Friday, June 19, 2009

alex's rules of life

1) do not put your hopes in other people, you will be let down.

2) do not steal other peoples ideas, you will pay karmically.

3) if you do not like being alone then you are missing something fundamental in your being.

4) life is short and your dreams are worth any price you pay to follow them.

5) TV is 98% of the reason people have lost the ability to reason and think...the powers that be have manufactured a mass stupidity cult.

6) Lying to your self is the greatest of sins.

7) to live a life handed to you by another is the same as having another person chew your food for you.

8) Be a maverick above all, conformity of thought is the true terrorism of our age.

9) Dont expect or even hope to be understood by others.

10) reality is quantum nothingness from which any reality can be created out of.

11) other people will not make you happy.

12) Beware of groups of anything and be prepared to let go of relations, even if you had them for 20 years. Growth is paramount and selfishness is not a bad thing as no one wants or understands what s best for you except yourself.

13) Fear is the most important single element of any ones life, if you live in fear you die a life unlived.

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