Saturday, April 2, 2011

art favors

As an artist you are often asked by friends etc. for favors...You soon learn that art favors often turn into major headaches and sometimes more problems than what you agreed to. If I like someone I will randomly send them free art, give them a painting etc. I f I like a person I will do most anything they need if I feel they would do the same for me. A friend recently asked me to paint a sign for him, I am normally way past doing jobs like that but he is a great friend and we have a good biz relationship. . I woke up this morning and banged out ( 6 hours) a sign for my buddy. I did NOT charge him. I wouldnt have taken the job on for pay as it "isnt my thing. " It wasnt easy work to do and I had to do it in my apt and it is 5 foot long etc. Hand lettering is hell, especially in a rush and not my specialty. I hate lettering...but in my view--- anything for a friend.Even if you are "banging something out" (as I call it)  you want to do a professional job--- I bought an expensive canvas (not a cheap floppy one) and tried to make the thing a nice piece given the time and constraints etc. You need to take all your work seriously, even the gifts.

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