Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gardega News

Japan raises radiation danger level to 7, Now on par with Chernobyl


New Ben and jerry's flavor inspired by Vermont radioactive milk ..actually I made this up, but the milk in Vermont now has radiation it. But dont worry, they say it isnt a health issue..Only global warming is worth worrying about


Chicago school bans lunches brought from home. This is psych warfare on the sheeple to let you know the Big nanny gov. knows better than your parents. Your parents cant be trusted to make your lunches, Big Sis will make your lunch, now. It is indoctrination of the sheeple..You arent a student, you are a slave AND YOU"LL LIKE IT! If you bring an ornage to school, they throw it in the trash...you are a prisoner of the NWO, welcome to 1984..back in the day this would cause a revolt in the town and their would be a gathering on the village green..Now people have lost cognition, they think it s good...

They are now looking inside your home with thermal imaging cameras..They say it is to check for heat loss.The truth is this is all part of our lovely surveillance society..Smartgrid technology is the next step for americans, this is the gov. control of you thermostat from the outside, and its coming, dont kid yourself. Keep watching dancing with the stars and hand off a failed and facist country to your children.

The thing that amazes me is that the people who should be most concerned about our future, those with children, are the least informed and the most dumbed down from tv. I talk to these people and I watch flies land on their tongues...Usually the tell me "we gotta stop global warming, al gore is right...Then I tell them about the fact the 37 cities in america have radioactive drinking water, they cant process this info. Their computer melts down so the drool more and  ay "its getting warmer out...no shit, its springtime...

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