Saturday, March 26, 2011

tough day

Today I installed the top portion etched window in a mausoleum. 12 feet high on a sketchy scaffold lifting  two 75 pound pieces of glass that are handed to you from below...My nerves are still strung tight from what we had to do today. I need a glass of wine and to chill on my couch. on a good note I am almost halfway through my screenplay..going to work on it tonight and tomorrow and my nude watercolor raised over 300 dollars for a brooklyn school in an auction so I feel good that I could help out a bit in this world. If everyone just does a few little things outside of themselves they can really add up and help out this sorry old dog we call earth. Glass isnt something you mess around with, it can take your hand and fingers off in no time. I dont like precarious glass situations, not at all.

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Alice in Winter Watercolor

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