Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fire Prop

If there is one thing you learn as an artist it is how to improvise--- You learn the damnedest tricks out of necessity and survival and 11th hour deadline panic. I can make an airplane out of chewing gum and an old clothes hanger if I had to...Todays prop was easier, fake stones ala Styrofoam , glue, car primer and black spray paint..the fire is created by a machine that blows up air through a piece of fabric and is lit from below...This is for my sisters ballet. On a side note I am an official chess junkie now and I am starting to beat people with much higher rankings, today I beat a player with a 1300 (vs. my 985) Chess is brutally addictive and I do not recommend it as I dont think they have a purple pill to break the addiction yet and if they did the side effects would be runny nose, dry mouth, shortness of breath, memory loss, constipation, pet photography and a host of other maladies...

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Alice in Winter Watercolor

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