Saturday, April 9, 2011

etched glass NYC: by gardega

Today I finished my third saint window (praise the lord) (NOT PICTURED ABOVE) only two more saint windows to go! after that I went to a client/ good friend to do some more work...I made some glass art deco pieces for her (left) three or four years ago...recently my worker was building frames for them and he decided to break three of them...good year for me and broken glass...Americans have lost all hope for skill/ cognitive thought..TV has rendered us useless and we are doomed--but I digress---I have to now, re-etch three new pieces for her so I did a pencil rubbing (RIGHT IMAGE) of the remaining (unbroken) piece and will use this to etch the new pieces next week. A pencil rubbing is actually a good way to copy carvings and etchings. I learned this on my own, just like I learned glass art--the hard one taught me anything about art except  for one teacher --persistence. That is where I learned how to make art..If there are towo horses in a race--talent and persistence--always bet on persistence

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