Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Full Meltdown in Japan

I firmly believe that all these reactors in japan are going into full meltdown. My friend who called me a panic machine and insensitive has not contacted me since I first brought this up because I am right ---This is the first time I wish I wasnt right that I can remember. Whatever the Japanese gov. says you should multiply by  about 20X (given their history) It is so much worse than they are letting on. There is already rumors of radiation in Alaska. Being right or wrong means very little at this stage of the game but idiocy is one thing that will kill you fast in times like these. Fukushima 3 blew spent Plutonium fuel rods into the air. This is as bad as it gets. This isnt a false alarm, this isnt fearmongering and this isnt a panic machine. This is for real. I have a gut feeling tokyo may even be permanently evacuated. Every night I study this for two or three hours and getting through the spin is tough but I guarantee you are getting a sliver of the real story as too how bad it really is. There are people right now fully irradiated past the point of return fighting a last ditch hail mary to stop the fuel rods from melting down. I talk to people and they really are brain dead as to how dangerous this is..The jet stream could easily drag this here in 6 days..I would buy Potassium Iodide to protect your thyroid.


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