Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the nanny mayor

Bloomberg now wants to control the sodium intake of New Yorkers. He is the true nanny- mayor. The avg. sheeple who has lost all cognitive thought and TV and sports has rotted their brain. They will have a collective pavlovian response to this matter that will go as follows: "I think it cant be a bad thing--too much salt is bad for you, anyways" (for some reason I can hear one of my exes voice here) ---The avg. sheeple cannot understand one simple thing--the gov. doesn't care about you, the gov. only cares about one thing and that is control of the sheep. Through a gradual psychological process the gov. is acclimating us into accepting that it is okay for us to be told what we can eat. By controlling our food they are making inroads into many other aspects of our lives and into our homes and bedrooms. If the gov. really cared about us they would take the mercury out of corn syrup and rocket fuel out of our baby formula (AP wire---you can google both items) Our water is polluted with Prozac and big pharma meds and flouride is a neuro toxin. You will never hear bloomberg speak out against any of this because it doesnt fit into the "control of the sheeple" paradigm. We are being acclimated to total control of our lives by the Orwellian state and the sheep are too dumbed down to figure it out. The founding fathers would have heart attacks if they found the govt. is now telling us what we should eat. When the health care bill is passed we will experience a level of govt. intervention into our lives and bedrooms that will make the soviet union look like disneyland. I think about such things so you dont have to. "THE STATE" is not your friend and history has more example s of this than New York has people.

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