Thursday, March 31, 2011

Low Levels of Radiation Found in American Milk

Here is a terrible story. They have now found radiation in American milk. They are telling us it is low level and safe for infants. this is from the same gov. that wont tell you that 31 American cities already have radioactive tap water. I listen to the chattering classes tell me about global warming and then I ask them if they know that 31 american cities have radioactive tap water--of course they dont, they are the brainwashed lemming masses--I call them repeaters, they repeat mainstream media talking points without thought or without doing any research. The globalist wet dream dream-- an unthinking/ uninformed populace. Regardless, that is why I am here to make art and inform the sheeple. Just as the powers that be decided that the fact that all high fructose corn syrup contains mercury and it is okay for you will now tell you that the RADIATION in your milk isnt bad for fact, its VITAMIN R. Here is the new york times article concerning the milk..and the link about our radioactive chromium tap water.

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