Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Day

Today I was invited to an FBI event at the Peninsula hotel in NYC. I was  torn because I have deadlines up to my eyeballs but one of those deadlines is a screenplay based on a book by the man in the center, Paul. I dont want to give out his full name as I didnt ask permission but he is a famous DEA agent from boston (retired) On the left is my buddy "Chip" (retired special forces) I'm the long-haired freak on the right. I was sailing in a sea of FEDS but it was a good time and everyone was pretty nice (even to the long haired artist)I try to judge people as I would want to be judged---are you a  decent person? I dont care if you are right/ left cop/ artist or purple alien. I dont give myself up easily but If I like/ trust there is nothing I wont do for a person..If someone screws me (as friends have) I dont get mad, I erase your number and send your emails to spam as quick as if I changed a TV channel. I dont waste my time on bad people. In my mind I am looking pretty worn and tired, maybe because  I have pretty much worked  seven days a week for an entire winter. I am coming close to wrapping my major projects and will take a break in april.

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