Sunday, August 9, 2009

the death of a wolf...

Here is chipmunk. He is a good friend and a great bartender. He used to be special forces.
Another bar shot of Chipmunk. I used black and white as an homage to Rod Serling, one of my favorite people. His writing often covered such concepts as the one elaborated below.

In my neighborhood there is a wonderful neighborhood bar restaurant called the Wicked Wolf. It is the last of the Mohicans--- of real neighborhood "joints." Over the last year I really got to know the place and its patrons, everyone knows everyone, it almost like family. Being a lone wolf myself I took a shine to the place and used to go there and draw and listen to a million stories. I was one of the youngest regulars in the place. I don't do prefab yuppie bars where khakied upper east- siders drink beer from golds fish bowls so my choices were/ are limited. Sadly, "The Wolf" is now closing--bought out by 2nd avenue deli. Progress. I went to the party for regulars there last night. I wonder where "the family" will now go? People get to know each other after 20 years of frequenting the same place. Like suburban marriages-- all good things come to an end. I promised myself I wont support the deli but rather my local Arab owned deli where they are happy let me pay for my redbull tomorrow if I am running in sweats without my wallet. The world spins a course to complete homogenization and even people have been brainwashed into a conformist dough that has no flavor or spice. I believe in the individual at all costs and in individual thought above all. The future will one day be a walmart-ian utopia where overweight Americans shop for American idol CD's and gallon jugs of mouthwash. Do not go lightly into the dark fluorescent light of sameness and sou less reality. Here are some pics of a place I came to know so well.

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  1. Great photos.
    Very sad - I've spent many a late night there after my shift at Canyon Road. Chipmunk and Jerry always took great care of me.

    Very sad to see that the Wolf is gone. I was hoping to go back next time I was in town.

    I left NYC, in part because all my old favorite haunts were being forced to close, and because of the things you've so eloquently mentioned in this post. It's really a shame. NYC used to have such great flavor. Even when it tasted sour, it was better than the homogeneity that is turning my hometown into one big mall. Sigh.

    I'd like to get in touch with Jerry or Chipmunk, if you know how.

    I'm overseas, in the UK now.

    Do you know where they are now?

    David Grant
    Former bartender at Canyon Road.


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