Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bloggers sue the Huffington Post

I have a friend who has written blogs for the huff post so this story caught my eye. It seems That people who have been blogging for the site for free want to be compensated after it sold out to AOL for many, many millions. The thing that confuses me is I thought mrs. Huff was all about the "little guy" and that it was the big evil greedy Republicans alone who screw the little guy..oh, wait you mean its all a scam ? the left and right are both corrupted lies? say it aint so. You would think with all those millions THE HUFFSTER could have thrown down a little something to all those pee-on little blogsters. After all, isnt that kind of what she preaches? helping the little guy, etc. NOPE, its all a big corporate scam from the top down, people..the left right paradigm is simply good cop bad cop and in the end it is you alone who get screwed..from Granola Vermont,To rainy Seattle lefties have been blogging away "for the cause" and now they find out it was all a scam and the joke is on you..maybe now you can get smart and realize which way the wind blows, sans weatherman.


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