Saturday, January 16, 2010

good crazy vs. bad crazy

I long ago accepted that I am crazy. I realized I was crazy when I was young and any job I ever had they would nickname me the same name "crazy alex" Even if I tried to hide it and remain calm eventually I would be labeled crazy alex. The thing is I am good crazy--I am fun crazy, I like a good joke a good drink and I laugh at life no matter how bad it gets. Some people are bad crazy, they stab strangers with sharpened spoons etc. I dont like bad crazy people. I talk to myself and I scream VIVA GARDEGA when I am alone in my art studio (my neighbors look at me weird) I scrub my sink and kitchen every morning at 6 with ammonia,this is good crazy. Bad crazy is pushing people on the subway tracks. All hope depends on the good crazies.

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