Tuesday, May 17, 2011

fifty dollar government lightbulbs

For all you greenies out there, you get what you wish for..the new light bulbs mandated by the gov. should be a joy for the poor to purchase--they will be 50 dollars each. The rich elite like al gore wont have an issue but Im thinking the avg. american with no job might have issues with them. I wont paint with them. I am spending 1,000 dollars to stock up on 100 watt bulbs. I will fill my closet. I will be a light bulb criminal like jessie james. You can buy the cheaper flourescent bulbs that cause diabetes and high blood pressure and are filled with mercury..this is an option. I am a carbon sinner, I use 500 watt halogens to make art to.

"and those who know whats best for us must rise and save us from ourselves.." N. peart


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