Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Leroy Comrie: Moron of the Month

a 335 lb. councilman from queens NY wants to ban toys in Mcdonalds happy meals. Let me say that again, a 335 lb councilman from NY wants to ban toys from happy meals. Leroy Comrie " my weight was an impetus to write this bill, I ate happy meals as a kid" Because this man doesnt have personal responsibility over himself and let his body/ temple turn into a tub of soft and failed lard, he is going to now tell us how to live. When will people understand that it isnt the nanny gov. job to regulate what you eat/do/see/hear etc. The very people who have the nanny gov. mentality are the same ones who cannot control their own lives so they look to some external forces for help because there is no internal fortitude. We are not victims in this world, if you are lazy and dont exercise and turn into a blob of protoplasm that is your fault, not Mcdonalds  and not a meal with some toys in it.

If you take that stance of personal responsibility you dont allow yourself to become a victim/ physical train wreck. Maybe if this guy wasnt sitting in some gov. desk on his  butt writing bills to keep us safe but out there in the real world running like a madman (and most people) to survive he would have the body of a madagascar walrus. I dont gain weight because I bust my ass all day long and even on sundays, i am active is hell and therefore I dont spend time praying to some nanny gov. to make my life better or to help me not become a fat slob. The article says parents are split over the idea--of course they are, their brains have been destroyed by television, they cant think anymore...

Do as I say, Not as I do...dont be personally empowered, you have no control over the people that stick food in your mouth..its not your choice..we are so doomed, methinks.

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