5 jobs before that happens to me. What is with all these people on Pills? So many americans are addicted to prescription drugs. I have no use for addicts, dont be weak...


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