Monday, June 27, 2011

new canvas

Today I bought a new canvas..It is LINEN--Linen is great to paint on, much more expensive than duck cotton canvas. The canvas is 20 by 30 with two inch  edges..With the larger cradled sides you do not need to frame it. This style more of a modern canvas as it can sit on a wall without a frame. I like these canvases but I also like a good frame. you can frame these as well if needed. A new blank canvas is a thing that carries a lot of fear, you must not be afraid of a blank canvas--get right into to it and attack it...The worst case is you paint a flop and have to start over...dont be afraid to wipe out an image many many, times..nothing is sacred.A lady emailed me today who wanted to buy a piece, I told her her best bet was to let me just rock an image..the minute someone starts to give me directions etc. I get stiff and you must flow when you paint and paint freely. Illustration and mural commissions are different.I am excited to paint tonight. I will put on my peter gabriel passion album and get myself into the right state and hit it. I usually paint with a glass of wine, no longer do I do that. I am trying to heal some acid reflux issues. I smell a flood painting, I let the canvas guide me and teach me--If you cant listen to the canvas you are tone-deaf. Over-plan a piece and prepare to fail. Let the gods work through your hands. I like to participate with my canvas, not dictate to it. I would really hate to ruin a 60 dollar canvas so I need to be on my toes.

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Alice in Winter Watercolor

12  x 16 inches on arches paper to purchase