Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the fix is in

Republicans are idiots and so are Democrats, they are two heads on the same hydra. Neither one cares about you or your country or your rights or liberties. Obama is  just W with a cheap suit and america needs to grow an IQ and get smart quick. Open your eyes and look at the policies. The only differences are superficial, a few tokens thrown your way to make you think you voted for the right guy..The current and last president have destroyed our country, they are like crackhead children with their rich daddies credit card...I thin kthe brainwashed masses are starting to awaken but it aint easy talking to them. I actually know some Obama supporters that are now supporting his wars..If that aint doublethink I need to go back to my 1984 dictionary..If we ended the wars we could really get a chunk of this debt taken care of but when you have the tree huggers becoming warhawks you doomed like a poodle at a michael vick BBQ.

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