Friday, July 24, 2009

todays post

I have been lax lately--- havent posted much art. I have been spinning in the habitrail that is NYC. I spend most of my time chasing my own tail and surviving. I love NYC but it is not the most conducive place for making art because you spend too much time running around like a rat. Art is always the main objective so I may consider relocation so I can really get back to my work. More painting, less circles. I will try to get a nice watercolor out of my brain today and post later. If I dont paint I get edgy and start to circle the psychic drain of bad thoughts. In eed to sit on an island and paint. Here is an oldy of mine---I painted this when I was 17 after my trip to jamaica. I like this composition as it is simple. I wonder what these two guys are doing now---maybe they are almost done building the hut.

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Alice in Winter Watercolor

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