Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dalis Birthday

I went to the st. regis last night for dalis birthday drink. I didnt want to go as I was tired but I am a commited person so I went and met my friend adrienne there. Sometimes I spend it alone sometimes three people show, sometimes none..I never know ...One thing I do know is the evening never ends normal, there is always some crazy dalinian twist to it. After the Dali Birthday toast we went to smith and wollenskys grill. My friend said she wants is going to rep me and help me  in putting an art show together, possibly in china. While we were discussing this, we met an advertising exec who was in a cab next to Princess Di's car crashed (he was on his way to a jazz club) He was arrested as was the cab driver...the authorities questioned him for three days and released him. He had nothing to do with the paparazzi etc but he was a witness to something that turned his life upside down. He was a nice guy and offered to help me get this show together as he was a painter and well connected. Every time I have gone out for a drink on Dali's birthday it has turned into a really interesting evening. Maybe he watches over those who toast him on may 11. 

Time to make a new art show...

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