Tuesday, April 5, 2011


When I am not making art my favorite hobby is playing chess. I Play chess everyday on Chess.com..For an entire year I only played people from around the world with higher scores/ rankings...I got my butt kicked for an entire year..Now after much study (fisher's games and strategy) I am starting to win. I am beating better players now and my score is now 1123. It used to be 900. If you stick to something you will eventually have a breakthrough. It was literally one day recenlty where I started to really win in chess. I went from a low score to beating opponents with much higher rankings. I am a believer that breakthroughs happen at once, like car wrecks..they just happen, to have breakthroughs you have to drive that car for years though, and be patient. A goal in my life is to become a master chess player, even though I wont ever achieve this, I will work towards it. I love the game enough to fail at this goal. Chess is a drug and I am a junkie.

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