Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The adoration of the magi by leonardo explained (UPDATED)

Okay, first notice that Leonardo uses a burnt sienna colored wash (transparent) as his base tone. After getting his figures sketched in he start s to unify his darks...this helps the picture to have unified feel,a focus..notice the darks surround the central figure, thus drawing the eye to her. The strongest diagonal is from the lower right to the upper left, it starts with the foot of the kneeling figure and is further backed by the diagonal of the twin staircases. Using my own method to figure out how he spaced the figure in geometric space, one can see he probably used the same geometry..I figured this out by studying his last supper for a few months. Notice there are no lights added, yet... they come last. if you look at each triange the figures and forms often even creep over to fit into them. 

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