Monday, February 15, 2010

gardega update

I have not died, I have been caught up putting together models, a photographer and a costume designer for my first in a series of 12 women. These will be my masterpieces (hopefully) and I am really excited to paint them. There is the usual fear as well but I thrive on fear and my skin is thick like tree bark. Here is a photo a fan sent me from warming is alive and well in georgia..This reminds me of the artist Sisley who painted impressionist snowscapes..I have a fondness for his work because it is kind of sad like most of my work. I delivered a 6 x 5 foot "davinci riff" portrait yesterday to a friends restaurant. I am "kinda sorta" on a food art-kick lately but I am now focused on 12 women. Thanks for the photo, jim. Lately I have been getting requests from india to teach people glass etching via the interent..not a bad thing, the internet. I can teach a stranger in bangladesh how to make art...god bless living in interesting times. I am soon going to be doing a fundraising show to raise money for a man who needs facial surgery to remove a birth-deformity. I need a plastic surgeon, as well so if any are reading this you can email me at I will trade you one of my "bestest" pieces if you would help me! As usual I am all over the place but it works for my nervous system and it keeps me up early and working late. One day I will find a women who is willing to deal with my eccentric nature until then I am married to my work.

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