Sunday, May 15, 2011

The laocoon group

Here is one of my favorite sculptures of all time. The laocoon group. Laocoon tried to expose the fact that the trojan horse was a scam and for this he was killed (He was the first conspiracy theorist in a sense). Apollo sent in two serpents to kill laoccoon and his two sons., Antiphantes and Thymbraeus. This sculpture was unearthed in a vineyard in 1506. There are some rumors that Michelangelo himself carved it...I cant speak to that but it looks a lot like his work..maybe it just influenced him. He did have something to do with the restoration, though. 

I am gearing up for my own art show..six to eight months of hard work. I may carve this sculpture in glass to help fund my show, I could probably sell the glass carving to a casino or private collector for enough to fund my show. I think I may have investors so I may not have to carve this thing but I would love to anyways. Carving this in glass is an 11 out of ten on the difficulty chart.

Today I finish the final ten pages of my movie I have written and make copies at Kinkos for the investors and director. Six months of hard work on thta is done. There will be a re-write but I am not sweating that, the hardwork is done and the serpents of confusion regarding how to structure it have been defeated have unraveled...

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