Saturday, May 28, 2011

alex update

My mural is done. I have but to add a small compass today. easily done. I am staying over the house and on Sunday I will attend the surprise birthday party for the wife, a big affair with 100 people. My mom is my date, she is an angel and it will make her happy to see the mural, six months of my labor. Kinda sad that I couldnt get a date to such a thing but such is life. I have become like family to the family I have painted for, I take things away from the dog he shouldnt have, I have shoveled their cars out when stuck, the kids hate when I leave. Pretty funny to become an "artist in residence" as they call me. I painted so many hours I cant count, most of it on a ceiling in living hell and back pain. 6 months went fast but I wont forget the memory in my life..they need more work, a home theater etc but for now I will eat lobster and sit. I wonder if old mickey- angelo got drunk after his sistine chapel? I just may. Not to compare my crappy work to his.

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