Thursday, March 17, 2011

my life is strange

Today I have an FBI luncheon,  I never thought I would exactly say those words together. My screenplay is based off an agents book and I am meeting with him to go over some points. This screenplay is growing some legs and there is a certain energy behind it that art requires not to stagnate. I am more likely the kind of guy to drink scotch with hunter s thompson (which I have done) than to sit with FBI agents but My life has never made any sense nor will it ever add up. It has been many things but boring was never one of them. This isnt just a burger with an agent, it is an official FBI gathering at a top hotel. I have a feeling I will have the longest hair in the room... I always felt like my life was guided by a strange hand, a hand that pushed me along through life..Sometimes the hand was cruel and other times it was godlike. This hand pushes me into very strange and interesting places. I didnt create the context of creating this screenplay, I was asked to do it. I would not have started it as I have too many projects on plate but the energy was right. If you dont understand energy, you shouldnt be an requires energy and that energy can turn on have to know how to not get gored by your own bull.

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