Thursday, August 5, 2010

rothkos changing color

Why are rothkos changing color? because no slipshod isms stand the test of time. Modern art is an acrylic based scam, the emperor never had any clothes. Moder art has aged worse that a hollywood whore, Yet vermeer retains his vibrant genius. All shams and ponzi scams eventually wither beneath the harsh light of time. The art of the 80's is already a bad joke and the 60's as well. NC wyeth and rockwell will only shine brighter as time casts her fiery eye. Rothko was neither an innovater nor did he understand his craft..If you think the old masters didnt do color field tests to test the reactions of color to one another you can buy my bridge to brooklyn as I have painted it in 8 different colors over 6 years. Contemperary art will only be a small and shabby footnote one the map of art-time..just another cheap sitcom thatde fits into the past...

alex, mobile blog from 77th st...hence the typos

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