Saturday, July 25, 2009

Boycott the Kindle

Big Brother is alive and well at Amazon. If you bought one of those E-book kindle devices you will be interested in this story---Because of this info. I will never buy one of those things and I will limit my purchases from amazon. After people paid for the kindle which is supposed to be bundled with books Amazon went back into people's "bookshelf" and deleted books, namely, 1984 and animal farm. Imagine someone coming into your house and taking a book off your shelf! That is what Amazon did. Cant have the general population thinking!--- let them read mystery novels, drink fluoride and take pet photos. Make sure you keep them in the dark about the fact we are heading towards a totalitarian state. I think the joke is in the name--Kindle, which reminds me of something you use to start a fire which reminds me of book burning which reminds me of what just happened...The Orwellian memory whole runs deep and our memories are short and doom alone is what counts.

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  1. Six months ago bloggers (notably Stephanie at UrbZen) warned about this kind of thing.



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