Friday, March 25, 2011

art lesson by gardega

Here is a quick little art lesson. This is part of my latest mural. If you are going to paint you want to have a base my base tone is a wash of transparent burnt base of choice. I have come around to a great lesson in art and life. I prefer to sketch things in with a brush and not with a pencil, there is a freedom and flow to a brush that you wont find with a pencil. If you look at rembrandts sketches of genius he did those with a brush and wash and they have more life than I can even discuss here. after you get your base tone down you want to start with your darks and shadows and work up to your not hit the whites or lights until the end, sell no wine before its time. All posed figures have a rythym, a soul..what is your pose about? never paint stiff figures, even the dead should be alive.

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