Wednesday, June 3, 2009

painting of the day--american gothic-- grant wood

As a kid I loved this painting and I still think grant wood was a great artist. As a kid I never really understood that there is a bit of sarcasm in this piece. Norman Rockwell never has any cynicism in his work and that is why I like him it was all very direct, no subtext. This painting has subtext. Grant Wood was making a statement here, methinks. I love the american regionalist painters, they are truly american!! Gardega is truly american because I am truly myself and that is a prerequisit of an american artist---honesty to self. We all drink from the same well but some artist lower their bucket deeper than others. I think TV has killed art, I really do. Life smelled better before the idiot box turned our brains into mush. Our minds used to be filet mignon and now we are tv dinners.

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